End Of Zionist Israel If Full-scale War With Hizbullah Erupts

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Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Sha'ban 20, 1445 2024-03-01

News & Analysis

by Yusuf Dhia-Allah (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 54, No. 1, Sha'ban, 1445)

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Even as zionist Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza continues, there is much speculation about what would happen if a full-scale war erupts with Hizbullah. The US, Israel’s guardian angel, is desperate to prevent that. Despite their unflinching support for Israeli war crimes—politically, financially and diplomatically—the Washington warlords know that such a war would lead to the end of Israel.

Before analyzing this scenario, let us outline the ground realities. Unlike Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah has a far larger inventory of weapons. It not only possesses Katyusha rockets but has more than 150,000 missiles in its arsenal. Most of these missiles are long-range and deadly accurate.

Hizbullah also has hundreds of thousands of highly-trained and motivated fighters at its disposal. They can cause havoc in Israel. Not surprisingly, some 200,000 Israelis have fled their homes in northern Israel bordering South Lebanon and are staying in hotels.

So, the question that is being asked is: why has Hizbullah not launched a full-frontal assault on Israel while the latter continues its genocide in Gaza? This has much to do with Lebanon’s internal political dynamics. Given its fragile economy, Lebanon would suffer much destruction in any war with Israel as it did in 2006. True, Hizbullah will inflict as much or more damage on Israel but in Lebanon’s fractured political landscape, anti-Hizbullah forces would immediately blame the resistance movement for all the losses.

This scenario, however, would be somewhat mitigated if Israel were to make the folly of launching a full-scale attack on Southern Lebanon. At present, there are skirmishes and tit-for-tat between Israel and Hizbullah but these have not escalated into a full-scale war.

In South Lebanon, Hizbullah has opened a fantastic museum at the hill-side town of Mleeta. It is breath-taking in ingenuity and displays destroyed tanks and other armour of the Israeli army captured during the 2006 war. Along the hill-side there are miles of underground tunnels, almost like complete cities, where fighters can take refuge from Israeli artillery and missile fire.

Inside the museum, there is a huge map along one entire wall that identifies critical nodes of Israeli military and strategic infrastructure. For instance, it has the coordinates of Israel’s chemical weapons factories in Haifa, as well as those of the Dimona nuclear facilities. Sensitive Israeli monitoring facilities as well as other military infrastructure are also clearly identified. Visitors can see what would happen in the event of Israel-Hizbullah war.

All these facilities would be blown to smithereens with serious consequences for Israel. The zionists cannot afford mass casualties. They are cowards; they live for this dunya. The concept of martyrdom is alien to them. The noble Qur’an points to this fact (62: 06) by challenging them to long for death if they claim to be Allah’s favourites. But they will never do so (long for death) because of the evil deeds they have done in this world, declares the Qur’an in the next ayah (62:07).

The grim scenario painted above for Israel is not based on speculation. A recent Israeli report has arrived at a similar conclusion. In the event of war, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon would rapidly overwhelm “Tel Aviv”, says the Israeli report.

The three-year study was conducted by hundreds of experts at the Counter-Terrorism Policy Institute at Reichman University, as reported by the well-informed Lebanese website Al-Mayadeen. It quoted the Israeli news outlet Calcalist which warned of unprecedented destruction and bloodshed in a conflict that could surpass the Israeli occupation’s worst fears.

Six Israeli think tanks collaborated to produce the 130-page report. Researchers included 100 experts, former military and security officials, academics, and government officials. The team was led by Professor Boaz Ganor, a globally recognized pioneer in so-called “terrorism research” and the current president of Reichman University.

Here are some of the major findings of the report, as reported by Al-Mayadeen.

1: In the event of war, Hizbullah will launch “a whopping 2,500 to 3,000 missiles per day,” including rocket artillery and high-precision long-range missiles;

2: Hizbullah will also unleash massive salvos targeting specific areas, such as crucial Israeli military bases or cities in the key “Gush Dan” region, where hundreds of rockets could rain down in a single day;

3: The Hizbullah assault will last for many weeks causing unprecedented destruction. These will result in “thousands of casualties on both the front lines and among Israeli settlers within occupied Palestine, sparking a state of panic and disarray”;

4: One of the primary objectives of Hizbullah’s operations would be to undermine the Israeli forces’ air defense system. “Precision ammunition and low-flying aerial devices, including drones, gliders, and cruise missiles, are expected to inflict material damage and target Iron Dome batteries”;

5: The unprecedented barrage will deplete “reserves of interception missiles for the Iron Dome and David’s Sling within the early days of the conflict. The Israeli occupation could be left exposed to thousands of rocket and missile attacks without an effective and reliable defensive mechanism”;

6: Hizbullah’s aim will be “to sabotage the activities of the Israeli Air Force and limit its operational capabilities as heavy precision missiles will be directed at takeoff runways within specific timeframes to hinder repair efforts and aerial offensives.

“Intensive fire will target hangars storing military aircraft and precision missiles with explosive warheads will strike sensitive infrastructure, including power stations, electricity-related facilities, desalination plants, and transportation facilities in Haifa and ‘Ashdod’, the report underlined.”

The report went on to warn that a swarm of dozens of suicide drones flying at very low altitudes would target critical assets within occupied Palestine. These include weapons facilities, emergency storage facilities for the Israeli occupation forces, and hospitals that would be needed for the unprecedented casualties that would be incurred.

Panic and fear are expected to intensify among the pleasure loving zionists due to high casualties, extensive damage, disruptions in power and water supply, delays in the arrival of rescue and relief forces, and difficulties in obtaining essential services such as food and medicine. And if they try to flee Occupied Palestine, airports will no longer be operational to fly them out.

In addition to physical attacks, critical transportation infrastructure, communication channels, and sites related to government ministries and local authorities are expected to face widespread cyberattacks, posing a serious risk of disrupting the economy. The zionist entity, like all industrialized countries, are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. They can be blindsided as Hamas did on October 7, 2023 when it launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.

Hamas attacked and disabled Israel’s communication towers along the border with Gaza. Israel’s military bases along the border were left completely in the dark until Hamas fighters storm them and wiped out the occupiers.

Zionist Israel, beware, you end is nigh!

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