Imran Khan kept in appalling conditions in in jail, says his lawyer

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Muharram 20, 1445 2023-08-07

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by Crescent International

A montage of the notorious Attock Jail where the former prime minister Imran Khan is being held illegally in appalling conditions.

Deliberately delaying his meeting with Imran Khan in Attock Jail, lawyer Naeem Haider Panjotha finally met his client today (August 7) at 1:30 pm (Pakistan time).

He was the only member of the legal team allowed to meet the former prime minister.

The lawyers had tried since August 5 to meet their client in jail to get his signature to grant them power of attorney to lodge applications on his behalf in various courts.

This legal right was denied until today, for obvious reasons.

At a press briefing following his meeting that lasted about one and a half hours, Panjotha said Imran Khan was being held in “distressing conditions” and provided “C-Class jail facilities”.

“I asked Khan sahib about the conditions in jail after his arrest. He said he is being kept in a dark, small, C-Class, chakki wala [manual labour] room. He said there is an open washroom there, which does not have a shower.

“He said the jail has flies in the morning and insects crawl all over the place in the evening,” Panjotha said.

The cell measures 6 ft x 9ft and has only a filthy mattress on the floor.

The former prime minister is being subjected to such humiliating conditions in order to break his spirit.

“About food, Khan sahib said that he was being given the usual daal and saag but said he had no issue in this regard. Along with this, he also said that he was even prepared if they kept him in a D-Class jail.

“Khan sahib asked me to tell the media that he will never accept slavery,” Panjotha stated, adding that the PTI chief also paid tribute to party workers and top leadership for their “steadfastness”.”

The lawyer revealed that Imran Khan had mentioned all party leaders by name including Dr Yasmin Rashid, Shehryar Afridi, Umar Cheema and others to appreciate their steadfastness in the face of indescribable brutality.

He also paid tribute to party workers thousands of whom have been held in appalling conditions in prison.

Two petitions have been lodged—one in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the other in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP)—for two separate matters.

The petition in the IHC urged the court to declare Imran Khan’s detention in Attock Jail “illegal”.

It sought the ex-premier’s transfer to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi which has better facilities.

The Supreme Court petition sought stay of the sentence in the Toshakhana case until Imran Khan has been given an opportunity for a fair retrial.

On August 5, Additional District and Session Judge, Humayun Dilawar delivered a scandalous verdict against the former prime minister violating all legal norms and procedures.

Imran Khan was not given an opportunity to present witnesses in the allegations made against him.

The defence team was not even allowed to cross-examine the accusers in court.

Judge Humayun Dilawar is notorious for his lowly character.

The verdict that he delivered had already been drafted long before the court proceedings on August 5.

The orders for Imran Khan’s conviction had come from the real power wielders in Pakistan: the army, or more precisely the army chief, Asim Munir.

Many observers describe his appointment as army chief last November as illegal.

This is based on the fact that Munir’s service had ended on November 27 yet he was appointed army chief on November 29, contrary to clearly laid down procedures.

The army does not want Imran Khan, who enjoys overwhelming support among the masses, to return to power.

In the process, it is prepared to destroy the country, as is evident from all economic and political indicators since Imran Khan’s ouster from power in April 2022.

There are grave fears that Imran Khan may be given slow poison in jail to physically eliminate him.

The people of Pakistan have a choice.

Do they want to lead a life of permanent slavery or they will rise up to wrest control from the criminals and murderers that have ruined Pakistan since it came into existence in 1947?

It must be borne in mind that Imran Khan is fighting for their rights.

He sacrificed a very comfortable life in England to return to Pakistan to serve the people.

Will the people realize their responsibility or just sit and wait?

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