Hypocrisy is the necessary burden of villainy

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Ula' 21, 1437 2016-03-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 1, Jumada' al-Ula', 1437)

Every time we opt for writing about an Islamic issue other than the Saudi plutocracy, this strange entity comes up with decisions and policies that leave us with no choice but to beam the light of truth on its unbecoming political conduct.

Last month the imperialist-possessed king of Saudi Arabia came out and said “…the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not interfere in the internal affairs of other [states], and that it reserves the right to protect itself, and that the Saudis urge others not to interfere in our [Saudi] internal affairs!! Look who’s speaking? This king is speaking at the very same moment that his Kingdom is putting together a force of 150,000 troops to be interjected and interfere in a sovereign country called Syria. The war room in Saudi Arabia is hatching plans to bring into Syria troops from other countries: the United Arab(ian) Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and Turkey, to name a few. Zionist and imperialist military advisers and personnel are at this moment swarming in and out of the land of Islam preparing the Saudi regime for a spearhead position in the Syrian quagmire. Already in the offing is operation Northern Thunder (Ra‘d al-Shimal). The Saudi subordinates of Zio-imperialism have been mucked up in a military adventure that has gone awry in one of the poorest countries in the world: its southern neighbor Yemen. And Turkey now has the dubious distinction of being a member of America’s NATO and Saudis’ NATO.

Saudi propaganda says that their military charge into Syria is for the purpose of defeating ISIS, which by the way is nothing more than the militarized students and followers of Wahhabism. The real reason for this Saudi-led, or should we say Saudi-financed, military plan is to bring down the regime in Damascus by buttressing and arming the anti-government forces in Syria. This whole Saudi affair of interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign country comes after reality began to sink into the “morning after” Saudi officials: they and their cashiered fighters are losing the war in Syria.

The image of that calm Saudi official and diplomat has been turned on its head. The Saudi functionaries of Zion are tense, agitated, and angry nowadays like never before. The rulers in Arabia now are a federation of revenge. The past five years drained the Saudi princes and ruling class of untold tens of billions of dollars not to mention the diminishing of Saudi soft-power which their embassies wielded around the Muslim world. This Saudi-centered federation of revenge is billing itself “Sunni” and in doing so it is harvesting the last traces of ignorance among the Muslims. This is a standoff between what money can buy and whom Zionists can control on one side, and Islamic self-determination, independence, and liberation represented by Islamic Iran and its sphere of influence extending from Central Asia to the Mediterranean Sea.

We are hesitant to say this but the truth has to prevail: Turkey and its current decision makers have hitched themselves to the Saudi cavaliers. The late Nejmettin Erbakan’s words come to life when almost a couple of decades ago he rebuked those who were to become the future leaders of Turkey (the AKP) for being opportunists and betraying the principles of Islam.

The night is folding and those who were making decisions in the dark are being exposed. The Arabian-Turkish military alliance that is hiding behind the sectarian connotation of “Sunnism” is nothing but a Zionist-imperialist plot to draw into the Syrian-Iraqi theater of military operations the maximum number of Muslims (Sunnis and Shi‘is) so that they can kill themselves and spare the Israelis and their subsidiaries the task of getting embroiled in such a slaughterous state of war.

King Salman — the war salesman — must be suffering from a severe case of dementia, insanity, and idiocy when he says that Saudi Arabia does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries when it is actively at war inside of Yemen and preparing to enter the caldron of the Syrian civil war.

For those who have not drowned in the Saudi propaganda of sectarianism, we ask: what gives the Saudi regime the authority to launch wars of aggression in Yemen and — as it seems — shortly into Syria when neither Yemen nor Syria occupies Saudi territory? Actually, Saudi Arabia occupies since the mid-1930s Yemeni territory. But, then, Israel occupies two Saudi islands near the Gulf of ‘Aqabah. If the Saudis were man enough they would launch a war to liberate their own occupied lands. But don’t expect that from a ruling stock that takes its orders from Tel Aviv and Washington.

Have the Saudi high brass thought through this impending intrusion into Syria? Are they serious? They have been at war for nearly a year in poor and impoverished Yemen that has no military infrastructure to speak of, and are still incapable of a military victory! Going into Syria and confronting a Syrian army that has gained five years of combat experience and preparedness along with modern Russian armaments, and coupled with the active military and logistical support of Russia, Iran, and Hizbullah — has the Saudi adolescent war minister and his juvenile lieutenants thought through this scenario? Or are they impetuously carrying out the orders coming to them from the Pentagon and the IOF (Israeli Offence Force)?

