Can the new, potential coalition in Israel avert the approaching doom?

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Shawwal 22, 1442 2021-06-03

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Zionist Israel’s new potential coalition regime is aimed mainly at paving the way for smoother interaction with Washington.

It is unlikely to resolve the entity’s internal contradictions and problems.

Thus, Israel is in for even greater turbulence.

The Zionist entity will be forced to neglect its immediate concerns for the sake of ironing out relations with Washington.

Is it possible to have someone even more extreme than Benjamin Netanyahu?

The Zionist snake pit is full of venomous creatures that take pride in racism.

Naftali Bennett, who has unabashedly declared that he has “killed many Arabs and there is nothing wrong with it,” is tipped for the prime minister’s post if the new coalition forms the next regime.

Leader of the far-right party, Yamina, Bennett’s inclusion in the new governing coalition has been met with surprise and described by some as an unnatural alliance.

Ideological and policy differences between the groupings coming together to form the new occupational regime are stark and deep.

Thus, the question arises: why this grouping is coming together to form a new regime when it is logical to conclude that it will not last long and will not be able to govern effectively?

While Israel’s internal dynamics explain part of the reason, careful analysis points to the reality that the external factor also plays an important role.

It is well-known that Israel would not last long without America’s political, military, and economic aid.

One of the reasons why the pro-Israel lobby in the US and abroad managed to retain Washington’s blind support was because it maintained a balance in US domestic politics until Donald Trump became president.

The Zionists were on both sides of the political divide, albeit artificial, between Democrats and Republicans.

When Trump entered the White House, he made huge promises to the Zionists.

The Israeli establishment misread Trump’s capabilities and openly declared their allegiance to his narrative.

This was a major miscalculation and greatly upset many in America’s political establishment.

Since Netanyahu led the efforts to empower Trumpism, the new White House regime is no longer on such good working terms with him.

For Israel to maintain its hegemonic position in the region and thus continue to exist as an occupying hegemon, it cannot afford to spoil relations with Washington.

The latest war on Gaza showed that the Resistance Front led by Iran has enhanced its hard power capabilities and somewhat levelled the playing field.

Part of this progress is the visible and invisible coordination between various blocs within the Resistance Axis.

The Zionists have had a rude awakening.

The new Israeli coalition might reset its relations with Washington but internal problems and the region’s rapidly changing environment will make it difficult for Tel Aviv to bring its relations with the US back to Trump’s level.

Both political establishments face unstable internal conditions and a rapidly changing external environment.

The global geopolitical set-up is quite different today than it was four or five years ago.

The repercussions Israel faced due to its latest ethnic cleansing policies in Al-Quds and its rush to war in Gaza reflect the Zionist entity’s denial of the altered ground realities in Palestine and abroad.

These are clear signs of its approaching doom.

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