Pakistan’s two top deranged men: chief justice and army chief

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Jumada' al-Akhirah 25, 1445 2024-01-07

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by Crescent International

Army chief General Asim Munir (left) and Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa: Pakistan' two deranged men

Pakistan has become a lunatic asylum where the lunatics have taken over the facility running amok.

Let us begin with the chief justice of the supreme court, Qazi Faez Isa.

He presides over a bench where favours, not justice, are dispensed.

He is abusive, dismissive of lawyers appearing before him and displays open hostility to the former prime minister Imran Khan who is languishing in prison on bogus charges since August 5.

Some of his recent remarks will illuminate the point.

When a very senior lawyer, Sardar Latif Khosa appeared before the bench, the chief justice took issue with the lawyer’s name.

“Why do you use the title ‘Sardar’ with your name when sardari (tribal headship) has been abolished?”

It hasn’t, but the chief justice vented his anger against the lawyer representing Imran Khan.

Had Justice Isa (he has been nicknamed ‘Qazi Easy Paisa’!) bothered to look around his own bench, he would have found a fellow judge named ‘Sardar’ Tariq Masood.

This judge, like the chief justice himself, delivers favours to Nawaz Sharif and his family!

The chief justice has made other scandalous remarks.

Last week, agents from the intelligence agency and Counter-terrorism department raided the house of Jamshed Dasti in the middle of the night.

Unable to find the four-time member of parliament, they stripped his wife naked and beat up his young children.

Dasti made a tearful video plea to the chief justice to take notice of the barbaric treatment of his family.

When the matter was raised in the supreme court, the chief justice, far from taking action against such criminal conduct, made the scandalous remark that “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

The chief justice’s remarks amounted to normalizing torture and humiliation saying this was to expected in politics.

One wonders what planet does Justice Qazi Isa reside on.

On another occasion when the issue of intelligence agents molesting wives, mothers or daughters of political leaders was brought before him, he dismissed it with a flourish, saying “bring me proof”.

Does he want videos of the women stripped naked?

Some observers have asked how the chief justice would feel if his wife were molested in this manner.

Unfortunately, chief justices in Pakistan have a very poor track record.

They have eagerly facilitated and served every tyrant that grabbed power.

The current chief justice, however, has fallen to new lows.

Today, Pakistan is under de facto martial law.

The army chief, General Asim Munir is the sole decision-maker.

This situation has emerged as a consequence of the army taking control of all aspects of decision-making in the country.

Since the army chief enjoys unlimited powers, without any legal basis, his word is the law.

Given the army’s hierarchical structure, whatever order he issues—right or wrong—has to be obeyed.

If the army chief is an honest, patriotic person, well and good.

Regrettably, Pakistan has been plagued by a plethora of army chiefs who were thoroughly corrupt and beholden to the Americans.

The current army chief, General Asim Munir is known as a “deceiver”.

He is also not very bright. Thus, he suffers from an acute sense of inferiority complex.

Such men are dangerous.

With vast powers at his disposal, he can become extremely vengeful.

This is what is being witnessed in Pakistan today.

He harbours a deep grudge against Imran Khan because as prime minister, he removed Asim from the post of director general, intelligence.

The hundreds of cases against Imran Khan, arrest and incarceration of his party leaders and thousands of party workers all emanate from Asim Munir’s illegal orders.

He is a psychopath.

The scandalous mistreatment of women by intelligence agents all point to Munir’s psychopathic disorder.

Unless such men are removed from power and the system that allows them to rise to important posts is replaced, Pakistan’s chances of survival appear slim.

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