Zionist child killers continue artillery and aerial bombardment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza

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Ayman Ahmed

Shawwal 02, 1442 2021-05-14

Daily News Analysis

by Ayman Ahmed

The Zionist regime’s relentless bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip has killed at least 119 Palestinians, including 31 children and 19 women since May 10, according to the Gaza Health ministry.

More than 800 others have been injured.

These attacks are continuing as we write.

The Zionists have also used heavy artillery to attack civilian targets in Gaza.

The Israeli military admitted this morning that some 160 aircraft flying simultaneously conducted a massive attack on Gaza.

It claimed the targets were a “network of tunnels dug by Hamas under Gaza”.

During the 40-minute aerial bombardment, some 450 missiles were dropped on 150 targets in northern Gaza, the Israeli military claimed.

Later in the day, Israeli warplanes bombed a residential building in northern Gaza making it the third large building destroyed by the Zionists.

Attacking civilian targets constitutes a war crime but this is what the Zionist regime does regularly.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today the attacks against Gaza “will continue as long as necessary.”

“The last word has not been said and this operation will continue as long as necessary in order to restore the quiet and security to the State of Israel.”

Together with the Israeli military assault on Gaza as well as police and troops storming Masjid al Aqsa, one of the most sacred mosques in Islam, heavily-armed Zionist thugs have been attacking Palestinians in cities and towns inside Israel as well as in the West Bank.

Their WhatsApp chat messages make chilling reading.

After lynching a Palestinian in Lod, the Zionist terrorists put up this chat message:

Bring everything, knives, gasoline,” the Middle East Eyequoted one message in a group chat named “The Underground Unit” as saying.

“Don’t be scared, we are the chosen ones.”

“Good job at Bat Yam yesterday,” another message read, pointing to a violent attack against a Palestinian man on May 12 in which he was lynched.

“Today we’ll go back to make some mess at 6pm. Let’s meet at the seafront.”

Another message on WhatsApp, on a group called ‘Israel People Alive Haifa’, gave the location of a Palestinian march in Tel Aviv. “Any Arab you see - you stab,” it read.

“Please come equipped with flags, bats, knives, guns, brass knuckles, wooden boards, pepper spray, anything that would hurt them. We will restore the honor of the Jewish people,” it added.

“Jewish honour” is restored, presumably, by attacking and killing unarmed civilians!

Emergency has been declared in the city of Lod because Palestinians are fighting back against Zionist terrorists and lynch mobs.

On May 13 evening, the day Muslims worldwide celebrated Eid al Fitr, Palestinians were burying their dead.

The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas said it had targeted two of Israel’s so-called Iron Dome stations, located east of Khan Yunis and eastern Gaza, with a number of rocket-propelled grenades.

Israeli media reported later that the Iron Domes’ batteries were hit by several rocket-propelled grenades, Roya Newsreported.

Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades announced that “there are no red lines when it comes to responding to the Zionist enemy.”

“Rockets were launched toward Ramon Airport with the Ayyash missile with a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles),” Abu Ubaida said.

A number of foreign airlines have already canceled flights to the Zionist entity.

Saleh Aruri, a Hamas leader living outside Occupied Palestine, said that the resistance group had turned down a proposal for a three-hour lull to allow for more negotiations toward a full ceasefire.

This was reported by the London-based Al-Araby channel today.

He said Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations were leading the truce efforts but Hamas insists that any ceasefire must include withdrawal of occupation forces from Masjid al Aqsa.

While the Zionist regime has amassed troops and tanks on the border with Gaza, the Israeli daily Haaretz, citing military sources, reported that the Israeli army seeks to limit operations in Gaza to focus on the equally grave internal situation in Lod, Bat Yam, Acre and other Israeli cities.

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