“Iran Standoff”: More Evidence of US Insanity

Duplicity on Iran brings the Great Satan out of the closet (again)
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Kevin Barrett

Shawwal 17, 1439 2018-07-01

News & Analysis

by Kevin Barrett (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 5, Shawwal, 1439)

In last month’s Crescent I asked why imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons worry the US government more than real North Korean ones. The short answers: Israel controls the US — and Israel hates Iran, not North Korea. Additionally, Iran’s Islamic ideology poses a serious challenge to Western secular materialism, while North Korea’s mothballed communism does not. And finally, Western leaders are gangsters who understand only the logic of brute force — so they respect their fellow nuclear-armed gangster in North Korea, but bully non-nuclear Iran.

So there is a method behind Trump’s apparent madness in rewarding North Korea for breaking agreements and building nuclear weapons, while punishing Iran for respecting agreements and not building nuclear weapons. But Trump’s logic is treasonous, since it puts Israel’s interest ahead of America’s. And it is insanely counterproductive from a strategic standpoint. The last people on earth Trump could ever bully are Muslim Iranians, whose willingness to sacrifice was highlighted by the 1980s imposed war with US-armed Iraq, and more recently by those who died fighting Da‘ish and other Zionist terrorists in Syria.

Yet as Rudy Giuliani announced on May 5, the Trump Administration is committed to regime change in Iran. The expression regime change is a euphemism for aggression, the supreme war crime under the Nuremburg Principles. It means using direct or indirect military force, along with other means, to attempt to overthrow the duly constituted government of a sovereign nation. Any government official attempting to carry out the supreme war crime of aggression deserves to be arrested, tried, and, upon conviction, executed.

Still, the Trump Administration, like earlier US administrations, is blithely unconcerned about committing the supreme war crime — the crime that under the Nuremburg Principles is considered worse than genocide, torture, and other evils attendant upon war, “To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Why are US and Israeli leaders unconcerned about their status as the world’s worst war criminals? Because they know they enjoy impunity. International law lacks a viable enforcement mechanism. Like gangsters who own the police and the courts, US leaders and the Zionists behind them think they can get away with anything.

The Trump Administration’s regime-change plan for Iran is as stupid as it is illegal. Trump’s top Iran policy advisors, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, dream of installing the bizarre terrorist cult Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK, more accurately known as the Munafiqeen-e Khalq) as a new US-Zionist puppet regime. Their choice of the MEK as preferred surrogate shows the complete cluelessness of the Bolton-Pompeo axis of ultra-Zionist lunacy. The MEK is responsible for the lion’s share of the 17,000 Iranian terror casualties since the Revolution. Though mysteriously well-funded, the Munafiqeen have zero support inside Iran. Combining the psychopathic ultra-left extremism of Pol Pot with the cult brainwashing tactics of a Sun Mynung Moon or a Charles Manson, the MEK would be the perfect choice if Bolton and Pompeo were actually secret Iranian agents trying to rally the Iranian people against US-imposed regime change.

Why did the Trump Administration choose such a wildly unpopular terror cult to spearhead their anti-Iran plot? The mind boggles. One imagines Bolton saying to Pompeo, “So who are we going to crown as the next puppet Shah of Iran? The old Shah’s son?” Pompeo replies, “No, he is only hated by 99.8% of Iranians. We need somebody who’s universally despised.” “How about the MEK?” “Bingo!”

More plausibly, it seems the MEK bought the support of Bolton and Pompeo in the same way it bought Giuliani and other corrupt Western politicians: by offering five-figure speaking fees (and who knows what else in the back rooms). To take one example, in 2015, Trump’s Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao took $50,000 for a five-minute speech to the MEK. That amounts to a pay rate of more than half a million dollars per hour. Such “speaking fees,” obviously, are nothing of the kind; they are bribes. One suspects a Zionist hand behind such putrid largesse. After all, the Zionists are the world’s leading experts on buying and selling American politicians.

Bought-and-paid-for-Pompeo demonstrated his obsequious fealty to the MEK (and the Zionists behind it) by having senior MEK official Mohammad Mohaddesin craft the 12-point ultimatum to Iran. That ultimatum was widely derided as a ludicrous non-starter. It essentially demanded that Iran:

• completely abandon its peaceful, NPT-abiding nuclear research and energy program;

• allow “inspectors” (read that, CIA and Mossad agents) total instant access to the entire nation, thereby obliterating Iran’s status as a sovereign nation;

• give up its missiles, its primary deterrent against the invasions and attacks that the Zionists and Americans are constantly threatening;

• stop supporting Palestine;

• stop supporting other oppressed people in other countries;

• surrender to Zionist-Saudi do-mination of the Muslim East.

Presidetial counsel Rudy Guiliani, left, and current US Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, right, appear with the head of the MEK organization, Maryam Rajavi in 2015. Chao was given an “honorarium” of $50,000 for a five-minute speech to the group’s political wing. Before the Obama administration removed the group from the US State Department’s list of terror organizations, it had been characterized as a “cult-like terrorist group.”

Bolton, Pompeo and the MEK might as well be demanding that Iran’s leaders abandon Islam and pledge allegiance to the Dajjal and his New World Order. Unfortunately for the Trump regime, Iran’s leadership is made of very different material than the so-called leaders of so-called “Saudi” Arabia.

Trump’s decision to tear up the nuclear agreement with Iran, and shift to a foolish and reckless regime change agenda, will, insha’allah, backfire spectacularly. The Qur’an states “They plot and Allah plots; and Allah is the best of plotters” (8:30). The Trump regime’s plot against Islamic Iran could fail in ways that would advance the Islamic agenda regionally and worldwide.

The Bolton-Pompeo-MEK anti-Iran program, like the administration from which it emerged, is so unhinged that it discredits the Zionist-American war on Islam. Unlike the slickly eloquent Obama, who successfully re-branded the Bush-Cheney war on Islam and sold it to much of the world, Trump (like Netanyahu) is every bit as clownishly obnoxious as the policies he is pushing. The louder Trump/Netanyahu and their extremist minions Bolton and Pompeo howl against Iran, the more obvious it becomes that the US and Israel really are the Great Satan and Little Satan described by Imam Khomeini in 1979 (the only question is which one is really the Great Satan and which is the Little Satan, that is, which one is actually in charge?).

The thinking classes of the non-Muslim-majority lands, including those in Europe, Russia, China, Latin America, and various parts of East Asia and Africa, cannot help but notice that Trump/Netanyahu and their gang are the real crazies — while the Iranians they deride as “extremists” are actually reasonable people. This perception will bring Iran, and the Islamic Awakening in which it plays a leading role, plenty of sympathy. It will enhance Iran’s “soft power” and make it difficult for the anti-Iran crazies to forge enough of a global consensus to push forward with their plans.

The fact that such arch-Islamophobes as Trump, Netanyahu, Bolton, and Pompeo think the way to destroy Islam is by attacking Iran is immensely revealing. At a time when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia gropes illuminati orbs with Trump and promises to roll back Islam, even while the Islamophobes rant and plot against Jerusalem (al-Quds) and Iran, Muslims worldwide can now see the clear and unmistakable distinction, the furqan, dividing real Muslim from fake Muslim forces. This could bring a renewed interest in Islamic unity; such key nations as Turkey and Pakistan, as well as much of the global Muslim population, will have compelling reasons to rethink current attitudes and policies and consider rallying to the defense of Islamic Iran and Islamic Palestine.

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