Rahbar warns against American officials' duplicity

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Rabi' al-Thani 08, 1435 2014-02-08

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Officials and the people of the Islamic Republic should not fall for the guile of American officials, said the Rahbar in a speech to Air Force Commanders. He said the US would, if it could, overthrow the Islamic system of government. It has failed not for lack of trying but because it is based on Islamic principles and is backed by the Iranian people. He also called upon officials and people to continue with the resistance economy.

Tehran, Crescent-online
Saturday February 08, 2014, 15:07 EST

The Rahbar of the Islamic Republic, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei has warned about American officials’ duplicity when they proclaim they are not after “regime change” in Iran.

In an address to Air Force Commanders that had gathered in the main hall of the Bait-e Rahbari today (February 08), the leader said the US government would not hesitate for a moment if it thought it could change the government in Iran.

He emphasized, however, that the US would not be able to succeed in its nefarious designs because the Islamic system relies on the will of the Iranian people.

“One can change the tactics [in dealing with the US], but principles [of the revolution] must remain rock solid,” the Rahbar advised the Commanders as well as top government officials and the broader Iranian people. He warned that compromise with arrogant powers will lead nowhere and stated that interventionist powers seek to put autocratic puppets at the helm.

In paying tribute to the resilience of the Islamic system, the Rahbar said the secret to the longevity of the Islamic Revolution was its reliance on Islamic values.

To dispel any misunderstandings or deliberate distortions that the West is so adept at, he stressed that seeking independence should not be translated into hostility against the rest of the world. He said independence meant resistance against the interventionist powers that do not respect the dignity of other peoples and societies and pursue selfish interests.

The Leader said that the current US administration embodied the imperial order and was at the root of most of the problems people faced worldwide.

He chastised the US for threatening Iran expecting that the Islamic Republic would be forced to forgo its defensive power. The Rahbar said this would never be realized.

He also reminded officials and economic and policy managers in the Islamic Republic that the solution to economic problems did not lie in merely getting the sanctions lifted. He said only a resistance economy predicated on sound policies would enable the Islamic Republic to overcome its problems.


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