Bani Saud: why not make friends when you need them?

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 1437 2016-09-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 7, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1437)

Why the Bani Saud fail to understand that their Zionist-imperialist masters are setting them for a fall? When people have protruding bellies, their brains often become non-functional.

It was this month (September) 36 years ago that a brutal war of attrition was imposed on the newborn Islamic Republic of Iran. The nascent Islamic State was less than two years old. We have now more than 36 years to take a look at “what the hell was going on”! So let us try to figure out, with hindsight, why virtually the whole world was involved in a vicious war that continued to bleed Muslims for eight bloodstained years.

To begin with, let us understand some basics. The Islamic Revolution in Iran was led by Imam Khomeini, a dedicated cadre of ‘ulama, shahadah-adoring youth, and a solid majority of the people, all of whom were carrying with them 14 centuries of yearning for an untainted Islamic leadership. All of these constituent parts came together to inaugurate the deep-seated and far-reaching Islamic correction that burst onto the geopolitical scene in 1978 and 1979.

This remarkable people’s movement led by scholars who were independent of all regional and international power structures put the fear of Allah (SWT) in the heart of a schismatic capitalist/communist (Cap-Com) monopoly of world affairs. The Islamic Revolution stood for uncompromised “national” independence and freedom from all the “superpower” instruments of manipulation and exploitation. In the world of the ruling Cap-Coms the message radiating out of Iran was unmistakable: a message of self-governance and self-sufficiency. Lodged deep down inside the marrow of these Cap-Com elites is the Zionist virus that will do anything to shield “Israel” from Islamic momentum and people’s power.

The minute Imam Khomeini made a public and popular return to his homeland, Iran, was the day these Cap-Com elites huddled behind closed doors to think of ways and means to defeat and destroy this Islamic success story. They, of course, as always, can agree on combating Islamic self-determination as the objective. But the details are left to each individual enemy of Islamic self-governance to determine. Therefore, the US had its plans; the Soviet Union had its own, as did Britain and France. “Israel” had its master plan. All these individual strategies were bolstered with their unique tactics.

What they all agreed on, though, was that the self-determining and self-governing leadership in the Islamic State of Iran had to be defeated. But how was this to be achieved? Their joint answer was: unleash the Iraqi dogs of war.

Skipping all the harsh and atrocious details of those eight years of an imposed war on an infant Islamic Republic, we would like to emphasize the stealthy part of this Cap-Com war. The major reason for this war (all other reasons being trivial if not a smokescreen) was that by its very nature “Islamic self-determination,” as embodied by the Islamic country of Iran, is irreconcilable, incompatible, and contrary to Zionist Israel. Islam and Zionism are like water and fire — they don’t mix.

It is quite interesting to note when looking back at the launch of the “Iraq-Iran” war that the Ba‘th Party in Iraq, in the larger scheme of things, was being played as the fool. The Ba‘thi civilian and military personnel — even though they would argue otherwise — were coached to take on Islamic Iran by their official peers in Arabia. The Arabian princes who were financing this war of attrition were themselves being assured by their confidants in Washington that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not last for long (this is exactly what they have been saying about Syria as well during these past five years: that Bashar al-Asad’s days are numbered, or in the words of baby-faced ‘Adil al-Jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister, “Asad has to go either peacefully or by military force”).

Washington itself was fed a steady diet of Zionist “expert opinion” about the vulnerability and helplessness of the Islamic Republic in Tehran. To put it in one sentence: Iraq was being fooled by Arabia; Arabia was being fooled by America; and America was being fooled by Israel. After eight bloody years Islamic Iran survived the imposed war and Ba‘thi Iraq could not survive the imposed peace.

The next buffoon in line is Saudi Arabia. The belly-stuffed officials there have not learned their lesson. The late King Faisal, whose wish it was to pray in al-Masjid al-Aqsa and who was assassinated for contemplating a free Jerusalem (al-Quds), must be turning over in his grave seeing his own son Turki al-Faisal blabbing in the media and yapping in public about an eventual legitimization of the Zionist entity. And what do you think goes with the Saudi admiration of “Israel”? Of course, it is the Saudi condemnation of “Iran.”

