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Rajab 15, 1436 2015-05-04

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by Crescent International

There is a humanitarian disaster in the making in Yemen. The Najdi Bedouins have imposed a total blockade of the country preventing food, water and medicines from reaching the people. Iran plans to send a humanitarian aid ship that would include a large number of international peace activists. This would be a repeat of the aid convoys sent to Zionist-besieged Gaza.

Monday May 2015, 20:28 DST

The Najdi Bedouins are not only bombing the people of Yemen destroying much of the country’s infrastructure, they have also blockaded any aid from reaching the people. As a consequence, the humanitarian situation in the country has deteriorated alarmingly.

What is happening to the people of Yemen at the hands of the Najdi barbarians is akin to what is happening to the Palestinians in Gaza at the hands of Zionist-Egyptian barbarians. In an act of great hypocrisy, while most people in the Muslim East (aka the Middle East) would express sympathy with the besieged Palestinians in Gaza, they are applauding the “Saudi”/Najdi siege of Yemen.

On April 28, an Iranian cargo plane carrying medicines and foodstuff to the people of Yemen was prevented from landing at the civilian airport in Yemen because the Najdi Bedouins bombed the runway. The plane had already been cleared to fly over Oman as well as given clearance to enter Yemen airspace.

“Yemen’s blockade is an inhumane scenario and the continuation of Saudi Arabia’s obstructionism with regard to the delivery of humanitarian aid has led to a severe shortage of basic necessary items including medical stuff, drinking water, bread and [other] foodstuff,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said today.

She added that Iran is preparing a report to be sent to different international authorities, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) about Tehran’s various measures to dispatch humanitarian aid for the Yemeni people and Saudi Arabia’s moves to prevent the delivery of relief assistance.

Iran is planning to send a humanitarian ship loaded with medicines and foodstuff to the besieged people of Yemen. A number of international peace activists have expressed support for the aid convoy to Yemen and have agreed to join it.

This would be akin to the Aid to Gaza Boats that were launched from 2008 onwards to draw attention to the criminal conduct of the Zionist siege. The international peace activists hope to raise similar awareness about the situation in Yemen.

Not only is the Najid Bedouins’ war on Yemen illegal that could lead to war crimes charges against its rulers, they have also used cluster bombs against civilians in Sa‘ada, the northern province of Yemen. The US-supplied cluster bombs are banned munitions but the Pentagon has said it will not supplying them to “Saudi” Arabia.

In 2010, the US signed an agreement with the desert Bedouins to supply them $60 billion worth of weapons. Even the two-bit player Canada has signed a $15 billion contract for more weapons that the Naji Bedouins cannot use. Their defence budget is $80 billion a year yet they have been scurrying around to hire mercenaries from Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Pakistan to wage the war for them. So far, Pakistan has resisted the pressure because of intense opposition inside the country. On April 10, the Pakistani parliament unanimously rejected sending any troops to help the “Saudis” wage an illegal war against dirt-poor Yemen.

The Egyptian Pharaoh, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, however, is eager to cash in on the Najdis’ dilemma. He has proposed setting up a 40,000-strong Arab army at a cost of billions of dollars. Sisi hopes to get some of that bakhsheesh for his bankrupt country. He also hopes to have Egyptian officers command that army. This wish is unlikely to be realized, not least because the Arabian rulers are so incompetent that they are incapable of even boiling an egg. They can only inflict terrible harm on innocent civilians as they have done in Yemen, Gaza, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

It is of the utmost importance that the Najdi Bedouins’ illegal siege of Yemen be broken so that the impoverished people of that poor country can get much-needed food, water and medicines. Crescent International has also learnt that Salafi-controlled hospitals in Yemen are refusing to treat Houthis, the revolutionary people that have stood up against corruption and illegality in the country.

This is also a violation of International humanitarian law. Medical aid cannot be denied even to one’s enemies. The Najdis and their allies are so full of hate that they do not care for humanity or human values. This reflects their true nature as well as their role as agents of imperialism and Zionism.


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