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Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Abu Dharr

Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 1437 2016-10-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 8, Dhu al-Hijjah, 1437)

Dennis Ross, Saudi frenemy who couldn’t have dreamed of an easier payday. 

The Saudis are being set up for a fall but they think the imperialists and Zionists are their friends and will save them.

There is a poetic saying of wisdom that comes out of the ancient Arabian Peninsula that goes something like this: if you see a lion’s teeth showing, don’t think the lion is smiling. The imperialists’ choppers are showing and the Saudi political class thinks the imperialists are smiling! The fact of the matter is that the imperialists are going for the kill. The American Congress has now passed a law that gives the go-ahead to the families of the victims of 9/11 to sue states like Saudi Arabia and to demand financial compensation. You can unleash your imagination as to the amounts of money that Saudi Arabia will be paying the victims’ families of 9/11.

President Barack Obama in his more diplomatic way expressed in a famous Atlantic magazine (April 2016) interview what Donald Trump is saying in his vulgar style: Saudi Arabia and other countries relying on US protection will not have a free ride any longer! We don’t think the Saudis were having a free ride; we think they were having an expensive ride. But the stakes are high now. The imperialist economies are not doing well, and the Saudi Kingdom and its Arabian neighbors’ resources and finances, according to imperialist interests, have to be channeled into the slipping economies in America and Europe.

Do the Saudi officeholders perceive what is coming their way? Can they sense that their British-American-Zionist masters are sharpening their knives to feast on Saudi Arabia? We seriously doubt it. Even if some of them do “get it,” they will embark on a course of helpless diplomacy by pulling their strings in the Arabian and Muslim ruling classes. They will plead “state sovereignty” and hire some lawyers to make their case. But at the end of the day it is not the validity of a legal argument that will win, it is military capability that will. The Saudis are now trying to put together a lobby headed by that veteran Zionist-American Dennis Ross. How about that: a Zionist to the Saudi rescue? The Saudis, no doubt, will pay him and his team of ex-diplomats, academicians, and journalists top dollar. The Saudi regime and its employers — who have not paid the salaries of over 30,000 Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Indians for over half a year now, forcing their embassies in that Kingdom to dole out to them food-sustenance — will pay Mr. Ross and his caste handsome salaries and generous wages (for those who seek further information, refer to the Washington Post of September 8, 2016 and read what Mr. Ross said about his recent visit to the Kingdom along with an entourage of colleagues). Zionist Ross is convinced that the Saudis are undertaking a comprehensive reformation and a real revolution led by King Salman’s son Mohammad. He is confident that Saudi Arabia is at war with extremism and on a genuine course of modernization.

So far Saudi Arabia has not been able to put together more than a dozen nation-states (from Arab and majority Muslim countries) in its so-called war on extremism. These are probably the same countries enlisted in its war against Yemen, that is, the Arabian Peninsula kinglets except Oman, in addition to Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, and Pakistan. Saudi diplomacy and public relations efforts will prove to be an exercise in futility.

Once the Saudis realize they are not better than the Shah of Iran, or Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, or Saddam Hussein of Iraq, all of whom were sacrificed on the altar of American national interest, it will be too late. We can foresee in the not too distant future the Saudis being served with legal papers to cough up trillions of dollars. These astronomical amounts of money will not only be for the families of the victims of 9/11, over and above that there will be demands for the Saudis to pay for psychological damages. The state of New York is looking at hundreds of billions of dollars to be had. Add to that the losses inflicted on airlines. And who knows where the political imperialist imagination will take its legal teams: compensation for America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that were launched because of 9/11?!

Brace for Saudi stupidity and American diktat. All the media hype about “international legality” and “sovereign state” immunity may have non-Muslims fall for it. But after Muslim peoples’ experiences, especially pertaining to Palestine and Kashmir, no Muslims will be holding their breath waiting for some court to do justice when an imperialist bloc of nations are out to get a Saudi sitting sucker.

Where is/was international legality and state sovereignty when the imperialists invaded, raided, and ruined Iraq? In the process, the imperialists killed two million of its inhabitants, wounded physically and psychologically millions of others, and still yet displaced millions of others. Similarly, where was/is international legality and state sovereignty pertaining to Libya or Syria?

Saudi Arabia has been trapped in its wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The Saudis — dressed Islamically and blessed imperialistically — have lost any Islamic credibility and any imperialist reliability. Turkey seems to be moving away from the Saudi loop as it is warming up to Russia. Turkey is also said to be fixing its relations with Syria. Qatar is gesturing for a better understanding with Islamic Iran. Oman has never been second fiddle to the Saudi establishment thus sparing itself the hemorrhage in Yemen, the quagmire in Syria, and the tension with Islamic Iran. Even Pakistan, whose officials are known to kowtow to Saudi wishes and handouts, did not buy into the grand Saudi scheme of wars in Arabia and “al-Sham.” All it did was to issue a few statements and run a few articles in support of Saudi (wrongheaded) course of action. The Pakistani parliament voted to militarily stay away from the war in Yemen.

If the Saudis were as energetic in their heads as they are full of zip at their midsection they would not have accepted Zionist-imperialist advice that Iran is their enemy. To add religious idiocy to diplomatic stupidity the Saudi grand mufti came out and said publicly and widely — representing Wahhabism in its true nature — that Iran and hundreds of millions of other Shi‘is are not Muslims!

There you have it: the Saudi ruling family placing its trust in the imperialists and Zionists for their survival and fomenting hostilities and bad feelings among the Muslims of the world. One of the neocons who accompanied Dennis Ross to Saudi Arabia was Zalmay Khalilzad, who said that he heard from top Saudi officials that they (the Saudis) do not consider Israel to be their enemy.

Saudi Arabia buys Arabian and “Muslim” officials but that will not result in anything significant. Saudi Arabia no longer has any significant standing among the Arab and Muslim peoples of the world.

One of the scenarios that the Saudi political sinners are approaching is the truncation of Saudi Arabia. Max Singer of the Hudson Institute offered his vision to the Pentagon about Saudi Arabia. That scenario has the emergence of an “Islamic” state in eastern Saudi Arabia — a state in possession of most the oilfields; the rest of Saud Arabia will be ruled by a young class of princes supported by the US. This new class of upstart royals will no longer have the oil they once had and will have to rely on the US for their survival.

Saudi Arabia, which has created enemies out of friends (Islamic Iran, the Muslims masses) and friends out of enemies (Zionists and imperialists) is fighting for its survival in Syria. There was no need for the Saudis to antagonize potential associates (Islamic Iran) and befriend avowed enemies (Zionist Israel).

Even inside the Kingdom there are many signs of volatility and insecurity. Corruption is at an all-time high. Mass arrests are common. The privileges of the last century are quickly vanishing. Saudi Arabia is coming apart. It is only a matter of time.

If only the Saudis could change course as the Turkish officials did. It took the Turkish officials a dangerous and aborted military coup attempt to bring them to their senses. What will it take for the Saudi officials to come to their senses?

The writing is on the wall. Saudi Arabia is being set up by its “friends” to be divided into sectarian, tribal, and regional cantons. Will the Saudi decision makers wake up and smell the coffee? Or will they become the latest to be ousted by their erstwhile American “friend”? Remember the saying of the Prophet (pbuh), “A committed Muslim is not wounded from the same deep hole twice.”

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