One Who is Afraid to Run Away!

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Ramadan 16, 1439 2018-06-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 4, Ramadan, 1439)

Imam! I want to speak up and murmur to you what I have observed since you departed this transient world. Forgive me if I’m being upfront and outspoken about these past 39 years.

I want to tell you to rest assured that your successor Imam Khamenei is, from my humble point of view, the best substitute to come after you. He has been standing firm and not “playing sullied politics.” His adherence to the Qur’an and the Sunnah, in challenging internal sellouts and external buy-ins, is what you would expect from al-Wali al-Faqih.

Imam! I want to assure you, to the best of my knowledge that your vision of a united Islamic bloc is in good hands. There are selfless followers of yours who, in the charged atmospherics of sectarianism, are dedicated to Islamic brotherhood and devoted to the equality of all Muslims: Shi‘is and Sunnis. The Islamic people’s state that you founded is the only land in the world where Sunni and Shi‘i scholars and activists and officials are invited to feel and affirm their loyalty and unity.

Imam! I confirm to you that, even though many of your Iranian compatriots have abandoned your strategy and tactic (khatt-e-Imam), there are many more of your countrymen and women who are on the horizon breaking new ground in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen among other Islamic geopolitical locations.

Imam! I am speaking to you during the blessed month of Ramadan — a month in which there is a night that is better than a 1,000 months (a normal lifetime), a month that you in your ‘irfani (Sufi) wisdom designated its last Friday to be the Day of al-Quds (Jerusalem). And as much as I would like to speak to you about my humble observations concerning inexperienced and unenlightened activist Muslims belonging to “Sunni Islamic Movements,” and as much as I would like to talk to you about strange and unsuitable “Shi‘i” controversial and factional academics and scholars, I will have to limit myself to the issue that was dear to your heart — the issue that is dear to every sincere and selfless Muslim and that is the issue of al-Quds and the Holy Land.

Imam! Please bear with me. As hard as it is for you to hear me out, it is harder for me to fully express the ideas and feelings I have.

My dear Imam! As you foretold decades ago with the insight of a person who sees things with the light of the Almighty, the Arabian rulers have sold Palestine to the Zionists and imperialists in order for them to survive on their own thrones! The issue of Palestine was always in the Muslim context a transnational, trans-denominational, and even trans-religious issue. Now, the combined (evil) brains of the Zionist-imperialist-Arabian trio are trying to replace Zionist Israel with Islamic Iran as the enemy!

Imam! Just this past month, the Zionist-imperialist-Arabian troika (political Israel, military America, financial Arabia) agreed upon officially handing over al-Quds to the Zionist Israeli war criminals. The Arabian peoples watched without much of a stir. None of these Arabians expressed the willingness to put aside all their superficial differences and close ranks and have all their ministers of defense meet to solidify a common military strategy that could pluck the racist Zionist establishment out of its confrontational existence. Rather, they seem to be resigned to the Zionist Is-raelization of al-Quds.

Imam! There was a time when the Arabs were gripped by the call to liberate Palestine! Now they have been either deadened by extreme wealth or blunted by extreme poverty.

Imam! In the past month, more than 200 innocent and unarmed Palestinians were killed and thousands of others were injured by the bullets and weapons of the sinful Zionists; hundreds of thousands of defenseless Palestinians are living behind wall barriers and electric fences and the unprotected people in Ghazzah are subject to bombs and bombardments every other week or month. Ghazzah has become the largest open air prison in the world. Imam! With all of that, there was not one demonstration in any city in any country in Arabdom!

Those Arabian regimes that have diplomatic relations with criminal Israel did not have enough manhood in them to cut off their diplomatic relations, nor did they have the manliness to expel Israeli ambassadors and diplomats from their capitals! Or even to recall their own ambassadors and diplomats from colonized Palestine!

Imam! Not one Arabian king, president, or chief executive had the guts to officially come out and publicly denounce the atrocities and the war crimes of the shoot-to-kill Israeli military! Only your Islamic Iran and to a lesser degree self-styled Turkey stood up for the rights and justices of the displaced and disenfranchised people of Palestine.

