Imperialist instincts and zionist interests leading the US to danger in the Middle East

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Abu Dharr

Ramadan 19, 1428 2007-10-01

Guest Editorial

by Abu Dharr (Guest Editorial, Crescent International Vol. 36, No. 8, Ramadan, 1428)


The Islamic Uprising in Iran a quarter of a century ago is too important and too special for Muslims to simply watch it wander from its original and true course. We remember all too clearly the impact this breakthrough had on Muslims everywhere. For the first time in modern history, Muslims had risen against a corrupt government and its imperialist and zionist sponsors, and were able to take control of their own country, and begin to show the rest of us how things should be done.

Of course, the road forward was not likely to be smooth. The sponsors of the Pahlavi regime could not be expected to sit and watch a people shape their own future on the basis of their Islamic faith and commitment. Throughout the last 25 years, America and Israel have been working to bring the Islamic government in Iran to its knees, with the support of their Western allies, Iran’s pro-Western neighbours and even supporters within Iran. Iran’s borders amount to some 8,000 kilometers; American troops are now based across six thousand kilometers of this border. This grim scenario has been gradually built over 25 years, and has passed almost unnoticed by most Muslims, and even most Iranians. There has never been any cessation of hostilities between the followers of the line of Imam Khomeini (r.a.), who refuse to compromise when it comes to the independence and sovereignty of the Islamic state, and the numerous other interests wanting to shape the state on their terms.

Part of our object in this new column is to look at some of the gaps that have developed since the passing of Imam Khomeini (r.a.), many of which are rooted in earlier events, and how these gaps have caused serious problems about which we can no longer remain silent. But before we walk into this sensitive area, one point needs to be made absolutely clear. This is that none of the points we make are intended to express any criticism of Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, the successor to Imam Khomeini (r.a.) as Rahbar of the Islamic State. Many of the points we make will be highlighting natural processes in the evolution of post-Revolutionary state and society. Others will indeed involve criticism of errors and failures in Iran, mainly on the part of those who have been responsible for aspects of Iranian government and policy at the executive level. It was inevitable that such errors and failures should emerge over a quarter of a century in an unprecedented and highly-pressured historical situation; unfortunately they have contributed greatly to what many now see as the Islamic experiment’s current stagnation.

Sometimes frank statements of truth can be bitter pills to swallow; we hope no-one will consider this column to be too bitter a pill. We say what we say only to express our honest understanding of the issues. If we are correct, we appeal earnestly to Allah to accept our humble words to our humble readers. If not, we request Allah’s forgiveness and correction from anyone able to do so; without, we hope, descending into personal issues or hidden agendas. Ameen.

The imperialist monster is disrupting its own international order. Even the laws of its own heartland are no longer the rules that are supposed to govern its activities. The United States has been trying to jump-start a worldwide diplomatic initiative that will result in military action against Islamic Iran by ignoring the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and by forcing European and Asian governments to line up with US strategy vis a vis Islamic Iran. Time-consuming as this process has been – with no concrete results to speak of – news breaks out that nuclear warheads have been “mistakenly” flown by the US Air Force from Minot, North Dakota, to Barksdale, Louisiana. Uncle Sam is acting illegally in the international arena, and he is breaking his own laws in his own backyard. And for what purpose? To wage a war on Islamic Iran that will look good to Israel and its allies.

We should all know by now that the US government, bamboozled and beguiled by a zionist fifth column in Washington, intended its invasion and occupation of Iraq to be a rehearsal for Iran. The main course is still ‘regime change’ in Iran; afterwards these zionists and imperialists intend to feed on Syria for their dessert. As every observer knows right now, the American empire is choking on Iraq. Meanwhile Washington is suffering from conservatives who are constipated and democrats who have diarrhoea. So the medicine to be administered in the remaining year or so of this expiring Republican administration is blood from a country that is minding its own business thousands of miles away, namelyIran. Islamic Iran is regarded as the elixir to cure all that has gone wrong with US policies in the past seven years; nay, in the past 27 years. “Democracy” and “freedom”, the buzzwords of American foreign policy since September 2001, are now history. Replacing them is a policy designed to project Iran as an immediate and serious threat to the Middle East and to the rest of the world. To this end we can expect a new vocabulary that will mark a transition from diplomatic nuances to military candor. Most of this will be centredaround Iran’s nuclear programme and support for freedom-fighters in Lebanon andPalestine. The political waswaas (tempter and demon of suggestions) Henry Kissinger seems to have convinced Bush, Cheney and Rice that their initial thrust for democracy in the Middle East cannot be accomplished within two presidential terms; it needs generations and maybe centuries of work to accomplish. Therefore the US should concentrate its might on Iran, which is, after all, a “threat” to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two main pillars of the American imperium in the area.

The triggering mechanism is what the US is missing. This cabal needs some type of pretext to go to war against Islamic Iran. The zionists are now, as we speak, probably trying to forge a “smoking gun” scenario that will indict the Islamic Republic of Iran for “crimes” or an “act of war” that the West can pretend is provoking a barrage of firepower aimed at military and governmental targets in the Islamic Republic. Secretary of defence Robert Gates may not be in on all this, as he is reported to have fallen foul of the war party around him by having the common sense to point out that Iran may want nuclear weapons because it is surrounded by four nuclear powers, has seen two of its neighbours invaded by the United States, and seeks a means of deterrence. There are still some cooler heads around, but they are unlikely to be heeded because Bush and his fellow Republicans want to go out with a bang, not a whimper. The realists in Washington are not allowed to remind anyone of the lessons of Vietnam and Iraq simply because the issue here is Israel’s security. The Democrats who won back control of the US Congress last year, for instance, have been forced to accede to the demands of AIPAC that the president need not obtain the approval of Congress if he were to launch a war against Iran.

That leaves us with Iraq. Now, more than ever, the political rhetoric coming out ofWashington is blaming Iran for being the cause of the US’s military humiliation in Iraq. Bush’s designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization is another part of this devious and irresponsible “grand design”.

When Kissinger speaks, Bush listens. When Israel orders, the United States obeys. There is no incontrovertible proof, but all the indications are that, whenever the US decides to fight Islamic Iran, it will repeat what Israel tried to do to Hizbullah and Lebanon during the summer of 2006. There will be no invasion. The US will attempt to “take out” Iran’s infrastructure and inflict maximum damage and human casualties on the military, desiring and expecting that in response to their peril the Muslim people of Iran will turn against their government and bring it down. There is talk within conservative thinktanks inWashington of a “federal Iran” sliced into ethnic and sectarian regions, thus destroying the only Islamic state we presently have in our world.

But our enemies the zionists and imperialists do not have their hands on the Muslim pulse. The Yahudi-dominated political classes in America have lost touch with reality. The US’s military acts against Islamic Iran risk provoking Muslims who have been angered and humiliated by imperialism and Zionism for more than half a century: in addition, this scenario has the potential of letting loose a wave of “anti-Semitism” throughout Europe and America once their populations realise that the impending scarcity of oil (and consequent rising prices of virtually everything) can be traced to Israeli policies and priorities, and not to American or European policies and priorities.

There is a powder-keg beneath the surface in the Muslim East; it may only take a foolish, unnecessary war to set it off. In the end it will be the Israelis who are responsible for bringing out the “vengeful” character of their victims. The words of Q. 57:2,

“They [Yahud] destroy their dwelling places with their own hands and the hands of the committed Muslims, so take note, O you who can see [to understand]”,

will then come true yet again because Yahud and their allies refuse to learn the lessons of either recent history, or the history of the time of the Prophet (saw).

Abu Dharr.

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