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Muharram 03, 1437 2015-10-16

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by Crescent International

Why is Imam Abdul Alim Musa being assaulted repeatedly and issued death threats? And who is behind these attacks and threats? We investigate the matter. Clearly agents provocateurs are involved acting at the behest of the police and the FBI to undermine the work Imam Musa is doing.


Friday October 16, 2015, 22:07 DST

Imam Abdul Alim Musa of Masjid al Islam in Oakland, CA was assaulted today according to information received from eyewitnesses on the scene (October 16). No, the assault was not carried out by Oakland Police although it would not have been surprising if they had.

Crescent International received information today that just after 1 pm, a group of people led by one Mukhtar Ali Mujahid and his wife Khadijah arrived at the premises. They demanded to enter the building to pray but Imam Musa reportedly told them that the building is closed because it has been repeatedly attacked and vandalized. An argument ensued and Khadijah that witnesses described as a heavily-built woman (between 250 – 300 pounds) assaulted Imam Musa. He did not retaliate but the assault was witnessed by a number of people.

Clearly agents provocateurs are involved acting at the behest of the police and the FBI to undermine the work Imam Musa is doing.

One eyewitness to the assault said when he told Imam Musa to report the matter to the police, he refused saying he has little faith in the Oakland police. They have arrested him in the past on false charges and then have had to drop those charges. Besides, the people making trouble for him in Oakland are working for the police so he said he did not think anything would come out of laying charges with the police.

A number of people in Oakland have accused Mukhtar and his wife Khadijah of being police agents and acting on their behalf to provoke Imam Musa into a fight. So far, he has resisted all such provocative acts.

The provocations include attack on Masjid al Islam property on MacArthur Avenue in Oakland, the shooting death of his grandson Terreyl in April 2013 and the shooting and stabbing of his son in August 2014. He was left for dead but he survived. When the police was notified of the shooting, they simply sent an ambulance but no police officers to investigate the crime.

The police automatically assumed that his son would be dead after being shot and stabbed several times. He miraculously survived but the police did not bother to take any statement from him. This was clearly a departure from regular police practice. That was in August 2014. Only a few days earlier (October 2015), Imam Musa was threatened with death and he was forced to cancel a planned meeting last Saturday because of such threats. Today an actual assault occurred.

This was virtually a repeat of the assault carried out against him by the same bunch of people in August 2014. When he tried to film the assailants using his cell phone, he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and his cell phone snatched from him. It was taken away and has never been returned to him.

Within minutes of the attack, numerous police cars arrived and blocked three of the four streets around the masjid intersection to prevent anyone coming to help Imam Musa or to witness what was going on. The police made no attempt to arrest the armed assailants although they had illegally entered the premises and were involved in break and entry.

According to eyewitnesses, the assailants included Mukhtar and his wife Khadijah. The husband-wife team is believed to be federal agents, according to people in the area. They have tried to provoke fights in the masjid and the fact that they came armed with guns and acted in a manner as if they are trained in the use of firearms lead people to believe that they are federal agents.

Masjid al-Islam was the first Islamic centre opened by Imam Abdul Alim Musa in Oakland, California. After its establishment in the early 1980s, he moved to Washington DC to establish another centre there.

Given that Imam Musa is a strong critic of US imperialist policies and the tactics of Zionist agents in the US, he has been targeted. The message to Imam Musa is clear: he is a marked man. There have been frequent messages left on his cell phone telling him that he is on their list. The message says: “We got Imam Amin Jamil (he is in prison serving a life sentence); we got Imam Luqman Abdullah. You are next, N…..!” This was also the message he received last week when he was out on his early morning jog in the mountains.

He needs the help and support of the Muslim community in North America as well as from around the world to defend himself, the masjid and the broader Muslim community in the US that is being viciously targeted.

He can be reached at his cell: 202 904 1152.


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