It would be quite a theater to see conscripted Wahhabis (the Saudi armed forces) facing off in Syria with freelance Wahhabis — if, as the official Saudis say, they are going to Syria to fight ISIS. Will a Saudi Wahhabi officer in Syria potentially kill his brother or cousin — another Wahhabi “terrorist” both of whom graduated from the same high school and from the same college? What if some of the recruited Saudi sergeants or officers abandon their units in Syria and join their “takfiri” kin? Or the other way around; how will this work out?

The Israeli mass media may have surprised the credulous when they showed their public the historical handshake between Prince Turki al-Faisal, the ex-head of Saudi intelligence services, and Moshe Ya‘alon, the Israeli minister for Security Affairs. The same Saudi prince last year shook hands with the Israeli minister of energy Yuval Shteinitz. This latest handshaking took place at an international conference in Munich. This historic, public, and warmhearted clutching of hands between Israeli and Saudi high ranking officials followed the concluding speech of the conference delivered by Ya‘alon, in which he addressed the “Middle East.”

Ya‘alon spoke about Israeli-Saudi relations as well as relations with other Arabian states that do not have open and official relations with Israel. Ya‘alon said that the Israelis maintain channels of communication with certain contiguous Arabian “Sunni” neighboring states. He said, “I’m not speaking about only Jordan and Egypt. I’m speaking about [Arabian] Gulf States and states in North Africa… Regrettably there are none of these states here to listen to what I have to say.” This Israeli minister reminded the attendees of the common interests between Israel, the USA, Europe, and “Sunni” governments. First and foremost among these common interests is the conflict with Iran. This Israeli minister said, “We consider Saudi Arabia as the leader of the ‘Sunni’ bloc against Iran.” He went on to say, “We consider Iran to be an evil state toward us [the Israelis] and toward the ‘Sunni’ governments.” And according to a report in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, the Saudi prince (Turki) endorsed Ya‘alon’s statement that “…there is hostility between the ‘Sunni’ governments on one side and Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other side…”

It looks like history is repeating itself. The jahili ancestors of Bani Sa‘ud were keen on their alliance with Yahud during the time our beloved Prophet (pbuh) was struggling for freedom, equality, and justice, that is, for Islam. We know from our Islamic history that the Arabian-Yahudi alliance of al-Ahzab ended with the defeat of these Arabian Yahudis and Yahudi Arabians. The takeaway lesson here is: the Saudi regime considers Muslim lives to be expendable and Yahudi life to be all-important.

The mask is coming off the faces of the Saudi traitors. Statements are beginning to appear that were publicly taboo before the Syrian crisis forced the Saudi-Zionist operators to show their true colors. (Un)Great Britain and the US can no longer hide the nature of the two religious criminals in Holy Land South (Arabia) and Holy Land North (Palestine). The last layer that is protecting these two political twins is sectarianism. And this sectarianism will be peeled off the ugly faces of Zionism and Wahhabism. The Hebrew press and the Arab press are beginning to carry damning statements by officials in Zionist-manipulated Arabia and Zionist-occupied Palestine. We are beginning to read and hear such statements as, “We [the Israelis] and the ‘Sunnis’ are in one trench against the Shi‘is; and Iran is a threat to our sovereignty… We [the Israelis] will continue our support for the Syrian opposition with logistics and medical treatments in our hospitals… We [the Israelis] and Egypt and Jordan and the Gulf States, and the states of North Africa are one coalition… There is no longer a Palestinian-Israeli conflict; rather a ‘Sunni-Shi‘i’ conflict… We [the Israelis] are aligned with the ‘Sunnis’ against Iran and Hizbullah because they are a threat to our sovereignty.”

Finally, let us pose this question to the traitors and war criminals in Arabia: if you are representative of the Sunnis, and you call yourselves the defenders of Sunnism, then why haven’t you even entertained the idea of or whispered to yourselves about liberating Palestine? Aren’t the overwhelming majority of Palestinians Sunnis? Are there not Palestinians who are Salafis and Wahhabis? There are many more Palestinians who are Salafis and Wahhabis than there are Palestinian Shi‘is! So why haven’t you come to the aid and support of your Sunni brothers? The answer is simple: you don’t consider them your brothers. And the reason you are moving heaven and hell to fight the “Shi‘is” is because the Shi‘is you want to fight are the ones who surmounted schisms and sectarianism and are on their way to liberating “Sunni” Palestine. A Zionist-occupied Palestine you can live with — but not with the idea that a “Sunni” Palestine will be liberated by (non-sectarian) Shi‘is, allowing the Sunni Palestinians to then return to live in their homes and cities, while you spent the good part of your lives partying, gambling, fornicating, and Zionizing Islam. All of that is so disturbing to you that you are frantically putting together a war machine that will malfunction, whereupon you will be sent to the pit of Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl where you belong.

Don’t be sorry for people who deny [Allah’s power and authority] (5:68).

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