Will the Saudis overstretch themselves in terror campaign?

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Rabi' al-Awwal 05, 1435 2014-01-06

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The Saudis appear determined to create massive conflict in the Ummah. Having failed to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Asad in Syria, they are now going after Lebanon. Their aim is to instigate sectarian conflict in the strategic town of Sidon that is a gateway to the south where Hizbullah has faced the zionists for several decades. Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan heads the campaign.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Monday January 6, 2014, 15:07 EDT

There is not a single terrorist attack in the Middle East or Pakistan where Saudi fingerprints are not visible. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan are all their field of operations. But the question is: why are the Saudis so determined to kill so many people, many of them innocents? What is their agenda?

The Saudi regime feels jilted by the Americans and has gone berserk in trying to create as much chaos as possible in the region. While there are mass killings in Syria and Iraq, it is Lebanon where the Saudis are playing a really sinister game.

In addition to the killing of Saudi terrorist mastermind Majed al-Majed on January 4, the Saudis want to instigate sectarian conflict in Sidon. This has very seriously implications for the resistance, as Secretary General of Hizbullah Seyyed Nasrallah pointed out in a recent speech.

Lebanese intelligence forces captured Majed from Sidon nearly two weeks ago. He was head of the Saudi terrorist group, Abdullah Azzam Brigade that has been involved in numerous terrorist acts across the region. By killing him, Majed has taken all his secrets and those behind him to his grave.

The group is named after Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian who was instrumental in recruiting Arabs to fight in Afghanistan. Azzam was killed when a roadside bomb blew his vehicle in September 1989 in Peshawar.

The group’s current activities have nothing to do with the struggle that was waged three decades ago in Afghanistan.

Instigation of sectarian warfare in Sidon has grave implications for the resistance against the Zionist occupiers. Sidon is the gateway to the south and if it were blocked, Hizbullah would not be able to move fighters south to confront the zionists.

This also shows the deep links between the Saudis and the zionists. Both are working to undermine Hizbullah. For the Saudis to join the zionists so openly against Muslims reveals their true nature.

Sidon is a Sunni majority town but in the past sectarianism was not an issue. Now the Saudis are actively involved in instigating sectarian conflict. A Saudi agent, Shaikh Ahmed al-Assir is leading the fight against Hizbullah at the behest of the Saudis aimed at protecting the zionists.

The Saudis are also financing terrorists in Syria, Iraq and Pakistan. They want to create tension leading to fighting between Shias and Sunnis when in the past there was no such conflict.

Will the Saudis succeed in their nefarious designs? Most observers feel that initially the Saudis will have some success but then their plans will fall apart. In fact, chances are that the Saudis will dig their own grave.


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