When two quarrel, both are in the wrong

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Shawwal 07, 1438 2017-07-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 5, Shawwal, 1438)

In the past few weeks barrels of ink, tons of paper, high decibel rhetoric, and striking pictorial expositions have circulated and spread about the Qatar versus Saudi-Emirati-Bahraini-Egyptian shouting match. Calm down, will you! The Arabian rulers, true to their pre-Islamic pedigrees are displaying their verbal and theatrical skills on orders from their conductors. The Saudi performers began their big-brother posturing immediately after their chief, Donald Trump, boarded Air Force One in a direct flight, the first of its kind, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv. So far their rhetoric toward their erstwhile neighbor Qatar has switched from placing conditions on Doha, to issuing orders, and now all that has morphed into complaints. Always the slaves of imperial lords, not ‘ibadullah, these glib officials with gallabiyahs (desert negligees) inform us via their high-profile fixer in Washington (the ball-headed, brown-noser heir to Bandar, Yousef al-Otaiba), that all these stipulations and pressures placed by the Saudi cohorts on Qatar will be presented to Washington, “O lord Donald! Sami‘na wa ata‘na: We heard you and we obey.” Subsequently, as if on cue,the Qatari government brought out of retirement its previous foreign minister to pay homage to the imperialist god in Washington.

The Zionist Arabian officials ganged up on Qatar and initially demanded that Qatar abide by ten requests before even sitting at the negotiation table. These requests or demands were not made public. Then the baby-faced Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair showed up in London to listen to his British counterpart Boris Johnson, the waswas (whisperer), after which al-Jubair said preparations are under way to make known those demands. From press reports this is what the Saudi lineup wants from Qatar:

1. Qatar should officially apologize in the person of its amir Shaykh Tamim ibn Óamad Al Thani to all the Gulf Cooperation Council members for the vilification aired by al-Jazeera TV. And then al-Jazeera should be taken off the air permanently and without delay.

2. Qatar has to sever all relations and stop all funding of the Egyptian al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin (the Muslim Brotherhood). All members of that organization residing in Qatar would have to leave. All direct and indirect financial assistance given by Qatar to that organization and its political and media apparatus would have to cease; especially those who are located in Istanbul and London.

3. Qatar has to shut down all networks, sites, and newspapers that it founded under numerous shells having company titles or names of persons operating outside the scope of Qatari officialdom. Included in this are some TV stations, and a list of other media operations.

4. Qatar has to break off political relations with Islamic Iran. Qatar has to require and orient its media setups to deal with the Islamic Republic as a state sponsor of terrorism in line with other Gulf-state “news” outlets, especially al-‘Arabiya (a Saudi mouthpiece) and Sky News (an Emirate newsmonger).

5. Qatar has to sever all ties to Hizbullah and Hamas as both are “terrorist organizations.” It seems, since then, there may have been some backpedaling concerning Hamas due to “the Egyptian national interest.”

6. Qatar is not allowed to harbor any dissidents from other Gulf states or to grant them Qatari citizenship. And if any enter Qatar they should be expelled back to their countries of origin. To appease the Saudis, the Qataris indeed extradited the Saudi dissident Muhammad al-‘Utaybi and his family back to Saudi Arabia a day before the Saudis opened their big guns on Qatar. Doha is also reported to have deported dissident Bahrainis back to Manama some time ago.

7. Qatar has to close down certain Doha-based research centers and institutions that it sponsors. The same applies to other centers and institutions located outside of Qatar.

8. Qatar must pledge not to follow policies that conflict with other Gulf regimes or may result in harm to those regimes.

9. Qatar has to refrain from any political alliances or military agreements with regional powers that are at odds with the strategic interests of the Gulf regimes. An obvious reference to both Turkey and Iran.

10. Qatar has to normalize rela-tions with the Egyptian authorities and terminate all media operations against Egypt.

As it appears from these sovereignty infringements Qatar either succumbs or resists. There doesn’t appear to be another way out of this quandary.

