Saudis were involved in 9/11 attacks

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Julie Beckett

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 1437 2016-09-01

Letters To The Editor

by Julie Beckett (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 7, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1437)

The Saudis were involved in the 911 attacks, says Julie Beckett from Los Angeles.

The July 15 release of the 28 pages from the 9/11 Inquiry Commission report has revealed the deep involvement of Saudi agents in the dastardly crime. Was the date — July 15 — chosen to coincide with the Turkish coup plot to divert attention from the Saudi crime?

Despite attempts by the Obama regime to hide evidence — some portions are still redacted — two Saudis have been named: Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Basnan. Both were working for Saudi Arabia, possibly as intelligence agents. They received large sums of money from the royals prior to 9/11 and passed it on to two of the hijackers. Both left the US just before the attacks.

Reaction to the release of the 28 pages is equally revealing. The Saudis claim there is “nothing new” in them. Really? CIA Director John Brennan says these have not been properly “vetted.”

According to Senator Bob Graham, there has been a “carefully orchestrated campaign to protect our Saudi ‘friends’” from the public revelation of “ample evidence of Saudi Arabia’s intimate ties to al-Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks.”

Julie Beckett
Los Angeles, CA, US

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