Truth versus Saudi propaganda about Yemeni missile strike on air base near Jeddah

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Safar 14, 1438 2016-11-14

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Monday November 14, 2016, 15:39 EST

The Ansarallah fighter’s missile strike at a Saudi air base near Jeddah has sent the Saudi regime into frenzied panic. The Bani Saud have unleashed their paid agents worldwide accusing the Houthis (the label used for Ansarallah fighters) of firing the missile at the Kaaba with the intention of destroying Islam’s holiest site.

Nothing could be further from the truth but as the saying goes, a lie is half way around the world before truth has had a chance to tie its shoelaces.

Crescent International has investigated the matter and can report with full confidence that the Ansarallah aimed the missile at the Saudi air base outside Jeddah. Why this particular base? This was the base from where the Saudi plane had taken off on its murderous mission to bomb the funeral ceremony in Sanaa, capital of Yemen.

The Saudis thought that since this was a funeral program for the father of a Yemeni minister, there would be important personalities present there. Their assumption was not wrong but their intent was criminal. More than 100 people were killed in the missile strike and hundreds of others were seriously injured.

The Ansarallah fighters decided to retaliate. Once they were sure that it was from the air base near Jeddah that the plane had taken off and fired nine missiles at the building where the funeral ceremony was taking place, they decided to send a strong message to the Saudis.

The missile strike came as a shock to them

The missile traveled a distance of nearly 900 missiles and fell about two kms short of the headquarters of the air base. While the missile did not cause much physical damage, it caused a great deal of psychological damage to the Saudis.

The missile strike came as a shock to them. How could Ansarallah fighters fire a missile over such a long distance and with such accuracy coming so close to the airbase headquarter? It was a strong message to the Saudis that if they continued to attack civilian areas, there would be price to pay.

Jeddah airport was shut down for many hours as panicked Saudi officials tried to find out what had happened. Pilgrims that had gone for Umrah have confirmed this to Crescent International.

This is the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia. Further, Jeddah is the commercial and trade capital of the regime as well as the entry point for pilgrims coming to perform Umrah or Hajj. Many Saudis have already fled Jeddah, either out of the country or further inland.

The Saudis had to hide this fact from the world so they came up with the ludicrous claim that the Ansarallah fighters wanted to destroy the Kaaba. Why would Ansarallah want to commit such a dastardly crime?

Unfortunately, Saudi agents lapped up this nonsense and have gone on a propaganda spree to condemn the Houthis. They have tried to turn it into a sectarian issue.

Such propaganda is totally contrary to the teachings of the Qur’an. In the noble Book, Allah tells us that if a fasiq comes to you with any news, first verify it carefully lest you cause damage to somebody and later regret it [when you find the truth] (Surah al Hujarat, ayat 06).

The Saudi agents—those scholars for dollars—have acted in violation of the noble Qur’an and will be answerable before Allah on the Day of Judgment for their crime.

The Bani Saud will pay the price for their crimes against the people of Yemen whom they are starving to death, in this world and in the Hereafter.

Ansarallah’s capabilities have surprised many around the world and while ignorant people have swallowed Saudi propaganda, the truth about it is finally beginning to emerge.

The Bedouins from Najd (aka Bani Saud) are now having sleepless nights. Many have fled the country to their mansions in Europe and other places.

The Bani Saud’s war on Yemen has not achieved any of the objectives they set out to achieve, quite the opposite, in fact.


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