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Abu Dharr

Rabi' al-Awwal 20, 1437 2016-01-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 11, Rabi' al-Awwal, 1437)

The Bani Saud’s latest concoction of an ‘anti-terror alliance’ is no more than an attempt to appease their imperialist-Zionist masters to intensify Shi‘a-Sunni conflict.

Perfidy runs in the Saudi body politic the way blood runs in the human body. On December 15, 2015, “his highness” Prince Muhammad ibn Salman (the king’s son) and the current defense minister (make that the war minister who is second in line to the Saudi throne) popped up without any diplomatic or political state-of-affairs preparations and announced to the world the formation of an “Islamic Military Alliance.”

This is serious stuff. Isn’t there anyone in the medieval Kingdom that can think clearly and set the stage for such a volatile formal public statement? This Saudi-centric military alliance, we are told, will have 34 “Muslim” nation-states as members that are tasked with combating terrorism. Its headquarters, of course, shall be in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. A side-note: the Saudi royals have their capital in Riyadh, not in Makkah or Madinah — the same way the Umayyads had their capital in Damascus, and the ‘Abbasids had their capital in Baghdad. None of these monarchies dared have their capital in Makkah or Madinah. This is a subtle telltale of their un-Islamic rule. It also hints at their inability to integrate the majlis with the masjid.

This Saudi declaration should be added to the hundreds of other decisions throughout the past century, especially those that impact on the nature, framework, composition, and structure of Makkah and Madinah, that they have made without any shura when it comes to issues that are strictly Islamic. The other 30-plus members of this military alliance are drawn from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Excluded from this spur-of-the-moment origination of a military alliance are nation-states like Algeria that someone would think would be a prime candidate of this military alliance because it lived through a type of “Islamic” civil war that lasted a decade and resulted in the loss of at least a quarter million people. Also excluded from this impromptu military alliance is Oman, a country that is not embroiled in Sunni-Shi‘i tension, which has gripped the Arabian Peninsula, hence, a state that could serve as a bridge in intra-Islamic disputes. Kept out, so far, from this Saudi-brokered military alliance is Indonesia, the most populous (Sunni) Muslim country.

The Saudi Ibn Ubayys (for those who are not Muslim: Ibn Ubayy is an Islamic term of opprobrium — a Benedict Arnold) have shown their hands by not including two predominantly Shi‘i countries: Iran and Iraq, who are themselves members of the OIC. This would lead us to conclude that the Saudi Ibn Ubayys have embarked on a policy that will expand “Sunni-Shi‘i” tension to the breaking point. The window-dressing of this Saudi-based military alliance is the canard that it is meant to wage war against (Sunni) terrorism. If anyone believes that, they have flunked politics 101. The (Sunni) terrorism that the Saudi media empire will project as the enemy of this alliance — let us call this alliance the Saudi NATO — can easily be defeated economically and financially. The Saudis do not need a military force to bring down their own clones and clowns who were indoctrinated by Wahhabi beliefs in the Kingdom and in Kingdom-financed madrasahs around the world, then let loose on the rest of the Muslims (the rest of the Muslims, mind you, are kafirs and mushriks as per the teachings of the Saudi religious establishment).

Of course, the military-banking-industrial complex will not make money out of their Saudi stooges sniffing out these terrorists in a financial way. The lucrative route for the war industry is to launch a generational conflagration among the Muslims that will payoff in two ways: first and foremost it will bring in huge amounts of money to the weapons manufacturers and the war industry by draining the coffers of the petro-princes, and second, the Muslims will kill each other and, therefore, abort an Islamic revival.

In the past weeks and months some loudmouths in the imperialist domain could not seal their mouths to conceal their methods. Such blusterers as American Senator John McCain and that hard-core neoconservative, former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, as well as the Democratic front runner for the coming American presidential elections, Hillary Clinton, among other loose cannons, were saying that what is needed to defeat Da‘ish is a coalition of Arab(ian) and Muslim forces with boots on the ground in the Syrian-Iraqi theater of operations.

