Under Korbelova, US foreign policy made in Tel Aviv, not Washington

Developing Just Leadership

Tahir Mahmoud

Shawwal 08, 1417 1997-02-16

Special Reports

by Tahir Mahmoud (Special Reports, Crescent International Vol. 25, No. 22, Shawwal, 1417)

That US foreign policy is hostage to Israeli/zionist interests is no secret. With the appointment of Madeleine K Albright (the ‘K’ stands for Korbelova, later abbreviated to Korbel!) as US secretary of State, it has once again brought this into sharp focus. The daughter of a Czech Jewish emigre, she made her political debut during Jimmy Carter’s era (According to US media outlets on February 4, Albright has just ‘learned’ about her Jewish origins!).

Strong hints prior to US presidential elections that if re-elected, Bill Clinton would adopt a more realistic policy in the Persian Gulf, especially vis-a-vis Iran, have proved wrong. Remarks by Robert Pelletreau, US assistant secretary of State for Near East affairs, in Dubai last October that ‘We are open to dialogue with the government of Iran’ also encouraged this thinking. He admitted: ‘Nobody thinks this [current US policy against Iran] is a perfect situation.’

Iranian foreign ministry officials welcomed this openness from the Americans. Foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati stated that if the US had a message to send to Iran, ‘it would not go unanswered.’ The flurry of statements from both sides led to speculation that some secret contacts may have occurred to explore ways of improving relations.

Korbelova, however, has barged into the State department like a bull in a china shop. Within days of her senate confirmation on January 23, she started wholesale changes to the department. Her priority has been not only to bring in her loyalists--every secretary does that--the department has been stacked with hardcore zionists.

And she has served notice that the idea of opening a political dialogue with Iran is dead. As if to underscore the point, she dismissed Pelletreau, the man who had hinted at possible rapprochement. His replacement is the man who crafted Clinton’s ‘dual containment’ policy against both Iran and Iraq. Martin Indyk, currently US ambassador in Tel Aviv, was the person who enunciated the policy in May 1993 when he was a member of Clinton’s national security staff.

Indyk has an interesting background. He is an Australian-born Jew. He first came to the US on sabbatical from his university in Australia. He was immediately recruited by the notorious US-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a front for the zionist State of Israel. It is the job of AIPAC to see that no policy comes before the US congress that will impinge on Israel’s interests. The zionist Jews do not care if American interests are damaged.

This organisation as well as Bnai Brith, the Jewish ‘human rights’ organisation, which was involved in spying on Muslims and anti- apartheid activists throughout the eighties, have been in the forefront of seeking the release of Jonathan Pollard. He is the former navy intelligence analyst who passed the most sensitive military secrets of the US to Israel. Top Israeli military and political officials were involved in this scandal. Pollard was arrested in 1985 and sentenced to life imprisonment for treachery.

Indyk moved from AIPAC to establish the Institute of Near East Policy Studies in Washington to give himself a more academic cover than the blatantly political image of AIPAC. The institute is funded by Jewish donations, tax-deductible of course. He was soon on the Washington establishment circuit. He worked his way into the Clinton camp. It was not difficult.

In late 1992, the president of AIPAC had boasted that his group had more than half a dozen men on Clinton’s staff in Little Rock, Arkansas. The man was quietly moved out of limelight for speaking so bluntly. New guidelines were instituted to ensure that Jews be a little more discreet and not gloat over their total control of the US system.

Indyk became US citizen on the day that Clinton was inaugurated for his first term as president - January 19, 1993 - and given a post on Clinton’s national security council. Clinton also retained Dennis Ross as his Middle East envoy. Ross had been on George Bush’s re- election campaign team! Ross, of course, is also a Jew.

The zionists now feel so confident of their power that they no longer feel the need for discretion. Albright asserted on January 26 on NBC television’s ‘Meet the Press’ programme that the dual containment policy would continue. ‘Our policy on Iran and Iraq is one that we will pursue because we are very concerned about their support of terrorism and what they do in terms of destabilizing the region,’ she said. No proof was offered for either of these preposterous assertions.

Kerbolova has barged ahead despite grave concerns expressed by some US experts. They have urged the reopening of diplomatic relations with Tehran. They are concerned that the policy has proved unenforceable and far from achieving its objectives, it has damaged US interests far more. Western European powers as well as Japan and Russia have secured lucrative trade deals with Iran while the US has been left out in the cold.

Surprisingly, even many small Arab oil-producing States in the Persian Gulf have privately urged the US for a dialogue to ease tensions in the region. They are apprehensive that the US’s anti-Iran policy is driving the latter closer to Russia and may even force it to improve relations with traditional enemy Iraq.

Russian foreign minister Yevgeny Primakov, the architect of Soviet anti-western Middle East policies in the 1960s and 1970s, has quietly made an Iran-Iraq rapprochement a top Russian priority in the region. ‘He sees that dependence on Persian Gulf oil is America’s soft underbelly, and he’s determined to strike at it,’ one Middle East intelligence source said. ‘The continuation of "dual containment" plays into his hands.’

Many US experts are increasingly skeptical that Washington can maintain a credible hostile posture against both Iran and Iraq for much longer. ‘It is unlikely we can manage "dual containment" for another four years,’ said Dov Zakheim, a deputy undersecretary of defence in the Reagan administration and now chairman of SPC International, a consulting firm. ‘We have been very lucky for the last four years, but to sustain the level of international support needed against Iran and Iraq for another four is wishful thinking,’ Zakheim said.

Korbelova does not care. She is there to serve the interests of the zionist State of Israel. American interests will have to take a back seat.

Muslimedia - February 16-28, 1997

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