Israel on His Mind as Biden Heads to the Middle East

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Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Dhu al-Hijjah 02, 1443 2022-07-01

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by Yusuf Dhia-Allah (Main Stories, Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 5, Dhu al-Hijjah, 1443)

That the US is a zionist colony was confirmed yet again when Joe Biden announced that he was heading to the Middle East to secure Israel’s protection and survival. Who does Israel need protection from when it is the most militarized state in the region and is also the only entity with hundreds of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons? Aren’t such weapons enough to protect the illegitimate entity? Besides, not one Arabian regime sharing borders with Israel poses any military threat to it unless Biden has the Islamic resistance movement Hizbullah and the Islamic Republic of Iran (hundreds of miles away) in mind.

Media outlets in the US have been abuzz with reports ever since two US officials visited Saudi Arabia in May that Biden is planning to visit the kingdom that he had described as a “pariah” during his 2020 presidential campaign. On June 14, the White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre announced that the president will visit the kingdom next month (July).

“The President appreciates King Salman’s leadership and his invitation. He looks forward to this important visit to Saudi Arabia, which has been a strategic partner of the United States for nearly eight decades,” said Jean-Pierre. This is quite a shift in US rhetoric toward Saudi Arabia. From what Biden insisted was a “pariah” state is now described as a “strategic partner for nearly eight decades”.

The trip, set for mid-July, will take Biden first to Israel to meet the zionist occupiers of Palestine. He will also visit Ramallah in the West Bank to meet Mahmoud Abbas, the nominal president of the US-Israeli-backed entity, the Palestinian Authority (PA). It works as a subcontractor for Israel and against the interests of the Palestinian people. He will promise some bakhsheesh to Abbas and his cronies in return for continued collaboration with the zionist occupiers.

From Tel Aviv, Biden’s Air Force One will fly directly to Jeddah. Even though there are no formal diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, such technical details are considered minor. After all, the Saudis already allow Air India flights to Israel to use the kingdom’s air space.

Biden wants to avoid creating the impression that he has caved in to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS). He will meet him not in a one-on-one capacity but as part of the larger Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting in Jeddah. Also attending will be rulers of Iraq, Jordan and Egypt. That it is not being held in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, also avoids creating the impression of an “official visit”. This is all part of an elaborate love-dance.

But Biden is pursuing a much more sinister agenda. Speaking to reporters last month, Biden insisted the trip was not tied to global energy prices, even though the US has been pressuring the Saudi-led OPEC Plus collective to increase oil production as the price of gas skyrockets.

“The commitments from the Saudis don’t relate to anything having to do with energy,” he said. “It happens to be a larger meeting taking place in Saudi Arabia. That’s the reason I’m going. And it has to do with national security for them—for Israelis.” The security dimension will be considered shortly but first some background to these developments is necessary.

In late May, two senior US officials—Brett McGurk, the White House Middle East advisor, and Amos Hochstein, the State department energy envoy—visited the kingdom for detailed meetings with MbS. Their agenda included getting the Saudis to increase oil production in view of the skyrocketing prices in the US (as elsewhere globally because of the war in Ukraine). Soon after the visit, both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) increased their oil output.

The more sinister part of Biden’s agenda is to link Israel and Saudi Arabia in economic and security agreements. That would pave the way for Riyadh to establish formal diplomatic ties with the zionist entity. Bahrain and the UAE (in addition to Morocco and Sudan) have already done so in what is euphemistically called the “Abraham Accords”.

Even if formal ties are established between the illegitimate zionist entity and the illegitimate occupiers of the Arabian Peninsula, the people of the region will not accept the occupation of Palestine. After all, Egypt and Jordan recognized Israel decades ago but barring official circles, the people of those countries wish to have nothing to do with the zionists. Israelis are not welcome in either country.

For Biden, formal Saudi-Israeli ties have domestic significance. Faced with an economic meltdown, civil unrest and total failure on all foreign policy fronts, his party faces a certain defeat in forthcoming congressional elections in October. A Saudi-Israeli accord would be presented as a triumph of his foreign policy efforts in hopes of garnering the support of pro-Israeli groups in the US. That looks like mission impossible. The American zionist cabal and their Christian-zionist fellow travellers are squarely in the Republican camp.

America, however, is a zionist colony. American politicians of every stripe wake up every morning asking, what they can do for their favourite country: Israel. The US political system is thoroughly corrupt; every politician is virtually in the lobby’s pocket and does its bidding.

The sinister aspect of Biden’s and Israel’s policy is that they want to create a military alliance against Islamic Iran. In a report on June 20, revealed that Israel was working on such an arrangement. “Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Monday [June 20] that Israel has been working with regional countries on a US-backed anti-Iran military alliance that focuses on integrated air defense systems, dubbed the Middle East Air Defense Alliance.” Gantz would not name the countries involved but said more details would be revealed by Biden during his regional visit.

“Over the past year I have been leading an extensive program, together with my partners at the Pentagon and in the US administration, that will strengthen the cooperation between Israel and countries in the region,” Gantz said in a briefing to Israeli lawmakers. Part of this “cooperation” includes Arabian regimes facilitating Israeli attacks on Iranian scientists as well as Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps members in Syria.

Gantz alluded to it when he said: “This program is already operative and has already enabled the successful interception of Iranian attempts to attack Israel and other countries,” he said. In reality, the program’s primary focus has been to carry out attacks inside Iran. This is illegal under international law but which act of the zionist entity is based on law or morality? The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Saudi Arabia is engaged in US-brokered talks with Israel on economic ties and “security arrangements,” and a public deal to boost relations is expected to be announced soon.

Given that MbS is seen globally as a murderer and thug because of his involvement in the October 2018 gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi and other oppressive measures, he desperately needs rehabilitation. Only an American president can give him a clean bill of health. For this, he will do anything, including a public embrace of the zionist war criminals.

This month’s meeting in Jeddah is a gathering of war criminals, mass murderers and outlaws. While they may enter into security and diplomatic alliances, the masses of the region will not accept them. Further, like their past policies, their attempts at undermining Islamic Iran—and the broader resistance front—will not succeed. Zionist Israel is destined for the dustbin of history. Even senior Israeli officials have expressed fears about is future. It may come to pass sooner rather than later.

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