And wouldn’t you know it!? The political Saudi slaves came to the rescue. The Saudi regime is feeling the heat like never before. That “Decisive Storm” (‘Asifatu al-Hazm) that they and their Arabian allies brought to bear on Yemen is a failure in progress. Their Syrian hodge-podge of political poodles who were summoned to Saudi last month (December 9–10) for purportedly a conference to unite them in anticipation of the negotiations encounter in Vienna with the Syrian regime in January proved to the Saudis that nothing substantial is going to be gained by playing the Syrian card against the Iranians. Add to the Syrian-Yemeni juggernaut that is hounding the Saudi establishment the media campaigns that are generated in Europe and America against the Saudi rulers (of course for purposes of scaring them all the way to the military contract signatures) and one can sense how jittery the Saudi regime has become.

This Saudi-backed military alliance is the first step in a long strategy that is targeting Islamic Iran. This is a type of NATO operation cloaked with accessories and visuals. At the end of this diabolic strategy is an Israeli-American imperialist plan to use “Sunnis” against “Shi‘is” in a war of attrition until the Muslims “cry uncle.” This Saudi Trojan Horse will cost the Muslims dearly. The money will be coming out of the Arabian highrise tent-states. They are the ones who will be footing the trillion-dollar bill. There are weapons to be purchased and nation-states to be bribed. How are these petro-kingdoms going to pay for all this when the price of a barrel of oil is sinking like a rock? The last we checked it was around $38 a barrel and falling! These Arabian cardboard entities are beginning to deal with deficits; their foreign reserves are diminishing. They are imposing taxes on their citizens for the first time. Because of their financial wasting away they can no longer offer their citizens certain scholarships and utility bill concessions.

Does anyone need more proof than what the Saudi Wahhabi wimps offer us day after day and year after year? Almost everything that is unfolding during these turbulent years in the Muslim East demonstrates a 21st-century Ahzab where Zionist Israel, Bani Sa‘ud, and AIPAC America have closed ranks.

For any Muslim who still has any doubt about the nature of the Saudi regime, now is the time to ask: in the past 70 years since the Zionist theft of al-Quds and their stealing of Palestine why haven’t the Saudi “custodians” of the two Harams (sanctuaries in Makkah and Madinah) announced a military alliance to liberate Palestine? The answer is simple and straight: because they and the Israeli regime are two sides of the same American coin.

Is this Saudi-financed military alliance an indicator that Da‘ish and its Saudi-nurtured equivalents have run out of gas and now is the time to begin to fill a future void by putting together a “Sunni” military alliance that will pick up where Da‘ish and its counterparts left off? Is there a geopolitical vacuum in the making that necessitates such a Saudi-led alliance?

This Saudi stamped military alliance should not fool anyone into believing that the Saudi regime is against terrorism. Yemen demonstrates this fact clearly: the Saudi war on the poorest regional country has never targeted al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. What does that tell us?

Could this newborn Saudi military alliance signal a climbdown by the Saudi regime? If the coming months are going to be filled with news coverage of the Saudi alliance taking on a spent force known as Da‘ish, this would mean that the Saudi regime is indirectly “eating its own words” that al-Asad should go — politically or militarily. In other words, this alliance will offer the Saudi regime a climbdown from its Foreign minister’s gangster rhetoric about Syria. Whatever way you slice it, the fall of the king of the Wahhabis is on the horizon.

The word “Israel” was never mentioned in the declaration of this Saudi military alliance launch. And stay tuned, there will be no war of liberation of Palestine coming from this strawman alliance.

Another development to keep in mind: this apprentice alliance may become an instrument by which the Zionist-American politicians will recycle the terrorists into this dubious alliance, kill the most stubborn of the individuals and organizations, and then enlist the remaining fighters into this diabolic alliance in what will appear to be a legal and worthy way! And as always, this Saudi military project borne of the Israeli national interest may turn out to be stillborn — as the official action-sterile Arabian sycophants have proven again and again.

And those who are doing injustice will — eventually — arrive at the fate [they incurred] (26:227).

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