Pakistan army indulges in political engineering but insists ‘not involved’ in politics!

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 14, 1444 2023-06-03

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by Crescent International

Pakistan's latest thug-in-chief, General Asim Munir. He follows in the footsteps of a long list of other equally thuggish generals

If hypocrisy were an organization, it would be called the Pakistan army.

It indulges in the worst kind of political engineering but has the gall to say it is not involved in politics.

They have perfected lying into an art and believe people would be fooled by such pronouncements.

The people of Pakistan have realized what dirty tricks the army plays by breaking political parties and creating new ones only to discard them when they have served their purpose.

Quibblers might argue that it is not the entire army but a handful of generals indulging is such conduct.

This may be technically correct but the fact is that the entire army is going along with these so-called handful of generals.

The latest manifestation of their criminal conduct is apparent in their attempts to destroy Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI), the country’s most popular party, by forcing its top members to break away.

The party’s top leadership and more than 10,000 party workers have been arrested.

Scores of party leaders have been forced, under threats of physical and/or sexual violence, to quit the party.

In some instances, their daughters, wives, sisters or even mothers have been raped.

Party workers are stripped naked and mercilessly tortured.

Seldom in the history of Pakistan has such barbarism been witnessed.

Why is the army subjecting the people to such horrors?

The army top brass is terrified that if elections were held, Imran Khan’s party would sweep the polls.

That would result in criminal and treason charges being brought against many generals, politicians and police officers.

Instead of allowing elections to take place as per the constitution, the army has forced top members of Imran Khan’s party to break away and create what is referred to as the ‘king’s party’.

This, according to army thinking, would undermine PTI’s support base if or when elections are held.

Many commentators consider this a false assumption.

There is little doubt that if Imran Khan were to award a party ticket to a lamp post, it would still win.

The army is not only involved in breaking away members from PTI but is also preventing elections from being held, as called for in the constitution.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had ruled that elections must be held, at least in the two provinces—Punjab and KPK—by May 14.

That date has long passed but there have been no elections.

The generals treat the country’s top court with contempt.

The reason is that the army has the guns and tanks, in other words, brute power, and it can get away with such criminal conduct.

Their latest bout of criminal activity started on April 9, 2022 when Imran Khan’s ouster was engineered through parliament in the most shameful manner.

A number of politicians were bribed and asked to withdraw support from Imran Khan’s party, thus resulting in a no-confidence vote against him.

This was engineered by the former army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

He did not hide the fact that he carried out the soft coup because Imran Khan did “not accept advice”, as he put it.

What Bajwa meant was that Imran Khan did not follow army orders.

The army’s real beef against Imran Khan was and remains that he refused to obey America’s demand for military bases in Pakistan.

The army cannot imagine life without subservience to the US.

For decades, the army carried out attacks against its own people and murdered tens of thousands of innocent civilians in cold blood in what was called America’s war on terror.

Currently, it is involved in the worst kind of political manoeuvrings by installing a bunch of criminals in power.

These people should be in prison, not strutting about as rulers of the country.

Most members of the cabinet including the army-installed prime minister have been involved in theft on a grand scale.

Several face murder-charges; others are notorious rapists.

The generals seem to be following what the Greek writer Aesop, famous for fables, wrote: “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

Pakistan is on the verge of economic collapse.

Nobody is willing to lend the country a penny when it is ruled by certified crooks and criminals.

The army generals far from planning to liberate Kashmir from the clutches of India, are busy terrorizing the people while building their financial empire.

Its foundations run businesses from real estate to fertilizer and cement factories to producing corn flakes (yes, you read that correctly), totalling some $26.5 billion.

This staggering amount is more than one-seventh of the country’s total GDP of $348 billion.

And since these activities fall under the label of ‘charitable foundations’, they pay no tax to the government.

What is charitable about producing cement, fertilizer or corn flakes?

The fact is, the army considers itself the real masters of the country.

It dictates what people should think, what is to be broadcast on television, who is to be installed in power and who is to be removed.

Anyone—politician, journalist, lawyer or judge—foolish enough to challenge their unconstitutional and illegal power, is grabbed, thrown in prison and mercilessly tortured.

This is absolute fascism.

The generals want to preserve their illegal privileges even if it results in the destruction of Pakistan as a state.

They don't care because they will flee with their families to enjoy life abroad while the poor people of Pakistan will pay the price for their criminal conduct.

It is time the people of Pakistan rise up against such fascism and prevent the generals from destroying the country.

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