Is The End Nigh For Zionist Israel?

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Ayman Ahmed

Shawwal 11, 1444 2023-05-01

News & Analysis

by Ayman Ahmed (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 3, Shawwal, 1444)

In recent months, many leading figures in the zionist state of Israel have expressed grave concerns about its survival. The list includes the current president of the illegitimate entity, several former prime ministers, military heads as well as intelligence chiefs.

What has prompted them to make such dire predictions? Surely, it is not because Israel lacks weapons. It is heavily armed, thanks to the weapons, not to mention billions of dollars, sent by its godfather, the US. The zionists also make many kinds of weapons and even export them to different countries around the world.

Further, it possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, the only state with such weapons in the region. So, what accounts for the deep nervousness about its survival? There are several factors that cause such anxiety among leading Israelis. One is historical. No Hebrew state has existed for more than 80 years. This is considered a historical curse.

Deep divisions inside Israel have merely reinforced this concern despite the entity ‘celebrating’ its 75th anniversary last month. There was something surreal about such ‘celebrations’ with tens of thousands of Israelis were out in the streets denouncing Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to gut the already comprised judicial system to save his own hide.

Israel has always been a deeply divided society. In the past, zionist rulers were able to paper over these differences by launching regular attacks on the Palestinians and killing and maiming them. Killing and maiming Palestinians including babies and women was great fun. They are still continuing with this murderous policy but the Palestinians have started to fight back despite facing huge odds.

Places like Jenin and Nablus have emerged as centres of resistance. Increasing numbers of Palestinians are joining the resistance. While such resistance has boosted the morale of the Palestinians, at the same time it has demoralized the zionists.

Alon Ben David, an Israeli military affairs analyst at Channel 13, spoke about this phenomenon on the air last month. He admitted that the occupation army is facing dozens or hundreds of Palestinians from the West Bank who have an unusual willingness to die. This, he said, had not been witnessed since the Second Intifadah of 2000.

“The most important matter that Israel is facing recently comes through the Palestinian arena, a matter we have not seen in 15 years, and it is characterised by the willingness of dozens or hundreds of young men to leave their homes to confront the army forces and are ready to die. We are talking about very large numbers of people who are ready to confront us.”

Ben David went on touched on the change in the character of the Palestinian youth: “We meet with young saboteurs who spend their time on social media. They are interested in filming themselves before going out to carry out an operation, and they share this via Telegram and TikTok. They want to be influencers on social media, and therefore we see a young man come to Neve Yaakov (a Tel Aviv suburb) on Friday evening [April 7], kill 7 people, get into a vehicle and hope to go back home.”

It is the fear of the unknown. Who could be a potential attacker from among the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian youth who are seething with anger against Israeli brutalities? Their hatred of Israel could turn into actual action. This is becoming increasingly the case.

Israel is ruled by gangsters, hustlers and thugs. As long as they killed the Palestinians without any fear of retaliation, they continued this policy with delight. They are still carrying out such crimes but the Palestinians are now hitting back.

This has resulted in many Israelis expressing deep anxiety about the future of their country. A recent poll by the Hebrew language newspaper Maariv in cooperation with a research institute revealed that 30 per cent of Israelis believe the future of their country is in danger. This, of course was based on their concern about the so-called judicial reforms, but the rise in Palestinian resistance was not far from their minds.

There are also other worrying developments for the zionists. Israeli reservists are refusing to report to duty, again over concerns about Netanyahu’s assault on the judiciary. If the reservists refuse to report for duty or attend training sessions, what would happen in the event of a war with Hizbullah or Hamas?

During Ramadan, the Israeli army and politicians tried to calm the situation by not escalating conflict with Hamas or Hizbullah following rocket and missile fire from both areas. Since when have the zionists become such good-natured people?

Today, the overwhelming majority of Israelis hold dual citizenship. At the first sign of major trouble, they will head for the exit door. After all, there is no fun in dying.

During the zionist assault on Gaza in May 2021 that lasted for 11 days, Hamas missiles reached major Israeli cities and even hit targets near Tel Aviv airport forcing it to shut down. As soon as the airport was opened, an estimated 50,000 Israelis fled the country, according to a report in the Ha‘aretz newspaper.

There are other changes also taking place. Both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are developing more sophisticated missiles. Their tactics are also improving. Then there is the broader Resistance Front comprising Islamic Iran, Hizbullah, Iraq and Syria. Together with the Palestinian resistance front, they pose a considerable challenge to Israel.

Even if an external war does not put an end to the racist entity, its internal divisions and contradictions will surely bring down the temple upon their heads.

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