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Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Safar 12, 1439 2017-11-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 9, Safar, 1439)

Flunky Arabian officials are shuttling these days between their kingdoms and the military industrial centers of the world. The corridors of corrupt powers are crowded with princes and generals going in and out in pursuit of whatever military hardware they can buy. And why is this happening at an accelerated pace? It is because these civil and military officials are afraid of Islamic self-determination.

They are not afraid of Zionist colonialism, Zionist occupation, or Zionist expansion. They are not keen on the rights of Palestinians and other refugees who keep on increasing in numbers year after year and war after war. They are frightened that Islamic Iran and Islamic self-governance will consign them to the dustbin of history. In their fear of the Islamic future, these nomadic minions are hugging their Zionist counterparts and smooching with every known enemy of the Muslims. In their desperate pursuit of self-preservation and survival, they are shopping around the world for “advanced” military weapons and even that prize-of-all: nuclear reactors.

Recently King Salman ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz went weapons shopping in, of all places, Russia. There he gleefully signed a military contract to purchase the much-touted S-400 missiles. Parallel to that the startled Saudis are spending peoples’ wealth to buy from another military supplier (the US) the American Thaad defense system after signing a weapons deal worth $110 billion during Trump’s visit to Riyadh in May.

Not to be left out of this race for arms, the president of Turkey, who realized that his Euro-American friends may turn against him, scurried to have “his bases covered” and he also signed on the dotted line for the purchase of the Russian S-400 advanced missile system. News is leaking out that tiny Bahrain’s diminutive ruler is contracting the US to buy F-16 jets, not to mention an assortment of low key news items about the Saudi regime’s window shopping for nuclear reactors from potential sellers China, France, and South Korea.

What’s cooking? The Zionist-imperialist deep state is putting together the ingredients for a dynamite dish. This deep state has felt in the marrow of its bones the tremors of its definite defeat in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Their “jihadi” Trojan horse awaits the bullet of mercy. They banked on the Saudi rebels to turn the political cart in Syria and Iraq against Islamic Iran and while they lost many men and much money, they accomplished nothing. This deep state is not catching its breath; it is now stacking the stakes on the Arabian military establishments to prep them for war so that the Israeli enclave is relieved of Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Iran, and other forces independent of Zionism and imperialism.

For this upcoming war to materialize, the key player has to go into action for the undeclared purposes of that deep state. And the key player in the US is the persona of its president, Donald Trump. This divisive president has been rattling his sabre to a worldwide audience. He is training his belligerent sights on three countries: North Korea, Venezuela, and Islamic Iran. War with any of these countries is not a war with a single country it is a war with a hemisphere.

If Trump starts a war with North Korea he will be choosing a war with the Orient. Memories of US military aggression in Southeast Asia are still hot from the oven in relation to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb dropping at the end of WWII (August 1945). Then there was the US war in the early-1950s in Korea; in the 1960s and 1970s in Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos. This area is China’s sphere of influence and if Trump decides on a war there he will be stirring a hornet’s nest. That is not to mention the nuclear capability of North Korea and what that may mean for the continental United States.

But then if Trump “chickens out” and decides he wants to take on Venezuela, he will also not be fighting one country. He will be entering into a long and unpredictable war with Latin America — and dare we say an indirect war with the Catholic Church. Trump has already antagonized the Latino community in the US. He is building a wall between the US and Latin America. His law enforcement services (Customs and Immigration, Homeland Security, etc…) have rounded up undisclosed numbers of “illegal immigrants” many of them deported, many of them still in detention, and many of them yet to be detained and deported. Latinos in the US are afraid to go to soccer matches or church lest they are apprehended and then expelled from the country. A war with Venezuela will ignite the Latino communities throughout the hemisphere and with them other “minorities” that are beginning to feel the brunt of Trump’s discriminatory directives and prejudiced policies.

The last choice on Trump’s war list is the Islamic Republic of Iran. He has already motioned himself as an opponent of Islamic Iran. He says the JCPOA is the “worst deal ever”! He says Iran is violating the “spirit” of the JCPOA. He accuses Islamic Iran of supporting (international) terrorists. He says he will (eventually) decertify the JCPOA. What he is not saying is that he is looking out for Zionist Israel and all the ruling cliques in the Muslim East that are on board with him and his Zionist bosses. Trump is not the “unfettered” president he presents himself to be. He is, the more you think about it, a Zionist pet. He and his advisers may be calculating that the Arabian armies will be doing the fighting to carelessly defend the Yahudi commune while the American military-industrial-banking complex reaps the profits. He may or may not know that if he goes to war with North Korea there will not be other militaries in the region (with the problematic exception of South Korea) willing to fight alongside the US a potentially protracted war.

President Trump may or may not know that if he goes to war against Venezuela there will not be scores of Latin American states that will send boots on the ground into Venezuela for what may be a long-drawn-out war that will make the FARC and its decades of struggle look like child’s play.

What Trump, the kingpin in the up-and-coming war in the Muslim East, does not know is that in the last 30 years, imperialist and Zionist policies have militarized populations. There is a military population that ranges from Central Asia to the Mediterranean. Any declared or tacit American imposed war on Islamic Iran will stir the president out of his world of fantasies and shallow thoughts of make-believe. So he and his deep Zionist state want to arm the Arabian kings and royals to go into action.

Trump’s Zionist mentors are up to no good. The American president that never tires of saying “America First,” never tires of doing “Israel First.” He has turned out to be a shill. And any Arabian monarch who doesn’t see the world through Trump’s delirium will be “fired.” That is Trump’s experience in life: as the boss, he fires employees belonging to his estate domain; he as a TV host fires interviewees on his show, and now as president of a manic military power he is itching to fire kings and monarchs if they rub him the wrong way.

These Arabian heads of state and tails of the deep state never learn; beginning with the British who promised to make Sharif Husayn the king of all Arabs if he joined them in their fight against the Ottomans. He aligned with the kafirs against the Muslims and when that was over, the sly Brits reneged on their word. The obvious losers: the Arabians.

These Arabian rulers were coaxed into a war against the Islamic Republic that lasted eight years. Iraq paid for it with blood and limb; the rulers in the Arabian Peninsula paid for it with cash and currency. Both contributors to this unwarranted war (the Saudis and Iraqis) were lied to by the deep state. The obvious losers: the Arabians.

The Arabian head honchos were tricked into the Kuwait quagmire in 1991. This time the Saudis and the Iraqis were mortal military enemies. After the dust settled they should have realized that they were set up. But they still did not learn an elementary lesson in politics and international relations. The obvious losers: the Arabians.

We can go on and on and refer to Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, etc, when the decision makers were playing Zionist music their citizens were being led to one type of slaughterhouse or another. Even some “leaders” in the Islamic movements came under the spell of the deep state and they still haven’t woken up. They remain in deep slumber,

And you [the committed Muslims] will give a listening ear to those who have been accorded Scripture before you and [you will listen] to those who are operative mushriks to the extent that much harm will occur [from your listening to them] (3:186).

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