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Abu Dharr

Safar 08, 1436 2014-12-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 10, Safar, 1436)

The Saudis thought they would sponsor the takfiris to cause mayhem in other countries. It seems the takfiris have established cells within the kingdom as well. The takfiris are coming home to roost.

Before we begin this article we want to say that we are not trying to single out one particular regime while ignoring the other regimes that have occupied the Islamic world. All the regimes in Arabian countries are — in one sense or another — imposed upon their own populations. The reason we draw our readers’ attention to Saudi Arabia is because it is the “master regime” that buys and sells other regimes simply because it has oil wealth and Zionist-imperialist cover. The Saudi regime, more importantly, occupies Makkah and Madinah, which is to say that it is suffocating Islam in its crib. It, therefore, becomes necessary to “blow the Saudi cover” and show the average Muslim, who is in most cases a creature of the manufactured information he/she receives from the mainstream media about their sleeper agent: Saudi Arabia.

For beginners, the Saudi regime is responsible for fanning the flames of a deadly and criminal sectarianism. In the minds of the Saudi featherbrains sectarianism at a distance is safe. So, as long as sectarianism is playing out with assassinations, bombings and killings in Pakistan, the Saudi princes reckon it is at a safe distance. Even exporting sectarianism into Iraq and Syria — in the minds of certain Saudi officials — is also safe. On classified advice from their Zionist and imperialist advisers the Saudi royals felt comfortable with who knows how many hundreds of millions of riyals and dollars given — officially and unofficially — to extremist Islamic organizations as far afield as the Caucusus and as close to home as Arabia Felix (Yemen). Arrangements were made to have weapons, ammunition, and other instruments of death shipped to these “kill the other Muslim” clients.

Within this scheme of things the Saudi royals consider Syria their main objective; that is, bringing down the “kafir ‘Alawi regime.” The fight in Iraq, from a Saudi standpoint, is against Shi‘i sectarianism. The unleashing of sectarian death-squads in Syria and Iraq, in particular, was accompanied by a strict policy of restraining and even clamping down on their own sectarian breed within the confines of their kingdom. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are anathema inside of Arabia as much as they are championed and trumpeted, especially by the strict Wahhabi establishment, in Syria and Iraq. The Saudi regime is super-sensitive to the Shi‘i population in its eastern province who cannot be directly or remotely controlled by Riyadh.

The ISIS attack-dog, which was acting like a Saudi Rottweiler in Iraq and Syria, is breeding its own species in Arabia itself… To their surprise, the Saudi higher-ups discovered cells of these types clandestinely setting up their future emirate inside of Arabia!

It appears that exporting sectarianism into other Muslim countries and containing sectarianism at home is beginning to have a blowback effect on the increasingly insecure Saudi politicians. The ISIS attack-dog, which was acting like a Saudi Rottweiler in Iraq and Syria, is breeding its own species in Arabia itself — outside of Saudi official control. To their surprise, the Saudi higher-ups discovered cells of these types clandestinely setting up their future emirate inside of Arabia! In doing so their plans were to carry out a string of assassination campaigns against the royals. At this point the Saudi officials realized they had created a Frankenstein.

As the Saudi ruling royals were waking up to their own sectarian monstrosity a bloody incident occurred during ‘Ashura when some masked gunmen opened fire on a Shi‘i center in the region of Ahsa’, resulting in the death of five and the wounding of ten ‘Ashura mourners. This sectarian inspired incident resulted in official and unofficial Saudi personalities paying homage to the aggrieved Shi‘i families. Among them were such Saudi religious luminaries as Salman al-‘Awdah, ‘A’idh al-Qarni, and ‘Adil al-Kalbani. They all expressed their sorrow and objection to such an incident. At this point, we began to hear Saudi officialdom talking about national harmony and unity, the brotherhood of Muslims, and peaceful and friendly coexistence! What a shift in tone and content?!

