Imam Khamene’i! Please Stay the Course

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Ula' 15, 1439 2018-02-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 12, Jumada' al-Ula', 1439)

This month marks 40 years of struggle/jihad in Iran against virtually the entire establishmentarian world. Power establishments of the world are not kind to Muslims freely deciding their ideological preferences and their political future. This is attested to by kings and presidents who continue to rule against the will of their own populations. It is also demonstrated by the wars that are flaring up on the Muslim map for no other reason than Muslim peoples wanting an Islamic way of life: not atheistic, not materialistic, not secular, and not inferior to world powers.

Simply stated they want to decide who their decision-makers are. And the only place in the whole world where the population was able to produce Islamic governance is Iran. And since that happened 39 years ago the elites in power from America to Arabia through, of course, the Israeli catalyst have been incessantly working on undoing this long-in-the-making Islamic success story in Islamic Iran.

Let us take a short stroll down memory lane. The Islamic State in Iran was still a baby but both the “elected” dictators and hereditary tyrants of the world saw no problem in killing that baby in its cradle. They jointly launched an eight-year bloody and grinding war against the valiant sons of that newborn government. To their disappointment those eight years immunized that very young Islamic republic from ever having faith in goodwill coming from Washington, Riyadh, and their Zionist handlers.

Then the combo of imperialists (led by Washington’s Republican and Democrat regimes), the Israelis (governed by Zionist Labor and Likud parties), and munafiqs (with their tribal regimes) changed tactics. During the 1990s and up until 9/11 they tried to strangulate Islamic Iran economically. Realizing that was not going to work, these elitist evildoers came up with what must be the satanic brilliance of all-time: turn the world against Islam and Muslims, and turn the Muslims against themselves. Hence, 9/11 and its aftershocks, from which the Muslims and the whole world are still suffering from.

There are many observations and angles to the 9/11 tragedy. One of them is that the figureheads and the warmongers of 9/11 have totally disappeared. They are not on the airwaves, in the media, or any other public forum. It is as if they are long dead. This, in and of itself speaks volumes about that historical and universal crime. Be that as it may, 9/11 has morphed into a political honeymoon between the tribal rulers in Arabia and the racist rulers in Israel with an up-and-coming strategic marriage between Riyadh and Tel Aviv consummated by a Trumpster America. This may appear to be another one of those musical chair arrangements in the world of politics — but it is not. This current out-in-the-open Saudi-Israeli cohabitation has always been there but it was done behind closed doors. It took four decades of an independent and thoroughly Islamic based leadership in Iran to demonstrate to the Muslims that mushriks and munafiqs are working hand-in-hand, and to the world that the corporate class of interests is trans-Judaic, trans-Christian, and trans-Islamic; in other words the rulers in Tel Aviv, Washington, and Riyadh (along with others of their ilk) are one fraternity of tyrants: their Jewish, Christian, and Islamic affiliations are meant to fool naive Jews, naive Christians, and naive Muslims.

The Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic in Iran through its generational struggle for peace, justice, and equality has made it possible for anyone with a clear conscience and a working mind to distinguish between Zionism and Judaism, imperialism and Christianity, and Saudi-ism and Islam. It is noteworthy to mention here that Britain — the sick man of Europe — had and still has its crafty hand in all three spheres: America, Israel, and Saudi. After 40 principled years of sacrifices, the martyrs and the ‘ulama’, the unknown civilian, and the unknown soldier have taught the rest of us that there are some, but not many, orthodox Jews who are opposed to Zionism, as there are some, not many, practicing Christians who are opposed to imperialism, as there are some Muslims, and others waiting in-line, who are opposed to the Saudi regime. The very opaque layers of politics and the very thick layers of traditionalism have been deconstructed by struggle and sacrifice throughout the past years of the epic Islamic Revolution/Republic.

The mainstream media grudgingly leaks from time to time comments that the world is reshaping itself and the key figure behind this worldwide change is Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vladimir Putin — a former functionary of the now defunct KGB — in Russia inherited a failing Soviet Union and shrewdly came to terms with the fact that imperialism has no future. The rising forces in the world are ex-communist or pragmatic China and Islamic Iran. So he positioned himself within that perspective. There is no food for the soul and no ideological motivation coming out of Putin’s Russia. Simply stated, Putin turns out to be a clever politician who knows in which direction the political winds are blowing.

The person who is truly at the helm of an ideological future is the inheritor of Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic struggle for justice and the hope of those who are without hope: that is, Imam Khamene’i. He could see through the rubric of the elaborate and hellish schemes of satanic Zionism and diabolic imperialism. Ask yourself: why is the Zio-American mass media worked into sour-and-sweet servings of articles and comments against the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran? Why don’t they express the same hate filled programs of theirs against the leaders in Russia or China? Both have nuclear weapons and economic capabilities that can potentially bring imperialism to its knees. Why is North Korea an asterisk in the Hebrew press? The mere thought that Islamic Iran is capable of developing nuclear technology is at the core of convergence among the pernicious politicians in the US congress, the Israeli Knesset and the Saudi ruling family. And the well-known fact that Russia and China both have advanced nuclear weapons and weapons systems does not bother them as much as the probability of an Islamic Iran gaining nuclear technology.

Why is it then that Israel and the US along with the Saudi hangers-on, are worked up against the leadership of Imam Khamene’i? It is because his leadership of the Islamic Republic is consistent with the principles of justice. And in the larger picture, those principles of justice demand the liberation of the Holy Land from the trio of Zionism, imperialism and Arabian clientelism (nifaq and shirk). If the leadership in Islamic Iran were to relinquish its strategy of liberating the Holy Land from its colonizers it would immediately fall into the grace of the enemies of mankind: the business ruling classes of the world.

A supreme struggle that began 40 years ago and succeeded 39 years ago, an ongoing struggle that has won the hearts of the committed Muslims and people of freedom, justice and dignity, demands our respect, objectivity, and admiration. Muslims belonging to Islamic movements should be the first to show such recognition and affinity. Alas, some of them have been ensnared by Saudi largesse and Khaliji honeytraps. From what we know, if any of these Islamic movements was subjected to the same wars coming at all levels from multiple directions they would have caved in or vanished without much of a trace. Just look at the Islamic movements in Algeria, Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen. What was called the “Arab Spring” offers proof that they do not have the stamina to understand and withstand the lure of financial attractions, nor the fury of military entrapments. Some committed Muslims in Palestine learned this the hard way. And we pray and hope that they really learned their lesson. And there would be no lesson to learn if it were not for the Islamic Revolution and its capable leadership and its insightful Imam Khamene’i.

And Allah will [militarily] support those who [in their spirit] support Him… (22:40).

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