All of this brings us to the larger picture of Arabian drifting drudges who are at the beck and call of their imperialist god and American lord. This god/lord with its Zionist spirit is working on two fronts. Let us call them the northern front and the southern front. On the northern front the war is on to kill as many Muslims as possible. Hence, the war grinds on in Iraq and Syria — though that war is not winding down the way it was planned by the imperialist intellectuals and the Israeli elites. The active war in that northern theater is a bonanza for the military-industrial-banking complex. Now the southern front in its pre-war phase is to become an economic boost for the US and Israel; along with some other minor hangers on. The filthy rich Arabian buffoons have to be stirred into animosity to open their bank accounts for the businessman administration in Washington. And the first sting is what is unfolding before our very eyes in this spat between a trillion dollar Qatar on one side and multi-trillion dollar Arabian tent-states on the other. Quite good for beginners if you happen to be on the profit-making side of this issue. The Saudi pubescent princes cannot see it, but they have failed miserably in putting together their grand alliance against terrorism, which they have been working on for a couple of years now in obeisance to their chauvinistic commanders in Washington and their Talmudic partitions in Tel Aviv. They are huffing and puffing against Qatar and the only other countries to have severed relations with Qatar are Mauritania, Eritrea, the Comoros Islands, and the Yemeni posse of officials who claim to be the “legitimate rulers of Yemen,” now living in Saudi Arabia. Other regimes, such as Jordan and Djibouti, due to their beggar relationship with the flush royals in Arabia, downgraded their relations with Qatar.

This intra-Arabian tragi-comedy is still developing at a nerve-racking rapidity and roller-coaster velocity. This developing story one day, and deteriorating story another day is reminiscent of Arabians in their jahiliyah: chieftains, tribes, revenge, raids, and then settling a score. It is suggestive of the inability to speak to each other; to understand each other and to accommodate each other. An anecdote comes to mind: an Arabian goes to a shop to buy poison bait for a rat infestation at home. He is given poison bait made domestically. He objects and says he wants the best quality and the best must be imported from a foreign country. The clerk at the store tells him, “But when it comes to poison the locals are the most venomous and they make the most toxic bait you will ever find in any market!”

How noxious and toxic are these Saudis? They went to war with the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen) over two years ago with rockets and bombs, artillery fire and air, sea, and ground operations until we have today a Yemen that is ringing the alarm bells in humanitarian quarters because of Saudi war crimes and crimes against humanity. And at present the same Saudis are threatening the richest country in the Arabian Peninsula (per capita); what do they want to do? Will they be satisfied with a siege, a blockade, a boycott, an embargo, and imposed sanctions? As if these desert beasts cannot be satisfied unless they see starving babies, broken families, refugee populations, blood on hospital floors, in wedding halls, and in funeral ceremonies! The sky belongs to God, but the Saudi coalition wants to close down the skies over and around any country that seeks freedom, independence, and self-determination. If only a small portion of this Saudi vengeance and retribution was directed against the Zionist colonialists and racist imperialists, Israel would not have lasted this long. Qatar Airways cannot fly over practically all the countries around it! The only air space it has is over the Islamic Republic of Iran; while El-Al, the Israeli airline, flies without restrictions over Egypt and Jordan and other undisclosed Muslim countries. Any ventures, business enterprises, or institutions related to Qatar are axed in the Saudi gang of states while Israel has its chambers of commerce, its security contingents, and its intelligence operatives roaming freely throughout this Saudi sphere of influence: Dubai and Abu Dhabi stand out as prime and obvious examples. Bahrain has housed the Israelis for decades now. Israeli products, disguised as Jordanian, Moroccan, etc. are bought and sold everywhere the Saudi sphere of control happens to be.

In this bizarre Saudi realm of command it is kosher for Israelized Muslims to wage war against themselves. It is halal for Israelized Muslims to hate each other. It becomes permissible for Israelized Muslims to take possession of Makkah and Madinah and impose a quota on the Ummah to constrict the Hajj and constrain the ‘Umrah. In this Israelized Islam of Bani Saud a Palestinian who resists Zionism and defends his rights is called a terrorist. And the Israeli Zionists who steal a country and kill a population, in the vocabulary of Saudi Wahhabism, are “Ahl al-Kitab.”

Qatar is not an angel; it is not above suspicion. Qatar is as shamefaced as its counterparts in the GCC. Was it not Qatar that was one of the first Arabian nation-states to receive official Israelis years ago? Was it not Qatar’s ex-foreign minister who said that Hamas has given up on armed resistance? Was it not Qatar that drew the map of Palestine to include only the West Bank and Ghazzah? Didn’t the now extinct Shimon Peres visit Qatar? Didn’t Tzipi Livni visit Qatar also? Isn’t Qatar responsible for arming, financing, and offering logistical help to the organ-chewing and head decapitating mercenaries in Syria?

But no one should lose sight of the Saudi regime of high crimes and misdemeanors. We have to keep our eyes on the moving picture. Don’t get distracted by the branches. We have to pull out this problem from its roots. Those roots are Wahhabia Saudia and the Yahudi Saudi, “The Arabian Nomads are more severe in their kufr and in their nifaq…” (9:97).

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