Even the mass media in the Arabian establishments did not prioritize the breaking news concerning the slaughter of harmless Palestinians, nor did they focus on what can be considered an affront and an injury to all Muslims of the world; that is, the relocation of the American embassy to al-Quds.

Are the Arabians emotionless? Are their “Islamic movements” disoriented? Are their “popular” leaders insensitive? Has their understanding of “Sunni Islam” blinded them to the torture and eradication of their “Sunni” co-denominationalists in the Holy Land of Palestine? Have they reached the point of “self-denial”? Have they become so hopeless that they have surrendered to imperialism and submitted to Zionism? In this pitch dark Arabian night that cloaks itself in a shell of “Sunni superiority” the chickens are coming home to roost.

Imam! Permit me to elaborate your vision on the liberation of Palestine and why you expelled the Israelis from Iran upon arrival, shut down their embassy, turned it over to the Palestinians, and since then your disciples and devotees have continued the sacred march to al-Quds.

The unspoken fact of the matter is that the mushriks of Makkah expelled the Muslims of Makkah in the same manner that the Zionists expelled the Muslims (and Christians) of Palestine. The Muslims exiting Makkah became homeless and stateless; just like the Palestinians in our time have become homeless and stateless. The difference is that the Muslims of the Prophet’s time had their Ansar; and today the Palestinians do not have their Ansar. If we could understand our history correctly the Prophet (pbuh) was the first (Palestinian) refugee. And Islamic brotherhood proved itself when he initiated his ikha’ between the Muhajirun (refugees) and the Ansar (welcoming supporters).

Thus began a struggle of ten years to alleviate Arabia of its humanitarian tragedy: the forced expulsion of committed Muslims from Makkah. During this time period of ten years, the Yahud (the Zionists of that time) and the mushriks were working behind the scenes and eventually in public against Islamic self-determination in Madinah with the Prophet (pbuh) as its imam (leader). Today we have the same dynamics and developments.

When the Islamically inclined leadership in Turkey called for a summit meeting of Islamic heads of state to discuss common policies against the latest Israeli aggression, all the Arabian heads of state were absent except for Kuwait and Jordan. These Arabian absentee heads of state sent lesser officials to attend. Contrast that with a humanitarian pulse in non-Islamic countries that objected to Israeli atrocities by recalling or withdrawing their diplomats, such as Turkey, South Africa, Ireland, Bolivia, and Belgium.

The mushriks of Makkah, the Zionists of Madinah, and yes the superpowers of that time had their “deal of the century.” And they thought they could finish off Madinah in their coalition of the willing in the sanctions and siege against Madinah. And we know what happened then.

Imam! The deal of the century then and the deal of the century now are doomed. Much rests upon the consolidation of your dedicated followers in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, as well as your steadfast partisans in Yemen.

The alliance of Zionists, imperialists, and Arabian munafiqs is unmistakable. Some news reports tell us what is in the offing: money pouring into Ghazzah, adding 720 km2 to Ghazzah out of the Sinai seacoast, construction of a new airport and seaport, Egypt obtaining Palestinian lands in al-Naqab (Negev), the construction of a technologically advanced city (Neom) on territories belonging to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, an investment of $500 billion to eliminate unemployment, and generous financial rehabilitation of the Egyptian economy. If the Palestinians and the resistance front decline such capitulationist offers, then what is expected is the further financial tightening of the noose around the neck of the Palestinian authority beyond the stopping of $200 million payments to the Palestinian authority this year, chopping off $65 million from the UNRWA budget, and cutting off all financial assistance from the Gulf Arabian states to Jordan. The Arabian official mass media, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, is fulminating with anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The most important target of the Zionist-Arabian-American troika is the Imam’s followers from Khorasan to al-Khalil: Israeli war plans against Syria, the recent American led legal and financial restrictions on individuals from Hizbullah or affiliated with Hizbullah, and the inclusion of the political and military wing of Hizbullah on a terrorist list, etc.

Imam! Rest in peace; their steal of the last century and their deal of this century will amount to naught. Your generation is in, their generation is out. Your troops fight for peace and justice, their troops fright for war and oppression. Imam! We have not relinquished our responsibilities. The struggle continues.

And may Allah’s peace be yours, “Surely, We have scored a manifest victory for you [O Muhammad]…” (48:1).

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