A Kingdom that is Self-centered is Off-centered

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Safar 02, 1441 2019-10-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 8, Safar, 1441)

The hour of reckoning is fast approaching. After eight years of Zio-Euro-American proxy wars in virtually all the Arabian republics, the mass-media-produced civil wars are winding down. Notice that the Arabian kingdoms were spared such civil conflict. The takfiri project, founded on the Wahhabi creed that was considered their ace, is becoming a spent force. Saudi Arabia, the Zio-Euro-American front man, has been exposed like never before. Its diplomats have proven that they are the subordinates of their controllers — particularly their bosses in Washington and Tel Aviv. Saudi officials, if they could think straight, would realize that they have placed themselves internally in a pickle and externally in a tight spot.

The ruling nucleus family, descending from King Salman to his children, is tightening its grip on power: Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) is minister of defense; his younger brother Khalid (KbS) is deputy minister of defense. For the first time since 1960, another son of Salman — stepbrother of MbS — is running Aramco. Comfortable times have gone and Saudi decision makers are grabbing the major levers of power in the Kingdom because they sense that they are approaching turbulent times.

For the first time, Hamas has come out and stated that its representative in Saudi Arabia has been detained for over five months now. Saudi detention policies have also rounded up other Palestinians living in that worried Kingdom. September, two years ago, is when these family royals arrested scores of their most famed ‘ulama’. One year ago this October is when MbS’ gangs choked and chopped up the journalist Jamal Khashoggi — an ex-confidant of theirs.

The Saudi imposed war in Yemen has been dragging on now for over four-and-a-half years — sapping Saudi morale and draining its treasury. Now the US, after its failed Yemeni military intervention on behalf of the Saudis, is interfering diplomatically to extricate the Saudi fumbling family from its mini-Vietnam. American officials have contacted Ansarullah to find a way out for the slowly disintegrating Saudi kingdom. The ballistic missiles being launched from Yemen into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have inflicted immense below-the-radar damage on Saudi military bases and their civilian supportive infrastructure.

The Saudi playboy politicians are crying uncle in their private meetings and their classified diplomatic communiqués. MbS’ right-hand man, Sa‘d al-Qahtani who supervised the gory dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi is said to have committed suicide. We don’t know if that is really the case; there is always the possibility that he is still alive and has been given a new identity and sent off to some distant place where he will “live happily ever after.” The trial of that squad of Saudi assassins who literally slaughtered Khashoggi is forgotten and they are nowhere to be seen or heard of. It’s only a matter of time before the proverbial executioner’s sword decapitates the criminals in high office belonging to the downcast Saudi criminal kingdom. The Saudi deep-state — if we can call it that — is run by the CIA and Mossad, relying on their boy Bandar bin Sultan, whose daughter has become the Saudi ambassador in Washington, DC.

Why is this happening to the wretched royals in Arabia? The short answer is that they were brainwashed by Israel-firsters to fear the Shi‘is and programmed to purchase and amass as much military hardware as possible, thereby hemorrhaging their economy and draining their potential. If the Saudi imbeciles were confident of their “Islamic superiority,” something they teach in their self-centered textbooks, they could have easily sat down with their Shi‘i neighbors and worked things out. But their Wahhabi-cum-Salafi dogma placed them in a hollow ivory tower that now has no escape route except for them to jump to their death.

In the meantime, and it is the best kept secret in town, the Saudis have reached the end of their line because of the incremental buildup over the years of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon in particular and, generally speaking, in a geographical tract that extends from Kashmir to Palestine. Some of these battle-ready areas are soft while others are hardened due to the imposed wars upon them from — you guessed it — the Zio-Euro-American axis. The more this growing Islamic Resistance trains and arms, the more the weakest component of that axis will give in — and in this case the weakest member of that axis is the crumbling kingdom of shaytani Arabia. The royal morons of Arabia have dug their own grave: by pretending to be superior to other Muslims and by affirming their inferiority to their Yankee and Likudnik masters.

The Muslim East is approaching a new age. The months and years ahead will prove this Islamic Resistance to be correct. The more the military pressure increases on Israel, the closer the Saudi royals will get to the abyss. The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon is beginning to shoot down Israeli UAVs over (south) Lebanon. Northern Israel is going on high alert due to the firepower and potential outbreak of hostilities between Islamic liberation forces and Zionist colonization forces. The war criminal Netanyahu is huffing and puffing that he will go to war against the Islamic Resistance in Ghazzah — little does he know that he will be blowing his own house down. The Islamic Resistance in Ghazzah has fired off its first explosive drone against the Zionist belligerents. Iraq has closed off its airspace to prevent Zionist airstrikes against the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. The cross-border fire across the Lebanese-Israeli demarcation line has new rules of engagement: if Israel strikes at Lebanon, forces in Lebanon will no longer turn the other cheek; they will strike back in accordance with the mutual commandment: an eye for an eye…

The civil war that was imposed by the Zio-American war axis in Syria and Iraq throughout the past two decades will eventually mission-creep into Israel. Israel succeeds when its wars against its enemies are massive in firepower and short in duration. But who says that Israel’s enemies are going to prosecute a war on Israel’s terms? What if the next outbreak of hostilities between a nuclear Zionist Israel on one side and an Islamic paramilitary force alongside a revolutionary irregular force on the other continue for months and years. Will the Zionist ice-cream military recruits and potato-chip regular forces be able to defeat populations that have graduated from economic sanctions and adapted to austerity living conditions?

The Israeli soldiers are cowards. Their military and civilian establishments are in a weak position. To demonstrate this helpless condition, the Israeli foreign ministry suspended most of its diplomatic activities around the world because of budget restraints: they don’t have enough money! The Times of Israel as well as other Israeli newspapers reported this.

There is a serious deficit in the ministry’s budget. This comes at a time when the Islamic Resistance is riding high and the annual meeting of heads of state at the United Nations is underway. This diplomatic paralysis means that diplomats cannot shuttle around the globe as they used to, initiatives and new diplomatic arrangements have to be postponed, foreign diplomats and journalists cannot be accommodated as was the case in years past. Even some maintenance projects are put on hold. All of this pressure building up on a stressed ethno-racist nation state is awaiting the final push to take down that evil Zionist tribal-state.

Don’t think for one moment that the sacrifices of the Muslim populations are in vain. The Zio-Euro-American master plan to fight and kill the Muslims into submission is backfiring on them. The Muslim injured body is rising from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean. Future Muslims owe those who fell in war and those unknown soldiers a tribute. Their legacy lives on…

For with Allah rests all power of decision, first and last, and on that day [of victory] will the committed Muslims have cause to rejoice in Allah’s support, for He gives support to whomever He wills, since He alone is Almighty, Very Merciful (30:4–5).

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