It took 36 long and blood-spattered years beginning with the foisted war on Islamic Iran, the coalition-led war against Iraq (1990–1991), the Zionist invasion and occupation of Lebanon, the American occupation of Afghanistan, the American-led war against Iraq in 2003, the Zionist attempt to crush Hizbullah (exactly 10 years ago, July–August 2006), the three Israeli wars against Ghazzah (2008, 2012, and 2014), the sequence of uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, and now a world war being fought inside Syria — it took all these to expose the contrast between a country that stands on its Islamic principles (Islamic Iran) and a country that flashes Islamic pictograms (Saudistan).

“The snow has melted and the grass has emerged,” as the Arabic proverb goes. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

The Saudi comedians of catastrophic proportions are trying to cushion their awful fall by playing their last card: the terrorist ace! They feel that their destiny is tied to the live-or-die battles in Syria. And they are, if we could only see them, cowering with fear in their secluded chambers, seeing now that Russia — with implicit American permission — is using an air base in Iran to strike against the takfiri recruits of the Israeli Saudi Imperialist Strategy (ISIS).

We expect that the mass media belonging to the Israel Saudi Imperialist Strategy (ISIS) will try to use this strategic coordination between Tehran and Moscow to, for the umpteenth time, deconstruct the legitimacy of Islamic Iran. And look who is speaking! Russia is just using a military base in Iran; it has no military bases in Iran. While the US and other European countries have their military bases, their military installations, and their military units scattered all over the Arabian Peninsula and in particular in Saudi Arabia!

President Obama drew a red line in Syria and the Islamic resistance called his bluff. Islamic Iran said not a word but by deed proved to the enemies that Syria is their red line.

The events in northern Syria nowadays, particularly in and around Halab (Aleppo) are tragic, appalling, and heartbreaking. There was no need for this bloodbath of five years had the Saudi decision makers not come under the influence of the Zionists and imperialists, had they sat down with their Muslim brothers. But for the Najdi Bedouins, their Muslim brothers are “kafers”; thus their rationalization for this hemorrhaging war. The more the Saudi regime loses by way of its proxies in Syria the crazier they behave in Yemen — targeting hospitals, civilian infrastructure, and killing innocent people.

The inability or the unwillingness of the Saudis to sit down with their neighbors across the Persian Gulf has opened them up to blackmail by the Zionists and to an open-check policy to buy military weapons and hardware from the imperialists. When the Saudis do not have the courage to speak to their imaginary enemy (Islamic Iran) the US and Israel will have the chutzpah to blackmail, coerce, and extort them. The windfall from this clumsy Saudi policy is the rise of Russia in a geopolitical sense. Even the Saudis who are victims of their own hubris have tried to buy the Russians to their side. The Saudis offered to invest in the Russian economy and purchase potentially hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons from Russia — once, a few years ago, and then a year or so ago. The Saudis have not learned anything from their fatal mistakes. But the Turks have. Erdogan is in the process of realigning his foreign policy priorities. He officially apologized to the Russians. There are high-level meetings that took place between Russia and Turkey. There are scheduled sensitive bilateral meetings planned for the future.

Even the United Arab(ian) Emirates are buying weapons from Russia to supply to Egypt. The Syrian opposition too is keeping its options open when it comes to Russia. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanoff met with some Syrian opposition figures in Doha last month.

What a tumultuous 36 years these have been. All the enemies who came out fighting against Islamic Iran — in other words fighting for “Israel” — are either dead or dying. Ba‘thist Iraq is dead. The Soviet Union is dead. Saudi Arabia is dying. What remain are Israel and the US. And if the US cannot free itself of the Israeli chokehold, both of them will join their cohorts.

The words marg bar live on — when the enemies move in,

And say not of those who are killed in Allah’s cause, “They are dead.” Absolutely not! They are alive, but you perceive it not (2:154).

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