The Great Exodus

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Khadijah Ali

Dhu al-Qa'dah 01, 1443 2022-06-01

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by Khadijah Ali (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 4, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1443)

Despite claiming to be the home of the Jewish people, most prefer to live outside the parasitical racist state. Even those that have been lured by the false propaganda of aliya (migration) to the zionist colonial settler state, are not so sure about its future any more.

This is not speculation. Several leading zionist luminaries have raised questions about its survivability. The 80-year curse is uppermost in their minds. There could be no clearer proof of a vote of no-confidence in its future.

Most Israelis are also looking for a second passport to flee the moment the going gets tough. And it will. That is why, despite scandalous attempts at bribery, few from among the more than 30,000 Jewish citizens of Iran have opted to go to Israel.

There is another phenomenon, equally surprising, also at work. Many wealthy Americans are seeking a second passport. Yes, you read that correctly. They are fleeing the land of milk and honey to other climes, not to seek sunny beaches but for more mundane reasons.

Most people are aware that a work visa to the US leading to citizenship was considered the ticket to paradise. People from all over the world came to live the ‘American dream’. At least 50 million American citizens are born outside the US. Many from the third world still harken for this dream but for the vast majority of Americans, it is turning into a nightmare.

For the uninitiated this may sound strange. Here are some of the reasons for the exodus. The pandemic that has taken more than one million lives—the highest mortality rate in the world—deep political and social polarizations in society and growing inequality have led to a surge in demand for Americans seeking second passports. They want to buy some other country’s citizenship, preferably in Europe.

Last February, Forbes magazine carried an interesting report highlighting this phenomenon. Quoting Rogelio Caceres, CEO and founder of Global RCG, the Forbes report said: “Americans want freedom, and many are starting to realize how restrictive US citizenship can be.”

Global RCG is a global mobility firm that helps people secure residency, employment and citizenship rights in other countries. Portugal appears to be the destiny of choice. It’s not just the warm climate and turquoise beaches that attract Americans. A seven-year residency visa for Portugal is available for a million dollars. Given that there are tens of millions of millionaires in the US, many are rushing for the door. At the end of seven years, a person can apply for Portuguese citizenship. It’s almost like reverse osmosis! Portuguese and Spaniards had first set foot in America. They are going home after 500 years!

As the leading capitalist state where the rich get richer and the poor, ever poorer, Americans love their dollars. The idea of increased taxation is anathema for them. They want to earn dollars but do not want to part with them by paying taxes.

There are many tax havens in the US. States like Delaware, New Mexico, Las Vegas and Montana have off-shore account facilities. These are little more than financial rackets to avoid taxes but growing insecurity is driving wealthy Americans abroad. There is a real threat of civil war breaking out. Remember, 74 million people voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential elections. True, Joe Biden secured 78 million votes but the figures point to a deep divide that may result in serious violence. The wealthy are also cowards. At the first hint of trouble, they flee.

Many wealthy Americans are considering the idea of renouncing US citizenship in hopes of never having to pay taxes in the US. This shows how dumb most Americans are, despite earning enormous wealth. There are easier ways available. What seems to be terrifying these Americans is that they may have to do a lot of financial planning. And since most cannot even add two-plus-two, the very thought of financial planning scares the living daylights out of them.

Caceres of Global RCG believes there is an easier way. “Americans can save a sizable amount on taxation by retaining their US citizenship and getting a second passport that allows them to relocate abroad.”

In addition to Portugal, Caceres suggests Malta could be an attractive destination. “The tiny country of Malta, for example, offers citizenship to investors after a year and a half for the equivalent of a $1 million cash payment. These are paid by rich Chinese, Russians and Americans who can’t claim EU citizenship by ancestry.”

Before people in third world countries seek the American dream, they should consider the risks: getting shot and killed or being incarcerated. America leads the world both in murders as well as in incarceration.

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