Najdi Bedouins resume savage bombing of Yemen

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Rajab 29, 1436 2015-05-18

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by Crescent International

The Najdi Bedouins have a strange sense of peace. Even while they resumed the savage bombing of Yemen after declaring a halt to attacks five days earlier, they organized a so-called peace conference in Riyadh. The Houthis, the principal aggrieved party boycotted the farcical conference because the "Saudis", far from being honest peace brokers, are the main aggressors against the people of Yemen.

Monday May 18, 2015, 11:11 DST

The Najdi Bedouins have resumed their savage bombing of impoverished Yemen breaking their own so-called halt to attacks declared five days earlier. The resumption of bombing occurred as a “peace conference” got underway in Riyadh, the “Saudi” capital on Sunday May 17. It was quite revealing that the principal victims of “Saudi” aggression, the Houthis, were not present. They boycotted the so-called conference because they said the Najdi Bedouins are not a neutral party in this conflict.

They have launched massive air attacks on dirt-poor Yemen since March 26 causing huge casualties and the destruction of the country’s entire infrastructure. The UN has said that between March 26 and May 16, a total of 1,820 civilians were killed and 7330 injured in Yemen in “Saudi” and allies’ bombings. Yemen’s Freedom House Foundation has said at least 3,979 people have been killed.

Further, according to UN figures, some 545, 719 people have been displaced because of the destruction of their homes and at least 12 million people are food insecure. The Najdi Bedouins have prevented any humanitarian aid from being delivered to Yemen. Iran’s humanitarian aid through cargo planes have been turned back twice despite the fact that the aircrafts had clearance from Omani as well as Yemeni air traffic control.

The UN Special envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, speaking at the so-called peace conference in Riyadh said halt to bombings should be extended for another five days to facilitate desperately needed food, water and medicines to be sent to the people of Yemen. The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent a humanitarian aid ship that left Bandar Abbas on May 10 and according to journalists on board the ship, it has now entered the Gulf of Aden. The ship is carrying 2,500 tons of food and medical aid. There are also a number of international peace activists on board the ship in the manner of the aid convoys to Zionist-besieged Gaza.

At a conference on Palestine in Beirut that opened today, Dr Ali Akbar Velayati, foreign policy advisor to the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that a permanent cessation of bombings of Yemen was a pre-requisite for any peace in Yemen. He also said that any conference on Yemen should include only Yemenis and it should be held in a neutral country. His point was clear: the “Saudi” regime is not a neutral party in the conflict in Yemen. In fact, it is the main instigator of attacks on the people of Yemen.

Some international law experts have pointed out that “Saudi” officials could be hauled before the International Criminal Court for committing war crimes in Yemen.


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