Panic grips Bani Saud as victory eludes them in Yemen

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Rajab 20, 1436 2015-05-09

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by Crescent International

The Bani Saud thought they could scare the Ansarullah fighters in Yemen with threats and dropping bombs and after a few days, or at most a couple of weeks, they would beg for mercy and surrender. This has not happened. Instead, the Bani Saud are now stuck in the Yemeni quagmire. They have dropped all their original demands and simply asking that the Ansarullah respect the ceasefire the "Saudis" have proposed starting May 12.

Saturday May 09, 2015, 14:59 DST

The Bani Saud are in panic mode over Yemen. They promised a swift victory but this is becoming increasingly elusive as is evident from their contradictory statements.

Yesterday (Friday May 8), in the company of US Secretary of State John Kerry, the newly minted “Saudi” Foreign Minister Adil al-Jubeir announced a five-day halt to air strikes in Yemen starting Tuesday May 12 provided the other side did not take advantage of it.

Kerry added his own promise: if the ceasefire holds, it could be extended. What did al-Jubeir ask of the Ansarullah, the Houthis’ militia that has driven the Bani Saud-backed thieves from power in Yemen? He merely asked that they do not expand their area of control and not violate the ceasefire.

On the surface this sounds reasonable but let us consider it against the backdrop of what the Bani Saud had started off with. When they launched their murderous assault on Yemen in the early hours of March 26, their demands were outlandish.

  1. The Houthis must surrender all their weapons;
  2. They must vacate all territory in Yemen and return to their northern province of Saada; and
  3. That the “legitimate” president Abd Rabbou Mansour Hadi be restored to power.

On television, radio and in public statements, “Saudi” officials promised quick victory. Marshal music and extreme forms of jingoism accompanied these claims. Artists were given free rein to make murals, some bordering on blasphemy: no bid‘ah there, as far as the Bani Saud are concerned.

One shows King Salman, with nephew and the new Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef behind him to his right, and his son, Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman behind to his left against the backdrop of white wings!

This was quickly dubbed the unholy trinity. The wings depicted angels. The Bani Saud are no angels; they are mass murderers and war criminals. They have brought nothing but death and destruction to the impoverished people of Yemen without achieving any of their military or political objectives.

More than six weeks of bombings have achieved precious little except the killing of thousands of innocent civilians and the destruction of much of Yemen’s infrastructure. The Ansarullah fighters have continued to make gains, especially in and around the southern port city of Aden. They are still in control of Sana‘a, the capital.

If the Bani Saud had any sense, they would have learned from their American and Zionist masters that air strikes alone do not achieve any military or political goals. Their amateurish army is incapable of waging a ground offensive. They tried that in December 2009 and several hundred “Saudi” soldiers promptly surrendered to the Ansarullah fighters. The regime had to pay millions of dollars to secure their release. Were they to repeat this mistake, the result would be even worse since the Houthis and many other Yemenis are seething with anger at “Saudi” barbarism.

Salman and his young inexperience son have bought themselves a problem; and a big one at that. With the aging and demented king heading to his grave, the knives (or swords) would be out for his son Muhammad bin Salman for failing so miserably in Yemen.

As the saying goes, if you break it, you own it. Salman and ibn Salman thought their rhetorical volleys would scare the Houthis and other anti-Saudi Yemenis.

Now they are looking for a way out. Murals, marshal music and rhetoric are no substitute for fighting a war on the ground. The “Saudis” are incapable and even their Pakistani “rafiqs” have shown them the door.

That leaves the Egyptians but they are mired in their own internal problems and the Egyptian Pharaoh is only interested in getting more money out of the Bani Saud. He argues, with some justification, that they have more cash than they can handle. The Bani Saud are not going to part with that cash so easily.

Only the Americans, British, French and the Zionists can blackmail them and get whatever they want. The Bani Saud find themselves between a rock and a hard place. May they continue to suffer this for a long time and may this prove to be their undoing. The Muslim world, and indeed the rest of the world would be a far better and safer place without these corrupt debauchers and thieves.

The evil trio—Salman, ibn Nayef and ibn Salman—must be put on trial for war crimes.


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