The king’s consultants and advisers (and we should know who they are) were now shocked at the fact that the sectarian pathogen they incubated in their own Wahhabi laboratory is now on the verge of breaking out inside the Kingdom, and if that happens the consequences would be catastrophic. Here is when the Kingdom promulgated laws that made it “haram” for Saudi citizens to go for jihad in Syria and Iraq. Anyone caught in violation of such a law would face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Even the internet within the Kingdom was placed under the prying eyes of the intelligence services. Anyone using the social media to call for change or reform inside the Kingdom would be subject to “Saudi justice”!

Alas, the Saudis are waking up too late. Their well-lubricated media empire inclusive of numerous high-powered “Islamic” satellite TV stations and print media had let the sectarian genie out of the bottle some years ago. Prejudice and hatred have been their staple for many years now and the sectarians have been their major consumers for almost a generation now. This Saudi sustained media barrage concentrated on demonizing and kafirizing the Shi‘is. For many years this worldwide network of Saudi propaganda was pumping iron against the Shi‘is of the world. Arabic speaking audiences in general and Saudis in particular were taking in all the lies and distortions about Shi‘is — and what could be expected other than prejudice and bigotry? These daily and nightly broadcasts and editorials became a forum for the most rabid and jaded “preachers.” Sometimes the words and sentences expressed by these preachers of hate were downright flagrant and offensive to common sense and the human mind.

It took some Saudi officials over five years to realize that they had created a Frankenstein — an out-of-control monster. Other officials are still daydreaming and in denial of what they have done. Their interior minister, having figured out the terrible consequences of such hair-brained propaganda issued his orders to close down one such satellite TV purveyor of hate, al-Wisal Islamic TV station, because it specializes in its assaults and insults of Shi‘is. This happened one day after the aforementioned bloody attack on ‘Ashura. For reasons still not clear, one Saudi minister (Dr. Khojah) lost his job; he is no longer the minister of information. Was he the “fall-guy”? Are there serious differences within the ruling class? Is this another segment of the political theater that happens at times of crises? Time will tell…

In previous instances the Saudi crazed extremists, the natural products of a Wahhabi religious establishment, along with the Saudi media empire (call them al-Qaeda, or ISIS, or whatever) targeted security personnel — military and police — or they targeted American nationals working for the Saudi security establishment such as the Saudi National Guard; this time they targeted Shi‘is. And if the future unfolds with a pattern of attacks against the Shi‘is in Saudi Arabia we may well be approaching a sectarian fitnah with a known beginning and an unknown end.

Will this year be the year when the sectarian monster rears its ugly head and begins to shoot its deadly bullets within the Arabian peninsula? What will happen to the other Saudi sponsored media purveyors of hate and takfir such as the TV satellite stations Safa, Fallujah, Ahwazuna (Our Ahwaz), among others?

There are, according to some estimates, close to 40,000 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in that peninsula prison. Let us say each prisoner has 20 or 25 family members, friends, classmates, and relatives who know very well that he/she is locked up unjustly. That makes it around one million Saudis who are looking for justice.

How did the Saudi officials discover the perpetrators of the attack on ‘Ashura within 24 hours while it took them more than three days to discover that Israel had violated their air space on their way to Sudan or other points south?

How does Saudi Arabia get away with being the custodian of the two “harams” when it is the custodian of the Pharaoh in Egypt who is responsible for among other atrocities the bloodbath at Rabi’ah and al-Nahdah? How are the Saudi royals the maintainers of Makkah and Madinah when they are the supporters of the destroyer of Ghazzah and Palestine — Netanyahu, the war-criminal?

When will the words, terminology, and language of the Quran become liberated from its sectarian words of war against fellow Muslims to become what they were meant to be: fighting words against tyranny, injustice, and racism?

Arabia under Saudi tutelage is not the land of the two sanctuaries; rather it is the land of the two satanaries: Zionism and imperialism. What goes around comes around, “Yet, [in the end], such evil scheming will engulf none but its authors…” (35:43).

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