Saudi defence minister on honeymoon as his soldiers flee battle with advancing Ansarullah fighters

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Sha'ban 03, 1436 2015-05-21

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

"Saudi" royals are nothing if not vulgar. Take the case of Mohammad bin Salman, Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince of "Saudi" Arabia. He is on a honeymoon--not with his first wife, incidentally--while his air force kills thousands of innocent Yemenis and "Saudi" soldiers die in border skirmishes. Many "Saudi" soldiers prefer to flee rather than fight. Why die for a dying dynasty?

Thursday May 21, 2015, 08:58 DST

The “Saudi” Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is on a honeymoon in Paris while fighting rages along the border with Yemen. This is not his first marriage. In the Bedouin tradition, taking multiple wives is common. His grandfather, Abd al Aziz ibn Saud had 23 wives. The Najdi Bedouins claim they follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah but where in the Qur’an does it say that people are allowed to take that many wives?

Bin Salman was appointed Defence Minister only because he happened to be the king’s son. His elevation to the position of deputy crown prince was for the same reason. Apart from killing a lot of innocent civilians in Yemen and destroying its infrastructure, the Najdi Bedouins have not achieved any of their objectives. The Houthi Ansarullah fighters have now struck back. They have not only launched rocket attacks on “Saudi” border cities but also taken control of al-Tuwal heights in the Jizan region of southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Yemen's al-Masirah TV channel reported that Ansarullah fighters and Yemeni army troops entered the mountainous area near the border with Yemen today. Their successes are all the more spectacular since the “Saudis” have amassed a large number of tanks and other military equipment in the border region. According the al-Masirah, several Saudi military vehicles as well as ammunition dumps were destroyed in the lightning strike.

There were reports that “Saudi” troops fled the scene at the sight of the approaching Ansarullah fighters. The operation against al-Tuwa Heights was launched within hours of Ansarullah fighters killing at least 18 “Saudi” soldiers in a rocket attack on military bases in Najran and Dhahran al-Janub in the Najdi-occupied kingdom. While the “Saudis” have amassed nearly 150,000 troops on the border with Yemen, their soldiers are grossly incompetent. Instead, they have hired the services of mercenaries from Senegal and Sudan. Both countries are extremely poor and people there would do anything in desperation.

Attempts by the Najdi Bedouins to recruit Pakistani and Egyptian soldiers have been unsuccessful. The Egyptian Pharaoh, General Abdel Fattah el Sisi would love to get his hands on “Saudi” cash but he does not want to risk sending his troops to fight the Yemenis. The bitter experience of the early sixties is still fresh in Egyptian minds when an estimated 50,000 soldiers were killed in a futile war. While Mohammad bin Salman may be enjoying his honeymoon, “Saudi” soldiers—not to mention poor Yemenis—are dying in droves.


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