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Shawwal 03, 1442 2021-05-15

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

While the current phase of Palestinian resistance against Zionist settler colonialism is not over, its strategic outcome has already been firmly established.

Even the Zionist colonizers admit this.

It is, therefore, important to understand this phenomenon realistically so that the process of dismantling the Zionist apartheid regime in Palestine can move forward.

Since Zionist settlers colonized Palestine in 1948, there have been many phases and degrees of confrontation.

The current phase is different, indeed unique.

The fundamental difference is the marked improvement in the self-defense capabilities of Islamic Resistance in Palestine.

Zionist strongholds all over Palestine are experiencing the scaled down version of 2006 war with Hizbullah.

Bearing in mind how tightly the Zionist entity besieges Palestinians in Gaza, even rationing their food calories, the ability of Palestinians to improve their defense capabilities under such dire circumstances is remarkable.

Also, the right of Palestinians to self-defense is now part of mainstream media discourse.

This is a significant media and intellectual victory for the Palestinian struggle against Zionist colonialism.

The only way the Zionist entity can significantly reduce Palestinian self-defense capabilities is if it re-occupies Gaza.

This, however, will lead to a full-scale guerrilla war throughout Palestine bleeding the occupation forces even more.

Thus, Israel is at the early stage of accepting the reality that its deterrence capabilities are completely exhausted.

Without deterrence, Israel’s hard power is irrelevant in a region populated by diverse countries and a people under occupation determined to dismantle the Zionist settler entity.

At the political level, it is now evident that the US is only one power among many equally powerful states.

Essentially, Washington’s inability to dictate the course of events, even politically, solidifies the multipolar world.

Washington was not able to derail the UN Security Council meeting scheduled for Sunday May 16.

Another political casualty of the ongoing decolonization battle in Palestine is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan’s economic lifeline to Palestine has not escaped notice of perceptive Muslims.

His timid stance on Zionism in comparison to his aggressive policies in Syria and Iraq have exposed him as another Machiavellian pro-Western-oriented politician.

Some analysts have pointed out that Erdogan could have activated his Syrian proxies and pressured Israel with plausible deniability.

His inability to do so has discredited his neo-Ottoman dreams and the myth of Syrian ‘revolution’ being led by the so-called Islamic movement stands exposed.

The so-called “Abrahamic Accords” have been certified as a sham with no real impact on the ground.

The Muslim masses have understood this reality that the Western political elites and their corporate media deny.

The bigger loss to Israel’s deterrence comes from the fact that its threats to wage war against Hizbullah or Islamic Iran, adversaries far superior than the besieged Palestinians, can never again be taken seriously.

Based on this ground reality, it is now evident that no matter how these events end, Israel will no longer be able to sustain its occupation of Palestine in the same manner it has been doing since 1948.

It is simply a matter of time before the apartheid regime in Israel shares the same fate as the USSR and apartheid South Africa: into the dustbin of history.

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