You are either with the Shaytan(i Buzurg) or against him

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Rajab 11, 1433 2012-06-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 41, No. 4, Rajab, 1433)

This month 23 years ago, the oppressed Muslims as well as the toiling masses worldwide lost one of their own: Imam Khomeini.

As the years pass by, enlightened and front-line seekers of justice are beginning to see the words of the late Imam come true. He summarized his lifelong jihad by emphasizing a future that belongs to the oppressed. Many times he made reference to the barefooted underclass of the world. He disparaged paper tigers occupying the imagery of superpowers. Where are we today from his prophetic words? Let us take a look at today’s world, far from the contrived and self-serving reports of the mainstream media?

The power balance has shifted from the bi-polar world that ganged up on Iran and Afghanistan a generation ago. New rivals are moving to center stage on the world scene: China, Brazil, India, and South Africa among others are crowding out the old masters of the well-worn 20th Euro-American century. Europe is beginning to buckle under the weight of its own self-inflicted debt and deficits. Japan in the bi-polar world was the Asian economic powerhouse — no more! Now it is China. Japan has taken a back seat. Tokyo now has to balance its diplomatic act very carefully between a cautiously expiring American empire and a guardedly emerging Chinese turf.

Euro-American capitalism is gasping its last breath. Iraq and Afghanistan are hastening the demise of the American imperial empire. Even with all the finances and resources allocated to the American military, it cannot continue to throw money and troops at countries thousands of miles away and emerge victorious. It took clumsy American politicians over ten years to finally realize they were fighting a lost cause. And some of them still don’t get it! America’s allies — strung together over decades — are now abandoning their Washingtonian overlord.

The old world order, outside the socialist bloc of countries, was controlled by the consecrated trio of America, Europe, and Japan. They were calling the shots when it came to currency regulations, fiscal policies, international commerce, and then their biggest prize: integrating the failed communist states into their political, economic, and military orbit.

Washington, as always with its sky-high hubris, thought that history had climaxed and it stood at the top of the world! But then, in the blind spot of the American sole-superpower’s calculations, the world began to turn in a way unfavorable to the midget gods of capitalism strewn all the way from Washington to Tokyo via Europe. On the watch of Imam Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution the economies and the demographics of this axis of avarice began to shrivel. The Euro-American imperium’s leap into globalization resulted in unintended consequences. Other economic powers in Asia and Latin America were building their infrastructures. The conflated expectations of the axis of avarice had to virtually drop all of Eastern Europe from its integration policies except for some military arrangements. Globalization prematurely gave the world the Euro. An under-aged Euro and an over-aged dollar were to slug it out behind the scenes — the results becoming today’s recessions, depressions, and economic meltdowns.

Turkey, which is better known in the minds of orientalists and their alumni, as the “Sick Man of Europe” is emerging with more clout in their “Middle East” than all of the European Union combined. Eighteenth-, 19th-, and 20th-century Africa is shedding its Euro-American masters and making room for such newcomers as China, India, and Turkey. In Latin America, Europe has lost second place to China, which that is now beginning to compete in a very serious way with US influence. But even in its hour of decline, we cannot afford to underestimate the whacking Washington shaytan that has positioned some select and elite personnel inside these up-and-coming state actors.

All of the above developments have surfaced in the last three decades of Islamic self-determination, centered around the Islamic Republic of Iran. Those who cannot stomach this fact can go fly a kite. In the midst of these wide-ranging tectonic shifts the Islamic Republic and its leadership had to prioritize the home front where there are still forces that are either absentminded to the larger world outside their country or are too domestic and selfish to carry on with the objectives of their country’s Islamic orientation. Ethnic and sectarian factors rank high on the scale of priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a fact that is currently on the political and military drawing boards of the failing kingdoms and republics surrounding Islamic Iran.

This takes us from global developments and trends that were and still are concerned with destabilizing and destroying a truly independent and popular expression of Islamic self-determination to the regional forces and factions that are now working in tandem to turn the clock back to the years before Imam Khomeini and before the Islamic Revolution.

What do we have in this pathetic morass of political Arabian slaves? We have what amounts to around $130 billion going from weapons consumers in Arabia to weapons manufacturers in the US and Europe. One is forced to ask: for what? For more wars and more bloodshed by Muslims against Muslims. We all dream for a day when all this money is invested in economic infrastructure development, scientific research academies, the blooming of the desert, and even in acquiring a formidable military industry so that Muslims are no longer dependent on kafirs for their arms, weapons, and munitions. This past month, 19 anti-Islamic ruled militaries began one of the largest military exercises, called “Eager Lion,” ever in the Muslim East. They all coordinated their multinational forces on Jordanian territory in close proximity to Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. They were assigned mock operations against chemical, biological, and guerilla warfare. A person who thinks straight cannot exclude the strong inference that the Islamic Republic of Iran is their ultimate strategic objective with Syria as a tactical necessity along the way.

Dare anyone in the speaking class of Arabian officialdom suggest that such a military exercise is necessary against Israel? Isn’t it Israel that has poisoned the politics of the entire region? Isn’t it Israel that has forced millions of Palestinians into their “hell on earth”, either under an expansionist and destructive occupation, or into an oppressive and unrelenting exile in foreign lands? Isn’t it Israel that has built segregationist walls and enacted racist policies against the natives of Palestine? Isn’t it Israel that is occupying and Judaizing al-Quds (Jerusalem), against all interpretations of international laws and the rights of peoples? Why is this unprecedented military exercise that has combined the forces of 19 military establishments conducting these exercises adjacent to the Syrian borders and not adjacent to the Saudi or Israeli borders?

There have been three demonstrated ways of getting rid of dictatorships in the Muslim East. The first one is the direct American school of regime change. This has been demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The direct American intervention for regime change came with B-52 bombers, drones, an army of local intelligence, civilian, and para-military agents. The victims are in the millions in all these three theaters: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Washington and its frustrated allies said that their objective is democracy! There is as much democracy in these countries now as there is in kufristan.

The second one is the indirect (Arabian) American school of regime change. This is being demonstrated in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen. Even though the fog and smoke have not lifted yet, there is strong reason to believe that American risk taking in these adventures may very well have used the “Islamic” risk taking in these same adventures.

The third and successful way for regime change that has been eclipsed by the mainstream media throughout all these years is the Islamic way. And that was demonstrated by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the very same revolution that was led by Imam Khomeini and is now being led by Imam Khamane’i.

After all these years, the struggling Muslims who aspire for freedom and justice will not obtain it from their tormentors. Some of our Islamic Movement “leaders” are still living in the Euro-American 20th century. They cannot see the continental changes taking place. They come to Washington to assure the Qawmi-Lut politicians that they are not in the image of Imam Khomeini. At a time when the Pentagon and the IRS are diminishing the number of Americans through wars and through citizenship renunciation we have “Islamists” who beg for that civil and political American status!

If the leaders of the Islamic revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and other countries were reading global issues and regional events accurately they would be paying homage to the late Imam Khomeini who understood the nature of imperialism and Zionism very well. They would be assuring Islamic Iran that they are their brothers and comrades instead of assuring imperialist America that they are not their foes and enemies,

“Oh, certainly, they who are Allah’s awliya’ – no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve…” (10:62).

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