Saudi Sudais trumps Qatari Qardawi

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Muharram 11, 1439 2017-10-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 8, Muharram, 1439)

Year after painstaking year and episode after treacherous episode the kingdom crafted by the British, inherited by the Americans, and now totally seized by the Israelis stands completely naked politically. Treason runs in their family. Last month one of their royal princes visited the contemporary nation-state of Bani Qaynuqa‘, Bani al-Nadir, and Bani Qurayzah, otherwise referred to as Israel, to discuss, we were told, enhancing the peace process. The top-secret visit was so sensitive in nature that it led pundits to speculate it was Bin Salman and no one else. After this princeling returned to his kingdom, following discussions in the Yahudi enclave (Israel), Islamic scholars and public figures were rounded up and thrown behind bars — dozens of them. Two weeks after President Donald Trump paid a visit to the bootlicking Saudi officials, days before the holy month of Ramadan this year, the Saudi royals — ever faithful to their imperialist lords in contravention to any definition of tawhid — went into diplomatic warfare against Qatar along with their collaborators: Egypt, the United Arab(ian) Emirates and Bahrain. The pattern of Saudi hostility to Islamic self-determination has been developing and evolving since they had enough money to build enough universities and send out enough missionaries to coach enough students about their Wahhabi beliefs to wreak havoc inside the house of Islam. Suffice it to say that the Wahhabi-Saudi credo teaches that other Muslims are kafirs and the imperialists and Zionists are “Ahl al-Kitab.” In the past couple of years, two officials — one of them ex-military (Anwar ‘Ishqi), and the other ex-diplomat (Turki al-Faysal) — have been laying the groundwork for their kingdom’s grand strategy of “peace with Israel and war against Iran.” Last month, in a tweet that went viral, ‘Ishqi said, “Saudi Arabia will start to make an embassy in Tel Aviv.”

This present-day reincarnation of the Umayyad dynasty may be entering into its final stage before it lurches into the dungeons of jahannum. Add to the ongoing series of Saudi capitulations to the Zionist graven image and the American idol a statement by their Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sudays — director general of the two gracious harams in Makkah and Madinah — that went viral on the internet. Calling on Allah (swt) to guide their footsteps, al-Sudays said, “Certainly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America today are the prominent axis of the world. They both [Saudi Arabia and the USA] are leading the world and humanity, under the leadership of the custodian of the two noble harams [King Salman] and the leadership of the American president, to the shorelines of security, peace, stability, and affluence.”

This Sudays has many Muslim fans around the world. He has been traversing the globe courtesy of his Saudi bosses throughout the past decade or so. Many Muslims listen to his recitation of the noble Qur’an and are fascinated by it. Some of his admirers were shocked by Sudays’ inappropriate statement.

This announcement of al-Sudays was aired over the Saudi satellite TV station al-Ikhbariyah. The Saudi officials and their diplomacy coaches want as many Muslims as possible to listen to and watch al-Sudays giving testimony to the twin leadership of the Saudi king and the American president. And where did al-Sudays verbalize his assertion? At a conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that convened in New York under the aegis of King Salman himself and his son, the aspiring king-in-the-wings Muhammad bin Salman, as well as the Muslim World League.

Al-Sudays’ pairing of Salman and Trump, as may be expected in the bipolar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had its enthusiastic supporters who claim to be “moderate rational Muslims” and its enemies and attackers who claim to be “puritanical and uncompromising.”

Some of al-Sudays’ enthusiastic admirers wished “if only he would have shut up,” as the US is accessory to crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against the Arabs and Muslims of the world like no other government. Some in the schizophrenic Kingdom were relieved to hear such a statement after these long years of Da‘ishi propaganda. A popular reaction against the ISIS types is certainly alive and kicking in that psychotic Kingdom. The emotional instability and social maladjustment in that mentally ill Kingdom goes like this: the political and diplomatic class in Saudi Arabia consider the Saudi and American regimes as historical and economical allies; the religious and puritanical Wahhabi class in Saudi Arabia considers the American Christians and Jews as kafirs, thus, the ISIS impetus to “kill the kafir.” The latter mindset seems to be popular among the younger and lower-class generation. There is a sense, it seems, within the ruling royal class that their “extremist” policies have failed in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, among other places and now is the time to spearhead a “moderate” policy that will capitalize on the anti-ISIS backlash. Al-Sudays, the officially appointed administrator of the Holy Sanctuary in Makkah and the Prophet’s burial place in Madinah serves this purpose and thus he came out with his Salman-Trump admiration and applause statement.

