Easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Ramadan 06, 1438 2017-06-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 4, Ramadan, 1438)

Newsrooms around the world are sifting and trickling the most important news item to hit their desks: the deep-state Donald’s political pilgrimage to Islam’s cradle — Arabia. Along with this comes the deal of the century: hundreds of billions of dollars that the Saudi regime will be forfeiting for weapons, weapons’ systems, and decades of maintenance expenses, which will essentially bankrupt the oil kingdom. The numbers tossed around are $100 billion to $300 billion over a period of ten years. This showboat display of numbers obscures the fact that the Saudi ruling class is on the verge of mortgaging the peninsula of Islam and its oil wealth to the busy businessman from the whitewashing White House.

In the meantime, news studios in Arabia are humming the propaganda line that they are embarking on this venture in the name of “self-defense” and “national security.” And who is a threat to their national security? Of course, Islamic Iran, not Zionist Israel! For the record, the Saudi presiding princes and their kings ever since they imposed family rule on Arabia over 80 years ago never declared war against Israel. In their twisted definitions of Islamic vocabulary Israel is “Ahl al-Kitab”! And Iran is “kafir”!

The acting has a fantastic cast. The president of the United States of America — the prime Israeli enabler — decides to make his first visit overseas to, of all places, Saudi Arabia — the same Saudi Arabia he berated during his presidential campaign. Let us recall his campaign kvetching about how the US is defending the Saudis on the cheap, “If the Saudis want protection they have to pay for it.” Well, now has come the time for them to cough up the dough.

Real-deal Trump is not going to Arabia to perform the Hajj. He is going there to empty current and future Saudi coffers. All this talk from Washington about Saudi Arabia being the leader of the Islamic world amounts to dressing up the Saudis in public opinion for their pawning of Arabia to Israel and America. The gatekeepers from America to Arabia are careful not to stimulate some rather uncomfortable public thoughts about this Saudi surrender to Zionist America — thoughts such as “the Saudis will never receive advanced weapons from the US such as the advanced F-35” or “an independent Saudi war industry infrastructure.” In other words, whatever the US is going to sell to the Saudi regime will be inferior to whatever the US offers and sells to the Israeli regime.

Mohammad bin Salman — the prince training to be king — was in Washington in April and let slip that his Kingdom will pump $200 billion into the American industrial and commercial infrastructure in the course of Trump’s four years. How will the Saudis come up with that type of money when their reserves have dwindled to survival level due to their war of aggression in Yemen and the financing of wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc? The nitwits in the ruling family are floating the idea of auctioning off Aramco and privatizing other state entities. The Saudis in the past century went from rags to riches. Now they are turning the circle and going from riches to rags.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ideologically impoverished and economically insolvent. The hordes of Wahhabi brutes indoctrinated by Saudi financed “madrasahs,” coming to fight their “jihad” in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere are no longer a strategic asset or a political plus for the Saudi imperialist subcontractors. And the money (mis)managers of Saudi officialdom are quickly depleting their financial holdings. This year’s Saudi deficit is estimated to be around $90 billion. Religiously ruined and politically wrecked, the Saudis are now playing their last card: an alliance with their imperialist patron and Zionist godfather — Washington and Tel Aviv, respectively.

Bereft of iman these Arabian quislings are caught in the meshwork of mushriks: the more they feel threatened (threats that are kafir-defined) the more they need weapons; and the more they buy weapons the more they feel threatened!

The American military industrial complex feels very comfortable with Trump the fortune hunter, and Saudis the “take-it-all” suckers. The Saudi inferiors may even decide to hike up the price of Hajj and ‘Umrah to pay Uncle Sam and Cousin Isaac for their survival.

Imagine if all this money that the Saudi chiefs are shelling out to the imperialists and Zionists were spent fi sabilillah. Envisage what a world the Muslims would have if hundreds of billions of dollars went to a consolidation of the Muslim rank and file instead of their takfiri dogma, which has plunged the Muslim East in what appears to be wars without end. Visualize the millions of Muslim children, women, and men who are dying of hunger — the extended hands of Yemenis and Somalis who are begging for water and food to stay alive — and then look at the rulers in Riyadh perpetuating that tragedy while they bow to their lords in Tel Aviv and prostrate to their idols in America by gambling the wealth and resources to imperialist intruders and Israeli invaders.

If there were rulers in Arabia who owed their allegiance to Allah (swt) they would not have been dictated to by the Washington-London-Tel Aviv axis of evil. The financial empire they have would have been put to good use by summoning the scientists, researchers, and technologists from all over the world to come to the land of Islam and build an Islamic infrastructure. That would include military industries, nuclear technology, inter-continental ballistic missiles, satellites, etc. All the money the Saudis are going to hand over to their earthly lords will be spent toward no good cause. Had these Saudi officials embarked on such a course, they would have gained the respect of their people and other peoples everywhere — Muslims and non-Muslims. Instead, they are prolonging a contemporary systemic attempt at exterminating fellow Muslims in Yemen during Ramadan, during the sacred months (al-ashhur al-hurum), and throughout the year.

If the religio-political class in Arabia was confident of its Islam, it would have entered into dialogue with its Islamic neighbor in Iran and figured out for itself whether Iran is an enemy or a friend, leaving no room for Zionists and imperialists to tell them who and what Iran is. The Saudi officials have lost an opportunity to bring Muslims together when they had their soft power. Now the only thing they can do is summon their paid political punters to pay obeisance to the imperial lord.

In this confused “money has the last word” diplomacy, even Hamas is showing signs of giving in. Their decision makers are doing a “Fatah” in the Palestinian arena. What is now the difference between Hamas that wants to wheel and deal with the Zionists, and the Palestinian Authority that decided to do the same wheeling and dealing decades ago? Shuttling between Doha, Istanbul, and Tunisia has taken its toll on the rocking chair revolutionaries of Hamas.

In this pitch-dark political night in the Muslim East the only star that shines is the Islamic Republic of Iran. When virtually everyone is marching to the tune of the Washington-London-Tel Aviv ensemble, the Islamic will in Iran stands out.

Trump’s attempt to forge a “Jewish-Christian-Islamic” grand alliance will fail. You read it here first. It will fail because it is at odds with the course of history and it conflicts with the inevitability of justice. The accord of ruling classes in Tel Aviv, London, and Washington — along with Riyadh, Doha, and Ankara — is not to be confused with the unanimity of beleaguered Muslims whose day of salvation comports with the tide of time and the heave of history. “And they said, ‘By Pharaoh’s grandeur, behold, it is we indeed who will prevail!’” (26:44).

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