The Rahbar exposes US Hypocrisy

Imam Khamenei takes bold stand against White House saber rattling
Developing Just Leadership

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Jumada' al-Akhirah 02, 1438 2017-03-01

Islamic Movement

by Sayyid Ali Khamenei (Islamic Movement, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 1, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1438)

Addressing Air Force officers on 2-7-2017 commemorating the historic pledge of allegiance by air force officers given to Imam Khomeini 38 years ago, the Rahbar ex-posed the true nature of the US. He also took to task the new American president who has been taking potshots at the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But as for those who are bent on denying the truth, their [good] deeds are like a mirage in the desert — which the thirsty supposes to be water, until when he approaches it, he finds that it was nothing; instead, he finds that Allah [has always been present] with him, and [that] He will pay him his account in full — for Allah is swift in reckoning! (24:39).

Like a mirage, a thirsty individual mistakes land for water. Later on when he gets closer, he sees that there is nothing, “…until when he approaches it, he finds that it was nothing: instead he finds Allah [has always been present] with him.” Pinning one’s hope on the shayatin (plural of Shaytan) is like this. Pinning one’s hope on materialistic and satanic powers is like this.

Employing reason and adopting a reasonable approach on different matters — matters related to diplomacy, management of domestic affairs in the country, resource provision, knowledge, industry, and other such areas — is a necessary task, but trusting the shayatin and trusting those individuals who are opposed to the essence of your existence is a grave mistake. A power that cannot endure and accept the essence of the Islamic Republic’s existence and the essence of Islamic power cannot be trusted and relied upon, “Like a mirage in the desert, which [the man parched with thirst] mistakes for water.”

This is a statement that each and every one of us should keep in mind all the time. Each and every person among the people of Iran should keep this in mind. You should try and work hard, you should show innovation, you should bring your real and God-given power to the arena and you should move forward with reliance on Allah (swt) and on His assistance, and then He will help you. However, if you sit and wait for Satan — especially the Great Satan [America] — to come and help you, then the ayah “Like a mirage in the desert, which [the man parched with thirst] mistakes for water…” will come true because no good comes from Satan.

Now, this gentleman [Trump] who has recently taken office in the United States says that we should be grateful to America and to his predecessor Barack Obama. Why should we be grateful? We are not grateful at all. He was part of the same system that imposed those heavy sanctions on the people of Iran with the purpose of paralyzing the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation. They hoped to paralyze us. Of course, their hopes were not fulfilled and they will never be fulfilled because no enemy can paralyze Iran. He says that we should be grateful, but this is not the case and we are not grateful at all. Why should we be grateful; because of sanctions? Because of [America] creating Da‘ish? Because of [America] setting fire to the region? They set Syria on fire; they set Iraq on fire. Why should we be grateful? Should we be grateful for the fitnah they created during the presidential elections in Iran in the year 1388 [2009]?

On the one hand, he [Obama] wrote a letter to me expressing his respect, kindness, and cooperation, while on the other, he supported the seditionists openly saying to them that he stood behind them, thus revealing their intention to provoke fitnah in the country. This is the true face of hypocrisy. He was wearing a velvet glove to cover his iron fist. I have spoken about this many times.

We do not thank them at all. We know what they have done. We know what they were doing. He says that we should thank Obama and that we should be afraid of him [Trump]! We are not afraid of either of you! On the 22nd of Bahman [February 11, when the people of Iran celebrate the victory of the Islamic Revolution by participating in their millions], the people will respond to these threats and statements on the streets. They will show what position the people of Iran adopt in the face of such threats. We are not afraid of anyone’s threats.

Yes, we thank this man who has taken office recently. We thank him because he saved us the trouble of revealing the true nature of America. What we having been saying repeatedly for the past 30-plus years — about political corruption, economic corruption, moral corruption, and social corruption in the ruling apparatus of America — was fully displayed and manifested by that man as he revealed the naked truth about America during and after the elections.

At the present time too, he is showing the truth about America with the things that he is doing. He is showing what American human rights mean — they put handcuffs on a five-year-old child. This is how they show their respect for human rights!

The people of Iran have found their path. The people of Iran are taking their movement forward and taking it with logic, reason, and reliance on Allah (swt), and they are doing so at great speed and in a self-confident manner. Today, the people of Iran trust themselves. Our youth are working with self-confidence. Our academic organizations and institutions are filled with new thoughts in the area of science. The same is true of the area of infrastructure and various other areas. Today, rationality is the first important issue in the country. However, it is accompanied by reliance on and trust in Allah (swt). We know that the people of Iran will surely achieve victory on this path and that they will attain their ideal results and desires.

Allah’s mercy be upon our magnanimous Imam [Imam Khomeini] who clarified the truth about these matters for the people of Iran during the 10 years of his blessed life in the beginning of the Revolution. You should look at the Imam’s speeches. He identified the friends and the enemies. He knew who the people of Iran were and he laid out the goals. The reason why the Imam warned over and over against trusting this Satan [the US] — the avowed enemy — was that he knew the enemy. Of course, we used to make these statements, but today they are on the screen and everyone is watching it. The behavior of that gentleman [Trump] reveals the true nature of America and of the [disingenuous] comments they make about human rights, philanthropy, and other such matters. This is what can be gathered from [Trump’s threats] and from deliberating on the Imam’s admonitions.

I hope that the Lord of the worlds bestows success on you. I hope that by Allah’s (swt) favor, you the youth will be prepared so that you can carry out the great task that falls on your shoulders. Your generation should carry out the great task. The generation before you accomplished great things, but there are other important goals you should accomplish. I hope that you will prepare yourselves with reliance on Allah (swt) and that you will deliver this duty — which you have held in trust — for future generations. Greetings be upon you and Allah’s (swt) mercy and blessings.

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