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But you have turned it into a den of thieves
Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Shawwal 27, 1440 2019-07-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 5, Shawwal, 1440)

Take a look at the global map. There is what is commonly known as a manufacturing or modern global north. These are nation-states that call themselves part of the “First World.” These are developed, industrialized states. These “industrial, modern, civilized nation-states” are located mostly in Europe, North America, Russia, and China. The southern hemisphere is burdened with nation-states that are old-fashioned, or outdated, behind the times, savage, underdeveloped or uncivilized! In the middle of this global polarity are the Muslims — around two billion, or one-fourth of humanity. More than one in every four persons living on planet Earth is a Muslim. No doubt, the number is impressive. Don’t listen to Zionist and imperialist sources of information who always downplay the number of Muslims, tone down the potential of Muslims and give a lower profile to the capacity of Muslims almost everywhere in the world. Even the Muslims who are born and raised in industrialized countries are either disregarded as communities or downgraded as individuals.

Very few Muslim countries have escaped the harsh conditions of the capitalistic schemes that have impoverished the global south. And among those there are a few that appear to be affluent (glitzy business districts, high-rise buildings, a bubbly night life, etc.) but beyond appearances they still remain “Third-World countries.”

In this “chosen race” and “upper class” division of worldwide societies a closer look at the Islamic demographics demonstrates that the Muslims of the world, and only the Muslims, have been so inclusive and so coexistent with the “other” that this Islamic demographic extends into the domains of all other religions, races, and regions of the world. The in-built perception of “human equality” and “human rights” have been so much ingrained into Islamic peoples that they, at their geographical peripheries, are either Chinese, or Russian, Indian, or European. Muslims of the world who find themselves torn between an independent ideological Islamic identity (which their Islam tells them to be) and an imposed non-Islamic or anti-Islamic ideological national identity (which their enemies want them to be) are suffering the consequences of the Islamic core or the Islamic hub’s inability to come together and at least synchronize its foreign policy and its currency — at the very minimum. This Islamic central part (a very large mass of land and people that stretches from East Asia to West Africa, very rich in mineral resources and very talented in human resources) is being stressed by imperialism, harassed by Zionism, and frequently under attack by the combined strategies of both the Zionists and the imperialists. The racism and classism that is tearing Muslims apart on the peripheries is trying to stab them in the heart at their religious and ideological center: the Holy Land. And the ruling class in the Arabian Peninsula is trying to facilitate the final Zio-imperialist act of Islamic disintegration.

Needless to say, Muslims have more problems than they can deal with. The worst problem, at this moment in time, is that of sectarianism and xenophobia. This officially-sanctioned religious chauvinism is bolstered by the common enemies of Muslims from the peripheries to the center. The way the world is run, it is quite normal to have fraternal relations between the governments of Saudi Arabia and the USA, Egypt and Israel, Israel and the UAE, but it is unauthorized and criminal to have normal and fraternal relations among Islamic movements and Islamic organizations such as Islamic Iran and an Islamically-oriented Turkey, or between al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin and Hizbullah, or between Hamas and Islamic Jihad, etc. The unspoken rationale for this is the unrevealed common strategy between the rulers in Arabia and other Arabian countries on one side and the Zionist regime and its Euro-American enablers on the other, that the consolidation of an Islamic popular Afro-Asian self-governance is an existential threat to the Zionist colonizers of Palestine and the attempted Pax-Americana upon the Muslim world. These global “deep-state” officials know that if there comes a day when the world’s Muslims reconstitute their independent political will, the Zio-imperialist show is over. To preclude that from happening, the Israeli-centrics of the world are relying on their last line of defense: the Wahhabi-Saudi kingdom. That kingdom can be best described as a factory of hate, any hate, rather the hate of the other Muslim who is not one of them. This hate is then put into an assembly line that runs through educational institutions and universities that gave the world the takfiris and their numerous bloodbaths throughout the Muslim world. Not one shot against Zionists and Israel’s military regime. When these Saudi officials realized that their final sellout to the Zionist bosses and their American underlings was not going to sit well with their “moderate” religious scholars, they hauled them off to prison where they languish without due process until this very moment while no one is able to predict what tomorrow will bring to these poor souls. These temperate scholars, from Hasan Farhan al-Maliki, to Salman al-‘Awdah, to Safar al-Hawali, and others, would not and could not find it within their conscience to go along with the final phase of Saudi-Israeli-American collaboration, which says that Islamic Iran is enemy number one and Israel is our friend.

At this point, we think that the Muslims of the world have stuffed themselves with the appropriate amount of the hate-and-kill the other Muslim, Wahhabi/Salafi claptrap that their immune system is beginning to fight back against the pathogens of Wahhabi indoctrination at the service of Zionist interests. And to preempt their own demise, the Saudi ruling class is trying to balance its act by taking out its own scholars who preached a bigoted Islam and nothing goes just yesterday while bringing in its own entertainment class of wishy-washy Islam where everything goes. So now we have entertainment centers, night clubs, halal discos, and Red Sea beaches being prepared for tourists who can come without obstruction from all corners of the earth to engage in fahsha’ and munkar just a few miles away from Makkah and Madinah. The Arabian royal lapdogs have made a 180-degree turn: from Wahhabi kill the Muslims through the barrel of the gun to kill the Muslims through the butt of the gonad.

The Zionist coached Saudis are trying to buy time. They know that they lost their sectarian wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. They now know that their worldwide network of Wahhabi indoctrinated and Saudi financed fanatics could not deliver on encircling the Islamic Revolution in Iran by relying on the resuscitation of historical ghosts and sectarian ghouls. So now these crashing cashiers from Najd have placed all their eggs in the Zionist basket. The Muslim World League has extended an invitation to Zionist Israeli personnel to visit Saudi Arabia in January 2020. A signboard has gone up in Madinah with the word “Shalom” written on it in Hebrew. Is this the first shot of a Saudi policy that will have the Yahud return to Madinah? The Zionists have been emboldened by official Arabdom that made it possible for Israel to reverse over half a century ago ‘Umar’s liberation of al-Quds (Jerusalem) in 16ah/638ce and thus colonize it. Now the Zionists are emboldened by royal Saudi Arabia that is making it possible for Israel to reverse our Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) liberation of Madinah and resettle and then take virtual possession of it!

Let us be frank and problem-solving about this internal ailment in our worldwide body. We are suffering from cardio-spiritual disease. Our heart in Makkah and Madinah is in poor health. We need otherworldly Arabians, not Saudi Arabians; we need tawhidi Muslims, not takfiri “Muslims.” We need a unifying Makkah not an “off limits” Makkah. We need to show our love and attachment for our Prophet (pbuh) in Madinah and not to be assaulted and thrown out because we are fond of and feel affection for our beloved Prophet.

The bottom line is: if we can’t feel at home in Makkah, we can’t feel at home anywhere else. Ask the Palestinians. Ask the Kashmiris, ask all of us who are living as individuals and dying as societies. If I can’t call Makkah home, I can’t call anywhere else home,

Let them, therefore, settle in with the Sustainer of this dwelling [the Ka‘bah], who has fed them [out of conditions of hunger] and secured them [out of dangerous circumstances] (106:3–4).

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