The nuclear club of nations vs. Islamic Iran: the clock is ticking!

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Abu Dharr

Shawwal 15, 1436 2015-08-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 6, Shawwal, 1436)

It is premature to pass a final judgment on the agreement that was signed on July 14 in Europe (not in any Muslim country) between a nuclear club of nations on one side and a non-nuclear Islamic Iran on the other. What is obvious from this agreement is that all the nuclear nation-states along with Germany in all the marathon sessions that extended over a period of three or five or eight years — depending on how one defines “contact” and “negotiations” — is that the nuclear association of nations did not want Islamic Iran to acquire advanced nuclear technology, which they termed as “Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.”

Another thought-out omission from the presentation of these years of negotiations in the mainstream media is the fact that Israel is embedded through its complex relationship with the United States in these negotiations. This fact has been shrewdly camouflaged by the charade of disagreements and discrepancies between Obama and Netanyahu.

What appears to be the outcome of these long-drawn-out negotiations is the following:

1. recognition by the major world powers of Islamic Iran’s pursuit of peaceful nuclear energy;

2. the annulment of all sanctions procedures — financial and economic — that were imposed by these nuclear nations, and the world they control, against Islamic Iran;

3. the elimination of all penalties imposed by these nuclear-bomb nations against Islamic Iran in its export of petroleum and gas;

4. the termination of decrees against Iranian students who enroll in universities and courses pertaining to the acquisition of nuclear energy science;

5. immunity granted to Iranian nuclear scientists protecting them from foreign interrogations;

6. the United Nations will continue to impose on Islamic Iran a ban on weapons acquisition for five years;

7. the prohibition on missiles acquisition by Islamic Iran will continue for eight years after the signing of the agreement;

8. for a period of five years, Islamic Iran shall abide by uranium enrichment up to a concentration not in excess of 3.67%, and its number of centrifuges shall be reduced by two-thirds for ten years; and

9. Islamic Iran has the right, according to the agreement, to utilize 5,060 centrifuges at its Natanz installation in addition to 1,240 centrifuges at its installation at Fordow.

This, in a nutshell, and without going into the delicate details, is the agreement signed between the two asymmetrical sides.

What have we to say about this at the present time? Well, we can hazard the following comments:

1. through an agreed-upon committee from both sides Islamic Iran will be able to obtain much-needed sensitive and dual-use material;

2. the release of Iranian assets in the tens of billions of dollars will bring economic relief;

3. certain segments of the Iranian economy will feel alleviation and reprieve such as the Central Bank, Iran’s national airline carrier, the Iranian national oil company, the Iranian shipping industry — especially those exporting petroleum — Iranian aviation, as well as the banking system, commercial enterprises, entrepreneurial ventures, certain technological, and industrial pursuits;

4. the agreement does not bar Islamic Iran from its nuclear energy ambitions, rather it postpones and reschedules them;

5. Islamic Iran can utilize its manpower and brain-power to resume its nuclear energy objectives at any future date — outside the purview of this agreement;

6. Islamic Iran will remain at a distance of 12 months from acquiring its nuclear energy objectives;

7. Islamic Iran, by the specifications of the agreement, is no longer to be considered a “rogue” state, or a “terrorist” state, or a member of an “axis of evil”;

8. Islamic Iran is recognized as a regional power; and

9. this agreement, in a sense, is a success for the BRICS countries; especially, Russia, and China; it is, in a sense, also a success for Islamic freedom fighters in places like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain, among other countries.

All of the above and more are now being scrutinized by the Saudi clan-clique, as well as their soulmates, the Zionist tribal masters in Tel Aviv. What would you think is going through their common minds? Perhaps they are thinking that the United States is no longer in a position to take bullets in defense of an octogenarian kingdom (Saudi Arabia) or a demographically sinking society (Israel). Therefore, the US is not willing to fight more wars of attrition for expiring monarchies and self-destructing racists. The American public is war-weary and crusade fatigued.

President Obama is turning the corner on his last year in office. He has a Nobel Peace prize and he wants to leave his imprint on history by bold action. His resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba is the leading salvo. He may want to follow that up with a breakthrough in the Muslim East. His failure in dealing with the Palestinian issue may be weighing very heavily on his mind and how it impacts his legacy. Similarly, the Europeans are as anxious to do business with an economically “starved” Iran as they are anxious to do business with the militarily scared Gulf Cooperation Council.

In his khutbah on the Day of ‘Eid al-Fitr, the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei, reiterated the principle position of the Islamic State by emphasizing that such an agreement will not deter Islamic Iran from its Islamic pursuit of justice and independence. It will not take the winds out of its sails against (American) hegemony and Zionist arrogance. He made it clear that Islamic Iran will not forsake its friends and allies. The downtrodden people of Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria can always expect a hand of assistance from Islamic Iran.

Netanyahu’s Salman and Salman’s Netanyahu are probably looking for their valium and other tranquilizers to get a decent night’s sleep as this scenario haunts their policies and skulks in their strategies. Those who have been sleepwalking throughout the past 36 years should wake up and realize that Islamic Iran does not abandon its true friends and reliable allies at times of need. Islamic Iran was standing by them when it was being boycotted, sanctioned, and targetted as a military objective. It will be with them when it is no longer under such duress.

For those with short memories, Syria was offered economic incentives that would have made it the Switzerland of the Muslim East. It was offered the return of the Golan Heights (albeit demilitarized). In the last decade, Syria was being lured into the wealth, security, and prosperity that are backed by Europe and the USA — in exchange for it breaking with Islamic Iran. It never did. And now, all hell is breaking loose inside of Syria. The relationship between Tehran and Damascus cannot be taken lightly, especially since it was consummated and today exists for the ultimate liberation of Palestine.

It is about time for hypnotized Arabian politicians to snap out of their trance. Islamic Iran has ascended the heights of power and recognition. The political and business classes of the world are standing in line to enter into this new frontier. But the Arabian ruling classes are frantic and hysterical. This you may notice by their irresponsible policies and impetuous military adventures. Their support for Yemeni mercenaries demonstrates the point as they try frantically to take back Aden. There is an official Saudi objective of befriending the Ikhwan of Palestine at the expense of the Ikhwan of Egypt. The Saudi mercantile politicians are on a shopping spree to purchase nuclear plants from as diverse a source as Russia and South Korea.

What is more ominous is the Saudis toying with the idea of agitating the sectarian bug in Islamic Iran and stirring ethnic grievances. This Israeli policy working itself through the Saudi regime will carry with it a blowback that has the potential of bringing down the Saudi regime once and for all.

The Saudi dimwits never learn from their mistakes. Just yesterday and today they were exporting “jihadis” into Syria and Iraq. Now, these “jihadis” are being imported into Saudi Arabia. Talk about blowback! In the news of mid-July, over 400 “jihadis” have been arrested in the fanatical “jihadi”-producing Kingdom. The regime educated them to become “jihadis” and now it is arresting them because they are “terrorists”!

The takeaway lesson from all the above is that a victory for Islamic Iran is a victory for all Muslims. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Islamic Iran offered visas to Russian nuclear scientists, while Arabian regimes offered visas to Russian prostitutes.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have finally come out in the open and are speaking the same hostile political language against Islamic Iran. Islamic Iran has refined the art of diplomacy and gained a foothold in the field of nuclear science. Arabian officials have finessed the art of cursing and profanity,

He grants wisdom to whom He wills: and whoever has been granted wisdom has been granted wealth abundant. But none bears this in mind save those who are endowed with insight (2:269).

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