Is Saudi Arabia about to formally recognize the Zionist State of Israel?

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Jumada' al-Ula' 27, 1437 2016-03-07

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by Crescent International

Statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyu that Arabian rulers are keen to cultivate relations with the Zionist regime point to the fact that something big is about to happen. Netanyahu is one of most obnoxious rulers the Zionist State has ever had. The Arabian rulers led by the Bani Saud are about to embrace this man and his racist ideology. They deserve each other as it exposes the true nature of Bani Saud.

Monday March 07, 2016, 16:27 EST

Israeli officials from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu down have been speaking candidly about their growing relations with Arabian rulers led by the Bani Saud (aka the House of Saud) in the Arabian Peninsula. There have also been open handshakes between officials of the two regimes even while they do not have formal diplomatic relations.

The latest example of this was witnessed in Germany at the Munich Security Conference (February 12-14, 2016) when Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief, Turki al Faisal publicly shook hands with Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon. The two were all smiles as if they had known each other for many years.

In recent days, there have been reports of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al Jubeir making a secret trip to Tel Aviv to meet Israeli officials. What these meetings and handshakes indicate is that the Saudi regime is preparing the ground for formal recognition of the Zionist State.

Informed observers are of the view that the Bani Saud would not embrace their cousins, the Bani Isra’il, alone. Instead, they want to bring in members of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as members of the Arab League for a grand surrender to the Zionists. Where such a surrender would take place has not been decided yet but these observers believe a strategic decision has already been made.

Six weeks ago while attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland, Netanyahu chose to speak to Fareed Zakaria of CNN to reveal the contacts his regime has had with the Arabian rulers. In his January 21, 2016 interview with Zakaria, Netanyahu said: "Saudi Arabia recognizes that Israel is an ally rather than an enemy because of the two principle threats that threaten them, Iran and Daesh." He went on: "Who can help us? they ask. Obviously Israel and the ‘Sunni’ Arab states are not on opposite sides."

As far back as October 2014, Turki al Faisal had said the Arabian regimes have made a strategic decision not to fight Israel. This was a public admission of a long-standing policy stretching for decades.

The Saudi regime has never fought the Zionists; its guns and missiles are meant to kill innocent Muslims. Think Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

The question is: what has pushed the Bani Saud and Bani Isra’il into each other’s arms so publicly at this juncture? The Saudis are terrified of the rising power of Islam manifested by Islamic Iran today. They would rather fight Islam than Zionist Israel. In any case, their claim to adhering to any principles and teachings of Islam now lies completely exposed.

How many other Arabian regimes would join the Bani Saud is difficult to tell but most of them—except Oman perhaps—would tow the Saudi line.

This also raises the question of what the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas would now do. Hamas has moved much closer to the Saudi regime and since the Bani Saud are about to surrender to the Zionists, they would also pressure Hamas to do likewise. Given the money they have given to some Hamas leaders, it may be difficult for them to resist such pressure.

Netanyahu has already alluded to setting aside the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while Arabian regimes embrace the Zionists. He went on to say that the conflict with Palestine can better be addressed after an alliance is forged between Israel and the Arab world. He said Israel and the Arab countries are "actually working towards that end."

Netanyahu said: "There is a great shift taking place. We used to think that if we solved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it would solve the larger Israeli Arab conflict. The more I look at it, the more I think it may be the other way around. That by nurturing these relationships that are taking place now with the Arab world, that could actually help us resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we're actually working towards that end."

The question is where would this grand Arabian surrender to Zionism take place? Both Egypt and Jordan have formal diplomatic relations with the Zionist State. The Israelis have also opened offices in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Morocco. While the Saudis would not want Amman, Jordan to be the venue for their grand surrender, Cairo is a better option.

It is the headquarters of the Arab League. What better place to surrender than in the capital city that houses an organization that reflects the collective impotence of the Arabian rulers?

Muslims should have no doubts about the treachery of the Bani Saud. After all, the noble Messenger of Allah (saws) had predicted that a great fitna would emerge from Najd, the birthplace of Bani Saud.


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