Accordingly, the US is being depicted as a civilizational model for the Saudi kingdom. Saudi Arabia, for anyone willing to tune into its media contents, is projecting the US as its role model. And al-Sudays is simply a mouthpiece echoing the royal decree. It is more obvious now than ever before that Saudi Arabia’s presiding princes are shedding their “Islamic” credentials, if ever they had any. This is what happens when individuals who recite the Qur’an (al-Sudays), are used by officials who want to terminate the Qur’an (the Washington to Tel Aviv deep state). What a waste: a beautiful voice reciting ayat of the Qur’an that condemn his communication and conduct! Now we know why al-Sudays qualified to be the “imam” at the Ka‘bah!

At the beginning of what was called “the Arab Spring” Shaykh Yusuf al-Qardawi beseeched the US to do Allah (swt) a service and get involved on the side of the rebels! Not to be outdone, al-Sudays raised the expectations and coupled a Muslim king with a Zionist-imperialist president! Scholars for dollars, shaykhs for shekels, and faqihs for francs!!

In making a mental leap, we ask: are high religious positions in the Saudi kingdom contingent upon official US approval? After seeing his fellow Islamic scholars rounded up and thrown into prison, was al-Sudays scared all the way to the moment he expressed the royal will? Is he now Saudi Arabia’s coward-in-chief? Al-Sudays and his types, remember, are the ones who blessed and commended Saudi-instigated and Saudi-launched wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc.

Why are the “Sunnis” incapable of producing scholars who are not beholden to wealth and power and scholars not falling into the traps of ISIS and whatever other Zionist-imperialist-Arabian trap that is meant to ensnare them? The “Sunni” types of scholars are complicit in our time in the following crimes (and this is not an exhaustive list):

1. issuing false fatwas serving imperialist interests in Central Asia by offering enthusiastic Muslims an opportunity for jihad in Afghanistan; Muslim scholars became recruiters for America’s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan;

2. so-called Muslim scholars who paved the way for an American military presence in Iraq with emphasis on the Sunni-Shi‘i sectarian divide;

3. Muslim scholars actively turning Libya into a failed state;

4. Muslim scholars endorsing the savagery and terror in Syria to bring down an “‘Alawi regime” with the help of Allah’s avowed enemies — the Zionists;

5. Muslim scholars blessing an Arabian alliance of 20-odd nation-states to raze, ravage, and ruin Yemen;

6. Muslim scholars siding with the Phalange (the criminals of Sabra and Shatilla) at one time or the other and avoiding Hizbullah most of the time in Lebanon;

7. Muslim scholars feeling free to take either the Qatari or the Saudi side to the bitter end without any serious attempt to bring principled reconciliation among the two opposing sides;

8. Muslim scholars incapable of distinguishing between jihad and terrorism almost everywhere in the world;

9. Muslim scholars popping up with fatwas on demand to rationalize peace between the Muslims and the Zionist war criminals in the Holy Land;

10. the inability of these scholars to issue a joint statement to condemn the Saudi war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen;

11. the failure of Muslim scholars to convict the Saudi monarchy of pilfering the resources of the Arabian Peninsula (the class of princes in Arabia and their families own the wealth while the majority of people in that kingdom are living off international and local loans spiked with riba (usury); close to half the population in the Saudi kingdom lives below the poverty line while 5% living in the birthplace of Islam eat from garbage areas);

12. Saudi Arabia is responsible for massacres, civil wars, and civil strife all over the Islamic realm with American approval, British benediction, and Talmudic sanction and then this family kingdom attributes all that to Islamic Iran — yet our respected “Sunni” scholars remain detached from this reality; and

13. where were and where are the Islamic scholars when Saudi Arabia treats Trump to a trajectory of trillions of dollars?

Are all these put together the coastline of security, peace, and stability that silly al-Sudays is talking about? Is Salman an imam? Is he a khalifah? Is he amir al-mu’minin? If so, according to senseless al-Sudays, so is Trump!

A “hadith” attributed by some to the Prophet (pbuh) says, “Rubba qari’in li-al-qur’an wa-al-qur’anu yal‘anuhu: You may have a reciter of the Qur’an while the [meanings of the] Qur’an are condemning him.” After all this, is there any Muslim in his right mind who will pray behind al-Sudays?

It is not Allah’s will [O you who deny Allah’s power and authority] to abandon the committed Muslims to your modes and methods: [and] to that end He will distinguish the [character that is] obnoxious from the [character that is] pleasant (3:179).

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