Rahbar rejects US offer of help over COVID-19, calling it the ‘most evil’ regime

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Rajab 27, 1441 2020-03-22

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by Crescent International

In his televised Nowruz message on Sunday March 22, the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei dismissed America’s offer of help to Iran as hypocritical.

He described the US as “the most evil enemy of the Iranian people” despite there being no shortage of enemies of Iran and Islam.

While the US refuses to lift illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic that have severely hampered its ability to fight the coronavirus, US officials claim they are willing to help Tehran.

President Donald Trump has said “all they [Iranians] have to do is ask.”

Iranian authorities have dismissed Trump’s offer as hypocritical and made with malefide intent.

The US offer makes no sense when instead of lifting the illegal sanctions, the Trump regime imposes new ones.

These have made Iran’s access to food, medicine and humanitarian supplies impossible.

Islamic Iran is the only country in the world that cannot access desperately-needed medicines.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Iran was unable to obtain medications for cancer or leukemia patients due to US sanctions.

Calls to lift the sanctions against Islamic Iran have grown globally but the Trump regime has refused.

Exposing US hypocrisy in offering to help, the Rahbar said, “Firstly, you have a shortage yourself and this is what American officials say. Secondly, you are accused of producing the virus. I do not know how true this accusation is, but when we hear such an accusation, which wise person will ask for your help?” he added.

Islamic Iran is the most badly affected country in the Middle East.

This has led to speculation that it may be the target of biowarfare.

Many leading figures of the Islamic Republic have been infected some of whom have died as a consequence.

The Rahbar pointed out that “part of this virus is said to have been made for Iran by using genetic backgrounds which they have collected from Iranians, which of course is part of their hostility.”

He described American officials as “mendacious, deceitful, shameless and greedy. They are all kinds of charlatans who speak like charlatans. They are cruel, merciless, and terrorist.”

Pointing out that the virus will take further toll of the economy, the Rahbar advised the people to have patience, as they have demonstrated over the 40 years of the revolution.

“Being patient means not to surrender. It means to confront the enemy with bravery and wisdom,” the Rahbar advised the people.

Locating his advice in Islamic principles, the Rahbar reminded the people: “I have said many times that the country must be strong. Getting stronger has been derived from both the Qur’an and the Bi‘tha. Strength includes the economic, political, cultural, military and propagation fields.”

Bi‘tha is a Qur’anic term that refers to raising the Messenger (peace be upon him) by Allah to guide all of humanity to the straight path (62:02).

Referring to the Muslims establishing a government that led the world in economic, cultural, political and scientific fields, the Rahbar said it was possible to recreate that civilization.

“If we act honestly today and are not short-sighted and lethargic, we can take Iran to the political, military, cultural, scientific and economic peak. However, our ultimate goal is to establish the Islamic civilization,” the Rahbar said with great confidence.

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