Haredim: Apartheid Israel’s Nuclear Political Problem

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Ramadan 09, 1445 2024-03-19

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by Crescent International

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As the world is rightly focused on the ongoing zionist genocide in Palestine, internal political unraveling of Israel is being swept under the rug.

This is done mainly with the intention to maintain the mythical image of Israel as a regional superpower.

This myth was exposed in July 2006 against Hizbullah and completely obliterated on October 7, 2023 by Hamas’s daring operation.

The ongoing events in Palestine threw Israel and the broader zionist movement into a perpetual state of political, social, economic, and geopolitical instability.

Although the zionist movement supposedly stands for the religion of Judaism, it is no secret that many of its founders were atheists or at most had a nominal connection to Judaism as religion.

Naturally, this contradictory feature of zionism is becoming impossible to ignore.

This reality gave rise to the long standing and deep distrust between the religious branch of the colonizers of Palestine and non-religious Jews.

This phenomenon is slowly snowballing into a major societal and political crisis for the zionist entity.

It should be kept in mind that opposition and tensions between practicing Jews and the zionist movement are nothing new and were there since very early on when the zionists went on to hijack Judaism.

The latest crisis which emerged after Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef warned the Netanyahu allied zionist factions that if military service is made mandatory for the Haredi faction of zionists, the Rabbi will order his followers to leave Palestine.

Although Rabbi Yosef is unlikely to issue such a verdict and even if he does, most Haredis are unlikely to vacate Palestine.

Nevertheless, if push comes to shove and Rabbi Yosef does issue a “fatwa”, there will be a significant portion of his literalist followers who will move abroad.

Whether or not Haredis move abroad, or Rabbi Yosef issues a call to leave Palestine, the jinni is out of the bottle.

The conflict between the religious branch of zionism is deep and has significant historical roots.

It cannot be dismissed as simply a tussle for power and influence.

In the past, this conflict was contained mainly because the secular branch of colonialists was able to finance the Haredim.

This is no longer the case as Israel is facing economic and other multifront challenges it never experienced before.

As the zionist regime experiences colossal failures on multiple fronts, the blame game within the apartheid system has revived deep and very old animosities and inconsistencies within the zionist project.

Being highly literal and dogmatic, the Haredim faction’s leadership will not give in on its stance about its members being drafted into the armed gangs of zionist formations.

The opponents of the Haredim are also showing clear signs that they will no longer accept the fact that the Haredim be treated as a special segment of society.

The politicking around the issue of drafting the Haredim and further factionalism of the zionist regime is not the main headache which Israel will face.

The biggest damage will be in terms of the zionist narrative.

Israel’s so-called long-game is heading into a catastrophe.

The broader zionist narrative peddled to legitimize the occupation of Palestine is losing its religious veneer.

More and more people around the world are beginning to ask deep intellectual questions about the so-called ‘Jewishness’ of Israel.

An apartheid regime set up supposedly as a vanguard of Judaism and Jews clearly lacks support from a significant religious segment of Judaism.

For many years, enablers of the zionist project and the regime itself dismissed the religious opposition.

The well-known Jewish organization, Neturei Karta has been presented as a “fringe” group.

The recent emerging conflict with the Haredim has brought forth the reality that Judaism and Israel are not the same thing and are at serious intellectual, philosophical and political odds.

As the ongoing low intensity regional war is not going to subside anytime soon, even if guns fall silent, the conflict between the Haredim and other zionist factions will only increase.

It is not ordinary conflict; it is an existential challenge for the zionist project.

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